5 Hotels to Consider for your Christmas “Staycation”

It is needless to say that Christmas vacations are designed to give as much comfort and pampering as possible, and achieving this involves spending it in the right location! Lucky for you, we’ve carefully studied all the essential factors (service, amenities, hotel mattresses, accommodations, etc.) and listed down five hotels in the Philippines that should drain the overwhelming stress inside of you.

Here are five hotels you should definitely consider for your Christmas Staycation! Enjoy!

Summit Ridge Tagaytay

  • Summit Ridge Tagaytay

The city of Tagaytay has been long known to be one of the best travel places in the Philippines. Whether you’re spending the night or plan to stay for the rest of the Christmas holiday vacation, the cool breeze of Tagaytay is guaranteed to make you forget about the stress of work. To make things even better, let Summer Ridge Tagaytay take care of accommodations for your staycation.

Offering only the best amenities there is to find, the luxurious hotel also offers one of the best views of Taal Volcano you can find! The food is excellent any time of the day, too. If you decide to grab a bite outside, don’t worry for Summit Ridge is located in the commercial heart of the city, meaning all of you have to do is go out and pick a restaurant of your preference!

Holiday Inn Manila Galleria

  • Holiday Inn Manila Galleria

If you’re situated within the metro and don’t seem too keen on travelling too far for your Christmas vacation, then the Holiday Inn Manila Galleria might just be what you’re looking for. Located at the heart of Ortigas Center, Hotel Inn surrounded with commercial districts riddled with more shopping options than you can ever wish for!

Fine dining and romantic restaurants are abundant as well to satisfy your holiday food trips! Holiday Inn is indeed one of the best places to consider for your staycation this Christmas, especially if you’ve got leisure and shopping in mind.

Hotel H20

  • Hotel H2O

For an experience unlike any other Christmas staycation you’ve ever had, best head to Hotel H20. The name itself already hints at something extraordinarily interesting! Taking inspiration from the Waters of the Philippines, marine-themed Hotel H2O offers a great Christmas package for guests that comes at a very reasonable price!

Activities include an evening mass at their Seaport function room followed by a buffet dinner. Drinks, photo booths and a children’s choir performance are only some of the things included in the package. The hotel is also located strategically near historical destinations such as Rizal Park. If these are the things that will make your staycation great, better start packing your things for Hotel H2O!

Microtel Mall of Asia

  • Microtel Mall of Asia

Boasting world class hotel service and featuring top notch facilities, with stylish yet affordable accommodations, Microtel offers only the best of the best for its guests. Whether you are a tourist visiting the country for vacation or a resident in search for a little pampering this Christmas season, you will surely not be disappointed with Microtel MoA! Located just a block away from the famous Mall of Asia, the largest mall in the Philippines, you can literally shop and dine til’ you drop!

Makati Shangri-La

  • Makati Shangri-La

Known for its luxurious standards and lush interiors, Makati Shangri-La never fails to ‘wow’ its guests! Customer service is unmatched, food is world class and rooms are royalty! Situated at the business heart of the country, the 5-Star hotel will instill a desire in you to never leave its heavenly ambiance! If you’re looking for real pampering and want to feel like kings and queens, Makati Shangri La is where you should be during your staycation!

How to Properly Sterilize Hospital Mattresses

Cleaning Agents

There are plenty of misinformation going about the process of properly sterilizing hospital mattresses, especially with regards to the use of germicides. In this article, we will take a look at the proper and simple way of cleaning your precious hospital mattress. The health and recovery of patients rely heavily on this so without further ado, let’s proceed with the steps!

  • Step 1

Find an open area with enough room to fit your entire mattress. Try to avoid places that are commonly dirty like, say, attics that hold a 24/7 mushroom and molds exhibit. Once you’ve properly situated the mattress in a good place, you may proceed by stripping away all sheets or other layers that are still attached.

  • Step 2

Prepare your vacuum cleaner by cleaning its plastic attachment with the use of warm water and liquid soap. Make sure to let it completely dry before installing it back into the vacuum cleaner.

  • Step 3

Now, after you’ve made sure that your vacuum cleaner is ready to be used, plug it in! Take note to properly make sure that the cord’s length is enough to go thoroughly around the entire mattress. If you are short on cord, extensions are more than capable of instantly fixing the problem.

  • Step 4

Now, it’s mattress cleaning time! First clean the entire surface area of your mattress with the vacuum cleaner. Pay close attention to detail and try not to miss a single inch, if you can. Turn your cleaner to maximum suction control so you can clean your mattress as thoroughly as possible. Practice slow, straight and steady movement as you pass over the mattress.

  • Step 5

Time to make a sterilizing concoction! Ingredients needed are water, bleach, antibacterial soap and a bowl. No witchcraft or mad scientist skills required here. All you have to do is mix them all together and stir. Viola! Magic sterilizing concoction created!

  • Step 6

Dip a sponge into the sterilizing mixture and proceed to wiping your mattress with it. Continue until you’ve covered every single inch of the mattress. Double check to make sure you didn’t miss a single spot. Once you’re sure that you’ve cleaned every part, leave it to dry completely.

  • Step 7

For this step you’ll need Clorox or Lysol wipes. As you did with the sponge in step number 6, wipe the entire mattress surface. Once you’ve covered every space, leave it to dry for a second time. Tip: if you don’t want to leave white spots or pale the fabric, let it dry out of reach of direct sunlight.

  • Step 8

Furnish your mattress with baking soda and keep it there for a good 15 minutes. Before doing this though, make sure that your mattress is absolutely dry. After which, you will use your vacuum cleaner again, this time to completely get rid of all baking soda dust or particles. This step will ensure that any odor will be cleansed off all the mattresses in your hospital.

Finally, practice doing this sterilizing process once or twice every month to make sure that it’s clean and rid of any bacteria that may cause any harm. There you have it! You can now bask in your success at cleaning your hospital mattress and have a worry free mindset.

3 Things to Look for when Purchasing Mattresses for your Hotel

 Hotel Mattress

  • The Price Tag

Going on the hunt for a particular object can be quite a burdening task, especially if you are unprepared. The first thing that any of us see when shopping around casually is the price tag of an object. Even if we really like the new high-tech, gold-plated refrigerator available at the local appliance store, we won’t buy it because it’s impractical, expensive and simply because we are not Sultans from Brunei.

This is the exactly same situation for mattresses. You may think that it is super easy to go out and buy one of these foams, but for hotel owners, this is an important investment that needs to be studied carefully. As a hotel owner on the hunt for a new hotel mattress to replace all previous ones, the last thing you’d want to happen is to find the perfect match only to realize that it is way too expensive. For this reason, I highly recommend that you set a straight and firm budget before even stepping out of your house.

The task of planning a good budget will depend on many things. In this particular situation, you are looking to purchase a mattress for your hotel. Whether you are the owner or the assigned manager, you must be very careful when setting a budget, to which there are three steps.

Step #1: Calculate the numbers

Let’s first make it clear that you are not only replacing one mattress (that would be silly) and are looking to replace a number of already dilapidated ones in your hotel. The first step to setting your budget is to ascertain the number of mattresses that you will be purchasing. Note that the bigger the purchase, the cheaper the individual mattresses will cost because most manufacturers will offer discounts for bulk orders.

Step#2: Determine quality

The quality of the mattresses you will purchase will most likely depend on the current one. Basing on the performance of your current brand of mattress will tell you many things to help you decide your new one. Was your current mattress a good investment? Did it live up to its reputation? Did your customers enjoy sleeping on it?

If you said yes to all three questions, then you will be left with two options: (1) stay with the same quality of mattress or (2) go further up in quality. However, if the answer is no, then you really only have one option, and that’s to move on to a better, possibly more expensive brand.

These two things will help you determine the right type of mattress to go for. When you see the price tag of a mattress you like, you will no longer be disappointed if ever it is out of the budget.

  • Sales

Another good thing to look out for as a hotel owner or manager on the lookout for a new mattress is how well a particular mattress actually sold. The sales record of a particular brand of mattress will tell you whether the market loves it or hates it. Although this is not exactly a foolproof test, it will help you narrow down your choices. It never hurts to be on the safe side and I would recommend to stay on it when looking for a good mattress brand.

  • Fine Print

Once you’ve found a mattress that seems perfect for your needs and wants (a.k.a. your dream mattress), there is one last thing that’s good to look for – the fine print. Take care to read it well because most brands will have different policies when it comes to guarantees, warranties, returns and the likes. Ask the sales person assisting you how many days you are given for the comfort guarantee and what kind of fees are in store should the need for a return come. Lastly, you should clarify what is covered and what isn’t by the warranty.

What is Acoustic Foam Used for?

Acoustic Foam
There are too many kinds of foams to count using your fingers and toes, all of which have different yet specific individual purposes. There is foam used to make mattresses and another to ensure the safety of fragile items during transport. The list goes on.

For this particular topic, we will be talking about acoustic foam and its uses. Although acoustic foam doesn’t actually play music (Ho, Ho), it does have a particular relevance to the art of music. The number one primary purpose of acoustic foam is to create an optimized environment designed to bring out the clearest, crispest, most spectacular sound quality that can be achieved.

There is acoustic foam in plenty of places that we go to in our normal, everyday lives. One of the best examples would be a movie theater. We are so accustomed to theaters that many of us don’t bother to realize that we are in a room that is practically made out of acoustic foam! So the next time you go to a theatre, check out the walls and the ceilings and you’ll see that they look pretty awesome being covered in all that foam.

It might not sound like a big deal for now, but when the movie starts and you hear the very first sound coming out from the Surround Sound speakers, you’ll appreciate the brilliance of this simple innovation. Such clear and distinct vocal quality from James Earl Jones would not have been as badass without acoustic foam in cinemas!

Acoustic Foam isn’t only used in cinemas as it is frequently found in gymnasiums and auditoriums. I think it’s needless to say that churches, synagogues and temples are also riddled with this foam – but I said it anyway. In essence, acoustic foam is applied in any place where an optimal sound mix is being sought.

What might surprise you though is the fact that acoustic foam is also used by manufacturing facilities and equipment houses. It deadens the amount of sound that escapes the facility it is situated in, giving much needed silence to surrounding rooms, other businesses and homes. Industrial settings often create so deafening sounds that it can echo miles and miles away. Take note that while acoustic foam might reduce noise and echoes from going out of a closed room, it is not particularly designed for sound proofing.

Acoustic foam is primarily used to improve the clarity of sound in a certain area or room, but it can also be used to stop sound from travelling through a wall up to a certain degree. Even if you cover your entire room with acoustic foam as your exclusive tool, you will not achieve a 100% soundproof room. If you intend to block more sound from reaching out, you will have to build a room inside a room with airspace and multiple physical barriers. This is pretty much an entirely different topic so you can do a separate research on that.

As a bonus, the final use of acoustic foam is none other than – drum roll please – packing hard drives! It might sound like a joke but I’ve actually done it once as I was travelling in my extremely bouncy van on my way to a seminar a hundred miles away from home. And guess what, my hard drive actually survived being surrounded in a box insulated with acoustic foam! I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you certainly have to transport a hard disk and you’ve got nothing else on hand, acoustic foam will do the job!

Easy Packing Tips for Sending Christmas Gifts through the Mail

Christmas Gifts

When sending gifts through the mail, especially those for Christmas, you must first thoroughly think through on the item that you are buying. Sending the package only comes second to this because the possibility of over estimating the capability of sending it is extremely high. Things to think about include the following:

  • Are the items, or any particular part of them, fragile?
  • Are they large and heavy?
  • If edible, do they spoil easily?


Once you’ve gotten through this list, you can move on to a tougher task – making sure your package makes it in one piece! This is exactly what this article is for, so sit back, relax, and read on. Here are some easy packing tips for sending Christmas gifts through the mail.

1) DVDs, CDs or Booka

Alright, to start things off, let’s go with the items that are the easiest to mail. DVDs, CDs and books are good, easy-to-pack candidates for a beloved Christmas present! So the first tip is to opt for these kinds of gifts instead of extremely fragile stuff. Obviously, this is not mandatory for there are plenty of other gifts you can send except for the items mentioned above, but we’ll get to that a little later.

2) Use Padded Envelopes

Let’s say you’re sending a package that has a few sharp edges and odd shapes that can be quite difficult to pack. What you can do is to use padded envelopes to cover these sharp and odd edges, making your gift so much easier to pack and mail.

3) Make sure any outer containers are strong enough to hold their contents

Sometimes, we overestimate the durability and strength of the jar, box or bottle that we are gifting. It is important to make sure that these containers can truly sustain the bumps and bruises it may endure during its trip.

4) Don’t let fragile items touch each other, or the side of the container

If you cannot avoid sending fragile gifts then you must make sure that none of them have direct contact with each other or even the side of the container. As we all can guess, fragile items break easily; hence the word fragile. So take care of it. What you can do is to wrap with with cushioning materials like bubble wraps or polyurethane foam.

5) Write a return address on the item

One factor in mailing that’s often ignored is the possibility of having your gift’s recipient change addresses without telling you. To be safe, always write a return address on whatever item you send so as to make sure that it gets back to you if ever it doesn’t end up in the right hands. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also put your name and telephone number.

6) Seal securely with nylon or vinyl tape

More likely than not, your item of gift will have sharp edges and openings. Using nylon and vinyl tape are great ways to secure edges and openings to make sure that (1) everything is orderly and that (2) no accidental spills will occur during the course of its travel.

7) Flatten sharp edges from stapes or metal fastenings

When packing your gift, you may have to use staples or metal fastings, which can be dangerous to an extent. Sure, it’s nowhere near the category of Deadly, but it can still hurt someone. The last thing you want is for your recipient to be wounded by a poorly-packaged gift. Kidding aside, you can flatten any sharp edge by covering it with tape.

Keep this tips in mind when packing your precious gifts! For the best packaging materials around, simply call our hotline listed below or inquire at the official URATEX Philippines Facebook Page.

3 Bed Accessories that will Help you Sleep Better

Bed AccessoriesYour bedroom is the most sacred and personal part of the house. It is where we recharge ourselves and get the energy we need to go on through another successful day. Getting a comfortable, good night’s rest depends not only on a bed or a the mattress, but on many other factors as well. These are what bed accessories are for; to help you get as much comfort out of your bed as you can. Here are 3 bed accessories that will help you sleep better.

  • Toss Pillows

The more things you can cuddle on your bed, the better! Before we take that way too much out of context, let’s talk about toss pillows! This bed accessory can come in different shapes and sizes, but they are mostly square and circle in shape. What do these little cute cushions do for you? In a nutshell, they make your bed much more comfortable by giving you soft, squishy things to hug!

Some people may deny it, but we all pretty much want more pillows on our bed. However, regular pillows may sometimes become quite bothersome if you have one too many because they take up so much space.

Toss pillows, on the other hand, don’t take up too much, allowing you to play around in your bed at night. In the event that you ever feel uncomfortable or if you have someone sleeping over, toss pillows are easy to re-assign to the sofa, adding decorative value to your living room. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

  • Anti Bed Bug Treatment

Ever heard the phrase, “Goodnight! Don’t let the bedbugs it!”? Of course you have! But who would have ever given serious thought to the fact that bed bugs do, in fact, bite! Did you know that a bedbug can bite up to 500 times in one feeding frenzy? It’s extremely creepy if you ask me!

Imagine lying weak and helpless on a hospital bed with half a dozen of these mini monsters feeding at you. Double creepiness! These mites can cause extreme discomfort and very annoying itchy feelings. No one in the universe wants to be subject to this kind of torture, so it’s best to get an anti-bed bug treatment of some sort. There are plenty of products available in the market so don’t dilly dally and get one now!

Mattress Support

  • Mattress Support

A new mattress may contribute greatly to having uninterrupted, great sleep. However, it cannot guarantee that this will indeed be the case. Having support for your mattress, however, will! People, as individuals, have different sleeping patterns and preferences. Some may find a certain mattress to be too soft and squishy while others might find it too firm and hard. A mattress support will maximize both the comfort of your sleep and the lifespan of your new mattress. It ensures good posture as you sleep and helps do away with body aches in the morning.

It may sound quite tasking to maintain bed accessories, but it’s actually easier than it seems. Once you create a good habit, it is very hard to get rid of. So make it a habit to give yourself the best sleep that your bed can offer by getting these 3 accessories as soon as you can! Never let the bedbugs bite again!

Want to maximize the comfort of your sleep with some more bed accessories? We here at URATEX have everything you can possibly need. Contact us through our hotline below or through our official Facebook Page.

Why URATXEX’s Theracare Comfort Mattress is Best for Hospital Patients

Hospital Patient

There is nothing more crucial for a hospital patient besides comfort for his body, relief for his pain and support for his needs. This is why the quality of the materials used by medical institutions have to always be in check to make sure that all of these needs are met.

It might not sound as important as high tech medical equipment, but hospital beds are also a very important factor in the stay of any patient. This is where Uratex’s Theracare Comfort Mattress truly shines and proves itself to be the best mattress for hospital patients.

  • Provides Extreme Comfort

Uratex Theracare Comfort Mattress provides the best comfort that any patient can ask for by providing the best comfort any patient can ask for. Providing world class comfort is where URATEX really outshines any other manufacturer of foam products. With world class mattresses, patients are given the ultimate experience of comfort and relaxation. With the Theracare Comfort Mattresses, a recovering patient will be given the chance to get back up on his feet as soon as possible – and with world class comfort!

  • Administers Great Relief

As mentioned previously, it is the job of any medical institution to see to it that their patients are relieved of any pain and stress as much as possible. This is what medicines and advance medical equipment are for. However, we should not forget how important it is that the mattress that patients sleep on also provide relief.

The Theracare Comfort Mattress does exactly this as these are highly specialized mattresses that feature a castellated cut which contributes much to equal weight distribution of the patient and offers peace of mind.

Great relief from mattresses also plays a significant role in a patient’s recovery. A person just out of surgery will more than likely have a very limited movement range. This means discomfort and possibly even some pain when moving. URATEX understands this problem, and with the Theracare Comfort Mattress, this is averted as much as can be. With a polyurethane base, the Brio 200 (check below) offers one of a kind treatment whether or not a patient is static or mobile.

  • Gives Unparalleled Support with the Many Options

There are four options to choose from for Theracare Comfort Mattresses, all of which have their own specific features and functions. All of the options are applied with the signature castellated cut.

URATEX Theracare Brio 100

1) Brio 100

The Brio 100 works with visco-elastic foams that are temperature sensitive, meaning it works with the degree of temperature that the patient is currently running on. If the mattress is too hot or too cold, the patient will have feelings of discomfort. By being temperature sensitive, the Theracare Comfort Mattress adjusts to the person’s temperature accordingly thus providing a comfortable rest.

URATEX Theracare Brio 200

2) Brio 200

The Brio 200 is ideal for stabilizing patients whether they be static or mobile. With its highly durable polyurethane base, it provides the most conducive rest anyone could ask ever ask for.

URATEX Theracare Brava

3) Brava

The Brava is perfect for recovering patients whether in a hospital bed or at home. It is exact and precise in measurement, making it extremely convenient. It offers the same type of world class comfort of any Uratex’s Theracare Comfort Mattress.

URATEX Theracare Auda

4) Auda

Built for those have been plagued by back problems for far too long! With the Auda, you can say goodbye to back aches and pain and say hello to correct spinal alignment! This is achieved by the synergy of polyurethane foam base and upper coating of memory foam.

All of these prove that Uratex’s Theracare Comfort Mattress is best for Hospital Patients.

Determining the Perfect Bed for Different Hospital Patients

Hospital Patient

For us, our most important stakeholder is not our stockholders, it is our customers. We’re in business to serve the needs and desires of our core customer base.”  – John Mackey

John Mackey’s customer service insight is very much applicable in any industry: food, energy, telecommunications, and even hospital care. Doctors don’t give men hysterectomies in the same manner that they don’t give an angioplasty on someone who has renal failure. Why? Those solutions are not equal or appropriate to the needs of their consumers. Women are the ones who need hysterectomies; dialysis is one of the proper solutions for those with ailing kidneys.

Likewise, the beddings of hospital patients can’t always be the same. Imagine if all hospital beds were spring-coiled? They wouldn’t feel safe with the squeaking and the lack of back support. Their mattresses have to be specified according to their needs. Do they require a standard or specialized cushion? In this article, we’ll find out how to know which mattress different hospital patients should use.

  • Standard Patients

These patients have no outstanding need, so a mattress with comfort and balance should suffice. In this case, either bedding from the Uratex Theracare Brio line (100 or 200) will do.

The Brio 100’s top surface is covered with heat-sensitive visco-elastic foam with a castellated cut that follows the contour of your body for additional cushion comfort, cancels bottoming-out, and guarantees equal weight distribution. The bottom is made of combustion modified high resilience (CMHR) foam, making it fire resistant for added durability.

In addition to having all the features of its relative, the Brio 200 has a reinforced PU foam base for additional strength and security when transporting patients from one room to another for tests or otherwise.

URATEX Theracare Brava

  • Therapy/Recovering Patients

For those patients who are recovering from a major procedure and are in need of a sturdy mattress for supplementary therapy sessions, a mattress like the Theracare Brava is best suited for them.

The Theracare Brava is made entirely from very resilient polyurethane (PU) foam for robust support. It also has only one sleeping side for minimal maintenance and can be used either in the hospital or at home.

  • Patients with Back Problems

Standard visco-elastic and PU foam just won’t cut it for patients with backaches and pains. Go for the Theracare Auda mattress. Its top surface is coated with 2 inches of memory foam, which promotes proper spinal alignment. The bottom is composed of PU foam for extra firmness and support. With this mattress, you can bid back problems goodbye.

Wanna get the best kind of mattress for your patients? You can inquire by “liking” the official URATEX Philippines Facebook Page or by submitting a comment below.