Setting Up a Recording Studio: 5 Essential Equipment

Recording Studio

Just a few stops short and your dream of setting up a recording studio will finally be materialized. You can even put up that studio in your very home, given that you have extra ample space.

Setting up your own recording studio is pretty much like cooking up your own dish. Wish to go on this path? Then you must have the right ingredients to make it work.

Here are five essentials that can bring professional quality into your home studio:

1) Good Headphones and Monitor Speakers

Once you’ve settled the software you need for your system, it’s time to get excellent headphones. You need good quality headphones to isolate other noises while recording. It is best used when recording a multi-track. By doing so, it allows you to listen to a previously recorded track when you lay down a new one.

The range of headphone prices can go from “inexpensive” to “overpriced”. You just have to pick out from the lot which you can best work with. Unlike your normal stereo speakers, monitor speakers are vital to your dream recording studio. Its function is to “broadcast the audio as it is being recorded without altering, ‘coloring’ or ‘sweetening’ the sound source.”

2) Microphone

No magic can happen inside your recording studio if it is without a microphone. Be sure to invest in a superior brand; otherwise your output will be hampered no matter how good at digital audio editing you are. A condenser is an apt choice for acoustic instruments and vocals. You can also get yourself a pop filter for vocals; this advertently protects the mic from hard “p” and sharp “s” sounds.

3) A back up hard drive or Audio Interface

You’ll need larger spaces in your computer for recording sessions. Compel yourself to own an external hard drive to handle huge files. Also, by having an external sound card, which is called an audio interface, you can plug your microphones or digital instruments in an external box linked to your computer with a single cord. It handles the analog-to-digital conversion that let’s your computer processing power breathe off easily.

4) MIDI controller or synthesizer

With a synthesizer, you can create different kinds of sounds. It’s practically an electronic keyboard that plays multiple sounds while an MIDI controller is similar to a synthesizer but does not produce the sounds itself. The controller produces MIDI data that is used to play other synthesizers.

5) Acoustic Foam

Can’t have your neighbors complaining now about loud noises from your home, can you? Arm your walls with acoustic foam to reduce the sound that comes out from your studio. Installing this much-needed accessory will be good for your business as well as your recordings as it can absorb reflecting sounds. Additionally, the absorption treatment will help minimize sound reflections to prevent it from reflecting back into your recording microphone.

How to Properly Clean Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Boxers often have one common problem: it’s how to properly maintain and take care of their boxing gloves after training. There is this lasting smell on the gloves that is pretty awful as the pair of boxing accessory is like marinated in perspiration and infested with germs during practice. In this article, we will give you tips on how to properly clean your boxing gloves.

1) Leave the Gloves in the Freezer

The boxing gloves are not food which you should put into the freezer for preservation. But since lower temperature kills bacteria that often live in the gloves, taking your boxing gloves out of your training bag and into a freezer is a good idea. This method delays the growth of mildew. If your boxing gloves are made out of real leather, you should put them inside a sealed plastic bag first for added protection. In contrast, warm areas would only draw out more sweat in the gloves that tend to aggravate the foul smell. After 48 hours in a freezer, the smell should be gone.

2) Use Disinfectant or Antiseptic Spray

Two of the most popular disinfectant sprays boxers use to clean boxing gloves are Lysol and Febreze. After putting the gloves in the freezer, apply the cleaning agent directly on the surface of your gloves and let it evaporate by itself as it’s designed that way. Do not go overboard and use too much of the spray. These anti-bacterial solutions are made to freshen up your gloves and it can mask the odor really well.

3) Let the Gloves Dry

After spraying, it’s time to let them dry. Do not use a drying machine; rather, use the natural method of hanging those gloves in a well-ventilated area with air. Do not mistakenly expose the gloves into the sun thinking that the heat can dry them up more quickly. This is because strong heat directly from the sun can damage the gloves.

Before hanging them, you can also squeeze the gloves in and out to make sure that there is no moisture that would remain. You can also stick crumpled newspaper or scratch paper inside to absorb humidity and change the paper as needed. Another tip is to put a fabric softener dryer sheet in each glove.

These three steps should be done every other class to keep your gear clean and away from malodor and mold buildup. Cleaning boxing gloves may be time-consuming, but this is the only way to remove the sweat and odor. Ultimately, taking care of your gear will extend its life significantly. It’s better to buy another pair of gloves for rotational use, especially if you are heavily into boxing and practices every day.

The Types of Packaging Foam and their Best Uses

Your packages are in safe hands thanks to foam packaging. It’s the ideal and most dependable protection for your items during the processes of shipping. Characteristically speaking, foam has a wide variety of uses.

Foam packaging can be in the form of rolls, sheets, polystyrene, foam chips of molded polystyrene and many more. What’s ultimately great about them is that they allow you to package any type and shape of item, no matter how delicate it may be. And unlike other packaging materials, foam can be easily reused.

One of the most familiar of all packaging foam types are rolls, which is similar to bubble wraps but has more scratch resistance properties. Simply cover your precious antiques and other fragile items with rolls of foam for.

Packing Peanuts

Another popular type are packing peanuts, which are also known as “loose fill.” Made form polystyrene, this material is small, lightweight and, as its name suggests, shaped like a peanut. When compressed, it interlocks and acts as a cushion to the product inside the package by filling up the empty corners and extra spaces in the box.

The downside of using packing peanuts is that it can’t hold items in place, therefore, it is not practical to use this type of foam for products that are in for a bumpy ride. Also, these peanuts are bound to create static electricity so they are not ideal for electronic gadgets and equipments.

Expanded polystyrene sheets, or EPS, is a white rigid closed-cell material made by steaming and bonding beads together under pressure. With good insulation properties, it is used for coolers, wine shippers, and bio-tech packaging. EPS can be customized in shape to accommodate the size and the shape of the product for better fit without compromising the carriage cost.

Foam in Place

Because the polyurethane type of foam offers more power in shock absorption, it is considered to be versatile and can be made into sheets, foam-in-bags, or foam-in-place. This foam also provides great resiliency and is perfect for shipping lightweight items.

If you want compact packaging, foam-in-place and foam-in-bag are the right choice. With these two types of foam, chemicals are sprayed into the packaging, causing a reaction from these foam that makes them expand into polyurethane foam.

When foam-in-place is sprayed with the necessary chemicals, it molds itself to the shape of the item. For the foam-in-bag, the chemical is sprayed unto the bag, which is then placed around the object, and just like the foam-in-place, it molds to the shape of the product to allow a compact fitment.

Polyethylene is often used for furniture and electronics shipping. It is anti-static in nature that makes it ideal for computer parts and electronic equipments. This kind of packaging foam has high resistance against mold and bacteria and has shatterproof properties as well.

5 Products that will Pimp Up your Home Theater

Planning to redecorate your home theatre? Is the movie magic getting a little stale? Then maybe it’s time for some nifty alterations. Turn the room up a notch to fully enjoy your movie viewings with the whole gang or family.

Once you’ve got the surround-sound system, wires and cables, remotes, wall paneling, and the HD big screens or HD projectors all fixed up, it will all boil down to the theatre seating.

Seats are half as important as the speakers and your screen. You can’t take pleasure in watching films if you’re not in a comfortable sitting position. To create a home theatre masterpiece, all you need are awesome acoustic seat products to complete your home theatre set.

Home Theater

1) The Merrick from Acoustic Smart

You simply can’t go wrong with a cozy Merrick from the Classic series.  With two cup holders in its console arms, you can merrily sip your drinks beside you as you watch. No need to get up to fetch something to drink.

Sit back and remain undisturbed with this recliner chair covered with acoustic foam that will surely intensify your movie-viewing mood.

2) Royal from Acoustic Innovations

A flush of “royal” viewing isn’t so bad. Feel the majestic comfort as you sit back and relax on this superior chair. The design, which resemble seats of traditional theaters, emulates that of a regal throne fit for royalty.

The perks of the Royal includes a heated massage, a layer of acoustical foam, and a motorized recline. Additionally, you can choose colors from red to darker tones and textures from leather to soft-to-touch velvet cover materials.

3) The SoHo

One of the top-notch products of the Designer series form Acoustic Smart, the SoHo is an elegant reclining chair with a push back release. It is donned in chic black and is completely modern in all angles. Console arms cup holders are standard and its materials made specifically for acoustic environments can heighten any dramatic sounds coming from your speakers.

Such features will give your entertainment room a contemporary touch while providing the much needed comfort for watching long hours of movie marathons.

4) Chaise lounge

Love chairs and couches are not to be missed when putting up a home theatre. With the Chaise product from Acoustic Innovations, you can boast a lounge that you and your friends or family can comfortably sit in for hours. Reflect the intimacy of the best romantic comedies at the comfort of these lovely furniture.

5) Matinee from La-Z Boy

Brining you the ultimate chair for watching movies, La-Z Boy’s Matinee is a fancy reclining chair that greatly improves the seats we’ve become accustomed to at the cinema. Maximize the Matinee’s superb reclining capabilities to flush out your stress as you lose yourself in the magic of the movies. Talk about the good life, huh?

The Advantages of Using Custom Foam Packaging

Custom Packaging Foam

Sending a package all the way across the seas? No need to worry about getting it safely to its proper destination. Shipping companies know how much it means for you to have your parcel reach you on time and intact, that is why they only provide you the best, for you to be at ease.

Certain measures are required to guarantee your item’s security, such as proper seal and quality packaging foam to cushion fragile objects inside your package.

Foam is the best material to protect your cargo from any factor that could cause impending damage.  It is highly favored by many businesses that venture in shipping. Foam packaging, which is essentially versatile and is widely used in packaging, offers many advantageous variables that are just perfect for delivering your packages.

The first characteristic of packaging foam that stands out is its lightweight feature. Because this armor-like product provides the needed protection without compromising the weigh, the carriage cost remains unaffected.

Second, despite its softness, foam is actually strong and is an ideal shock absorber and thus can deal with great amounts of pressure. More importantly, in shipping your products, it is best to use the sturdiest materials to ensure cargo safety from all sorts of damage.

Bubble wraps are popular and rather effective, but they are not as sturdy as foam. At times, it can give in to pressure and pop; hence, not giving much protection to the items on the package.

The third characteristic of packaging foam that adds to its superiority is the fact that it is water resistant, guarding your products from moisture. So whether you are shipping electronics or gadgets, rest assured that your goods can’t be damaged by anything with the exemption of it sinking at the bottom of the sea.

Another great thing about foam is that it’s designed with the ability to be molded to fit your items into a snug. It will compact your package no matter what the size as the foam will surround the object at every nook. Items in your parcel that have delicate corners are better off using foam to care for it during the shipping process. Vermin attacks don’t even stand a chance of simply getting to your cargo with the help of foam.

In summary, packaging foam is surely a valuable asset to a customer’s shipping needs. Its versatility can be matched with any items you’d like to ship off. Large or small, foam can be trusted to deliver your parcels safe and sound.

The Types of Seat Covers and How to Maintain Them

Custom-Made Seat Covers

A car’s transformation is not complete without changing what is inside as well. No matter how flashy the outside is, the interior also counts. Car enthusiasts spend a lot of money in providing only the best for their beloved rides. They make sure their automobiles are in tip-top shape.

So whether you are looking for covers that will protect your brand new car or seeking a new skin to cover up the worn out past, there are different types of seat covers that will suit your taste.

Seat covers offer a variety of design, texture, and material options. Depending on your preference and budget, you can select a seat cover that is ready made or custom made for your vehicle.

If you don’t mind spending some dough, probably, the most expensive type you can get for your car seats are Customized Covers, which are specifically made yo fit your car’s seats perfectly. You’ll instantly feel it’s as if it was factory installed to match a brand new car.

This is made-to-order and is designed to your car’s exact fitment depending on its year and make. However, having custom-made seat covers won’t include the seat belts, seat control buttons, head rests, or side-impact bags. It will be purely be the skin of the seats alone. There are professionals that specialize in customizing seat covers; you just have to bring your vehicle over and let them do the work.

When it’s done, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between your pre-owned car and one that’s brand new. It would appear like it has been reborn.

Other than the specially-made seat covers, the semi-custom ones cuts slack on money value in comparison and includes almost all the specs of the made-to-order option. The difference of Semi-Custom Covers from its fully custom-made counterpart is that this one caters to a general type and does not necessarily specify the year, make, and model of a car. A semi-custom set can fit all SUV types or sedans of particular makes of vehicles in general.

Nevertheless, if lower costs and a universal fitment are what you want, then Universal Seat Covers are just the right thing for you. Yes, from the name itself, they have a universal fit regardless of the vehicle type, year, make, and model. These products are easier to install. In fact, you can even do it by yourself. All you have to do is put it over the existing seat covers; usually universal types are just a stretch over so you can just place them directly on. It’s completely hassle-free and convenient.

Disposing Worn Out Mattresses the Right Way

Recycling Mattresses

You’re thinking of getting rid of the old mattress to make way for a new one, but the problem is that you don’t know where to put it. Certainly not in the trash bin. You wouldn’t like it to be displayed out on your curb for all your neighbors to see, right? It would definitely be a conversation piece, that’s for sure.

There are appropriate ways to dispose of your mattress without stressing too much on what to do with it. And no, unless it’s a murder evidence (or weapon), don’t burn it.

Lost on ideas of disposal? Fret not. You can turn to these suggestions to relieve you of your problem.

1) Call the mattress company

Most mattress companies offer pickup services wherein you inform them that you wish to dispose your old one. You only need to check if they do have that kind of service from which you bought your bed mattress.

2) Donate to organizations

“For it is in giving that we receive.”

While your bed is still in good condition, you can try giving it to large organizations such as the Salvation Army, Craiglist, Freecycle, and Donationtown, and so on. Just make sure it’s not worn out to an embarrassing extent, with no dramatic damages and noticeable stains to be found. You can contact your local homeless shelter, religious charities, or furniture banks and drop off your mattress there. If you’re lucky, they can even pick it up for you.

Art Mattress

3) Recreating it as art

Unleash your creativity and just have fun with making something out of your old possession. Be crafty and get going with the materials that make up your former bed.

Construct art pieces for display or enter them in competitions. There are existing art contests like the “Discarded Dreams: Used Mattress Design Competition” that encourage and allow artists to express their creativity and exhibit their skills in making wonders by using what other people might identify as junk.

4) Recycling by parts

Prove how resourceful you are by dissembling your mattress and seeking out parts that are still good to use.

Springs – Think of the outdoor schemes you can do with these sturdy metal pieces. They can be the trusty support team in your garden like trellises for climbing vines and can even be turned into a fancy outdoor art décor.

Buttons – Of course, you can always reuse these buttons for sewing projects, making baby clothes, pouches, and even dolls and toys by using them for the clothing piece or as eyes.

Foam Padding – It’s an excellent idea to turn them into toss pillow fillings or comfy cushions.

5) Reuse it for another’s recreation

For pet lovers, you can take this as an advantage to give it to your pets as their sleeping beds or playing mats. You know how unruly younger ones can be, especially puppies. If you don’t have pets at home, you can make pet shelters happy by providing them your old mattress for their homeless animals to use.

The Types of Bed Mattresses and their Best Uses

URATEX Mattress

Did you know? Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping. Wouldn’t it be grand to just spend those hours of sleep with ultimate comfort and luxury? The perfect mattress awaits you, all you need to do is select which one goes best with the type of comfort you need and desire.

  • Innerspring Mattress

The most typically used mattress type, you can find plenty of these out on the market and, of course, on URATEX. It uses steel coils and layers of upholstery designed for cushioning and insulation, making it the best choice if you want a mattress that offers a firmer support— regardless of the weight put upon it.

People suffering from back pain will also benefit from using this type. Actually, a spring-based mattress is almost for anyone for it can always grant you the right comfort that you need.

  • Pocket Spring Mattress

Springs for this mattress are sewn into individual pockets, thus giving it its name. Like a honeycomb, each spring “cocooned” inside those pockets reduce the “roll together” effect as they work independently while giving you premium support for your body. More springs equal to greater support, and that means more comfort.

Memory Foam

  • Memory Foam Mattress

Incredibly popular, this type of mattress is made up of layers of various densities that respond to weight and temperature. Maximum comfort is provided thanks to the way it contours your body shape, allowing you to relax all the same.

In addition, Memory Foam reduces pressure points and relieves pain. Also, it absorbs your body movement while shifting positions as you sleep. You won’t get complains with your partner even as you toss and turn. This works well with relaxing your muscle pains and if you have trouble getting comfy in bed.

  • Waterbed

Intended to ease your back issues, aid you in your sleep, and help with your asthma, waterbeds are perfect to sleep in to eliminate those worries. These are water-filled mattresses that ensure you a relaxing slumber the moment you lay your bed on the surface. It naturally molds into your body shape and allows you to sleep in your most comfortable position while giving you support.

  • Pillow Top Mattress

If you think pillows are a nuisance, you can just buy one mattress that has them already attached to them. The design of this mattress has a particular extra layer of soft cushioning on the top portion to the mattress surface. So you don’t have to fret about your pillows moving around too much.

  • Air Bed

This is not the kind of spare blow-up bed you set up manually and lend to guests on busy holiday get-togethers. What you have here is a high-end air mattress ready to provide you a good night’s sleep that’s made of air-filled chambers, replacing those noisy coils.

Sleeping partners who have disagreements on bed firmness will be glad to know that they can adjust their sides according to their preferences. It also provides a great deal of support for those who have spinal issues. Air beds have long been of service to patients who are required to spend long times in bed.

  • Latex (Solid Foam) Mattress

Crafted from either natural or synthetic rubber, Latex mattresses are designed to grant you a firm and bouncy support all throughout the bed. It does shed some similarity with the Memory foam, but with Solid foam, it pushes back, thus offering more comfort.

Ideal for relieving back pains as they provide you the best combination there is for a mattress: comfort and support. Sleepers with allergies can be at ease since this mattress type is less likely to have dust mites and mould.