What Makes the URATEX Classmate Chairs a Popular Choice Amongst Universities

College Students

School chairs aren’t usually so bad. They provide back support and space for your things. You do get the occasional chair with the uneven legs, maybe even one so full of doodles you can’t help but read those instead of the lecture. Not to mention having to sit on one type of chair for hours every day can prove to be extremely uncomfortable.

Students greatly outnumber staff and faculty. Universities need to invest lots of money in their utilities, especially in tables and chairs. And since they’re going to be investing money in those anyway, there’s really no use in cutting back costs for cheap chairs that break easily and need to be replaced more frequently than expected.

URATEX M2 Classmate Chair

URATEX M2 Classmate Chair

This is where URATEX Classmate Chairs come in. They’re available in various colors and in three designs, M2 Classmate Chair, M3 Classmate Chair, and M4 Classmate Chair. Unlike the traditional table and chair, URATEX Classmate Chairs come with a small table attached to the chair through an armrest. This feature is a great space saver and it allows students to move around much easier when they need to compress to make space for presentations.

When it comes to comfort, URATEX Classmate Chairs provide only the best. Wooden chairs tend to get too stiff and uncomfortable while monoblock chairs are too lightweight and easy to knock over – it’s only a matter of time before one of the legs break off. None of the above is a concern with URATEX Classmate Chairs.

URATEX M3 Classmate Chair

URATEX M3 Classmate Chair

Each UCC design was made to last. M4 and M2 Classmate Chair are both made with steel legs, establishing its stability and durability. The difference? M4 has compartment space underneath the chair for books and other items. The M3 is much like the M4 in that sense, but is closer to a monoblock chair in terms of appearance and material, except it comes with armrests and a table.

The area underneath for books doubles as support to prevent the legs from bending and toppling over unexpectedly. All three are designed with a sloping seat, giving it a shape more natural for sitting, yet with a posture still conductive to learning.

URATEX M4 Classmate Chair

URATEX M4 Classmate Chair

You pay for what you get, but with these chairs, you get more. Their price range is a little higher than the cheap generic chairs, but you can be guaranteed that they last longer. Additionally, the students will appreciate the URATEX Classmate Chairs for it will make them feel like they are truly valued members of the community. Far Eastern University, Lyceum of the Philippines, and Batangas State University are among those that can attest to the durability and effectiveness of URATEX Classmate Chairs.

Only a couple more weeks, maybe even days for some, and a new school year will be upon us again. School may be tough, but the chairs don’t have to be.

What are the Uses for Spray Polyurethane Foam?

Spray Polyurethane Foam

What is Spray Polyurethane Foam?

Chemistry plays a big role in the magic of Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF for short. It consists of two liquid chemical components known as “Side A” and “Side B”. One side has isocyanates as the key ingredient, while the other contains flame retardants, amine catalysts, and polyol. When mixed, Side A and Side B form the polyurethane foam. Mixing should be done at the site and not beforehand as the chemicals will react, expand, and dry quickly.

Protective gear is essential for anyone working with or near SPF because the fumes from the chemicals are hazardous during the application. The isocyanates can aggravate breathing problems such as asthma or irritate the skin and eyes when combined with vapors, aerosols, and dust.

Nonetheless, SPF is still used worldwide as it’s the most effective type of insulation for homes. It is also considered a “green” building material because it saves energy by minimizing the need for heating and cooling systems.

What are the uses for Spray Polyurethane Foam?

Spray Polyurethane Foam as insulation can keep temperature at home at a constant, comfortable level regardless of the weather outside. It can keep the house cool in the summer or warm in the winter. It’s been reported that homes with SPF have reduced their electric bills due to the limited need for heat and cooling system use.

Similarly, since SPF seals every nook and cranny in the area it covers, air and water draft is minimized. Accumulation of moisture, which can also cause damage, will be avoided. For houses that are made of wood, SPF will help prevent rotting caused by mold, mildew, or pests: insects and other unwanted creatures are kept out.

Spray Polyurethane Foam is reportedly the only insulation material that is capable of adding structural integrity to the wall system.

How do you install Spray Polyurethane Foam?

A quick search through the internet will confirm that there is such a thing as DIY Spray Polyurethane Foam. It is possible. However, spray foam is quite messy and can be an overwhelming and even dangerous task when not done properly. It would be wiser to hire an expert in order to save more time. Letting the pros handle everything can possibly be even cheaper as it eliminates the risk of mistakes.

What is the difference between Spray Polyurethane Foam and Polyurethane Foam?

The purpose is essentially the same: insulation. For packaging purposes, delicate parcels are packed with polyurethane foam, cut to fit the items perfectly, to secure it in place and prevent damage from outside forces.

Other uses of polyurethane foam are for common household items: many furniture pieces such as couches, chairs, and mattresses are filled with foam due to its varying density. Polyurethane foam is also very absorbent, making it perfect for cleaning (for this purpose, they are called sponges). Aside from water, it can also absorb dissonant sound waves and are often used as sound-proofing material.

5 Terrifying Hotel Horror Movies

Not to put you off travelling, but there’s nothing quite like the rush you get from learning about terrifying stories that somehow fit your current situation. If people tell scary campfire stories at a bonfire, why not indulge in hotel horror movies during one of your trips?

We’ve already posted some eerie stuff about “Hotel Warning Signs” and “Crazy Hospital Facts”, but don’t let that make you think that we’ve given up on sending a couple of chills up your spine.

Here are 5 truly terrifying hotel horror movies for those special days when you want nothing more than to hide under the covers and pray for daylight. You ready? If you’re a genuine “scardy cat”, you might struggle in trying to keep your pants, sheets, and the hotel mattress dry as you watch these frightening films.

Let’s get to it!



A movie adaptation of any Stephen King novel is bound to be worth watching. The story revolves around a paranormal investigator/writer Mike Enslin who tries to disprove rumors that room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel is haunted by spending a night in it despite the hotel manager’s warnings.

The manager explains that over fifty people have died in the room, which he describes as “evil”, but Mike still refuses to believe that it’s haunted. Unconvinced, Enslin enters the room and begins to experience a series of bizarre occurrences. Proven to be wrong in the worst way possible, Enslin must now find a way to escape room 1408 before he is driven to insanity.



The premise of this film starts off quite differently from most: Marion Crane is an average secretary who wishes to marry her boyfriend Sam Loomis, who unfortunately inherited a huge debt that prevents him from giving her the life she deserves. After another one of their fights regarding this issue, Crane is tasked with depositing a large amount of cash from her boss’s client, which she decides to steal on a whim to solve all of Loomis’ money problems.

She drives off to California but gets lost in the storm and is forced to stay at the Bates Motel. The motel is run by Norman Bates and his very dominating “mother”, who kills Crane while she is taking a shower. Loomis, Crane’s sister, and a private detective seek out to find Crane, only to discover that the Bates are hiding a demented secret.



Two American backpackers and their Icelander friend go on a trip across Europe and ends up in a hostel in Slovakia, lured by the promise of gorgeous European woman with a taste for foreign men. They have the time of their lives, but eventually discover that their hedonism have led them and their friends to become targets and victims of an underground, murder-for-profit organization.

Warning: Do not watch this film if you have low tolerance for torture scenes!



A young couple finds themselves stranded after they take a wrong turn on and their car breaks down in a no-reception area. Unable to fix their car or call for help, they check into an isolated motel. They discover video tapes on top of their television and, with nothing else to do, decide to watch it. They soon realize that the amateur horror movies are apparently snuff films taken in the very room they were in. Unless they escape, they will become the next stars – a.k.a. victims – of the killers’ next film.

The Shining

The Shining

What list of hotel horror movies would be complete without perhaps the most famous movie that was inspired by a Stephen King novel of the same name? “The Shining” follows the story of Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy, and their five-year-old son Danny, who move into a haunted resort called Overlook Hotel, where Jack accepted a job as its winter caretaker.

Unbeknownst to his parents, Danny has a telepathic gift known as “The Shining”, the ability to see ghosts of the hotel’s past and future. It is the only thing that may be able to save him and his mother after his recovering alcoholic father goes through a mental breakdown. While King personally wasn’t very fond of this adaptation, he noted that he considered it to have contributed something of value to the horror genre.

Are there any other horror hotel movies that crawled its way under your skin and quite possibly scarred you from ever travelling again? Tell us about it on the comment section below!

The Traveler’s Guide to Avoiding Bed Bugs at Hotels

Bed Bug Spray

In case you didn’t already know, bed bugs are pesky little critters that can prove to be quite a nuisance. Except for the droppings they leave behind and the tiny bite marks they may leave on your skin, bed bugs can virtually go undetected, but that doesn’t mean they are any more welcome in our homes.

Bed bugs are notorious for hitchhiking: if their starting point was someone else’s home, they could crawl up on the homeowner’s clothes as she makes her way out to work. She gives a friend a hug and, yep, the bed bug could choose this person as its next mode of transportation. This is one of the most common ways infestations begin.

Hotel mattresses, in particular, are notorious for hosting clans of bed bugs brought in and out by none other than the guests themselves.

Be a Proper Packer!

Suitcases or other bags that aren’t made of cloth are ideal, as bedbugs will be less interested in them. It would also be wise to separate items into resealable bags, and your clothes in garment bags.

Don’t bring your own pillow because, unless it’s also covered in plastic, it would be the easiest place for bedbugs to hide. Besides, pillows are just additional baggage! Don’t bring your own pillow unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Invest in a Bedbug Spray

These sprays only drives bedbugs away instead of killing them, which doesn’t really make it a one-stop solution to existing infestations. They are, however, efficient for travelling so you don’t pick up any hitchhikers. They only last for a few hours, so spray them on your clothes before going to bed to keep them from biting you. Give your luggage a good spray as well, especially when you’re about to leave so none of them buggers would get a chance to tour your home.

Bed Bug Statistics

Inspect your Room

Before anything else, take a quick inspection of your hotel room. Check the covers and pillows then lift the mattress to see if there are tiny residents along the creases. Also check every nook and cranny of wooden bed frames – bedbugs generally stray away from metal. If you find any signs of bedbugs, notify the front desk and ask to be reassigned a different room immediately.

Be wary of bed bugs along the skirting board and in your carpet. Make sure to have them treated, and your carpet cleaned.

Place your Luggage off the Ground

Most hotel rooms are carpeted, making it easy for bedbugs to prance around unnoticed. Always keep your luggage off the ground and hang your clothes on the rack as soon as you’re done inspecting it.

Do your Laundry

Don’t take any chances. Dump all the clothes you used and brought with you on your trip – even the clean ones – straight into the washing machine.

If you do find yourself having to deal with bedbugs at home, there are ways to get them out of the house without harming your mattress or other furniture. Exterminating bed bugs is tedious work, but it’s possible. On the bright side, you won’t have to worry about getting any sort of health problems (aside from possible allergic reaction) as studies show they are not carriers of any human disease.

Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Guideline in Buying a Hospital Bed for your Home

Adjustable Bed

Hospital bills can get ridiculously expensive. Relatives of bedridden patients such as the elderly or those who have limited mobility might find it more beneficial to purchase a hospital bed rather than have their loved one stay an unnecessary amount of time at the hospital. Aside from it making more sense financially, patients would rather spend their time at home with their family than around strangers at the hospital.

If you think it’s about time to bring the patient home, consider the advantages of having a hospital bed in the comfort of your own home.

Why not just a regular bed?

Regular beds are fine for perfectly or even relatively healthy people. Some patients, on the other hand, may require some of the special features offered only by hospital beds. For one, those who must spend extended periods of time in bed must constantly change positions to prevent bed sores or pressure ulcers.

Hospital beds can be more easily adjusted, allowing the patients to change the position of their head or feet without much difficulty and therefore changing the area of pressure. Hospital beds also come with bed rails, greatly reducing the risk of the patient falling out of bed at any time.

Are all hospital beds the same?

No. There are different types of hospital beds available, each with their own features. The electric bed is one that’s most commonly used by major hospitals, with buttons on the side rails for easy adjustments. Some beds are automatic and will adjust itself according to the patient’s needs using a sensor, while others can be manipulated using a remote control.

Gatch beds are much simpler and can be adjusted manually – these are more economically-wise as no electricity is needed to make adjustments. Stretchers are ideal for extra mobility, because the wheels make it easier to transfer the patient from room to room. Circo-Electric beds are a little more complicated: it’s an electronic bed that can rotate the patient within circular bars (think hamster wheel) for patients with spinal injuries and the like. As you can see, the type of bed you choose will depend greatly on the condition of the patient.

Can I use any mattress?

Again, it depends on the patient’s needs. Most ordinary mattresses are too thick or rigid for adjustable hospital beds. What you’ll need for those is a more flexible mattress. Additionally, alternating Pressure Low Air Loss beds come with their own special cushion that alternates the area of pressure, reducing the risk of pressure sores.

They are also designed for burn patients as it has air holes to minimize maceration of the skin. Ideally, hospital mattresses that are especially made to lessen the risk of bed sores is the best choice for home use.

Hospital beds will not only be beneficial for the patient, but for their family and caregiver as well. It will greatly reduce hospital bills, caregivers will have an easier time taking care of the patient, and the latter will be much more comfortable being closer to their loved ones.

7 of the Most Popular Movie Theaters in the World


The fascination for art in our society has become one of the most common realities that have begotten our community. Nowadays, people from all ways of life have travelled to view historical and popular landmarks around the world to appreciate the beauty and ambiance the place may bring to the visitor. From India’s Taj Mahal to France’s Eiffel Tower, magnificent landmarks brings about an interesting vibe that makes people appreciate the artistic magnitude that goes along with it.

Due to the modernization of the world, places and landmarks that people go to have touched even those commonly found in all places. Food enthusiasts may travel hundreds of miles to appreciate a restaurant that is only found in one particular city. The thrill of being able to have a feel of the cultural impact of a place encourages people to go out to experience its reality.

Movie theaters, for those who love to indulge themselves in the stories of motion picture, have gotten more popular for centuries. This has pushed people to experience appreciating the hard work that directors have invested in movies while having the feel of the comfort, historical value and importance that a theater can have in a community. That being said, for those curious about the existence, identity, and uniqueness of theaters, the list is endless.

The Movies

State Theater (Michigan)

If you talk movie theaters, one would always start with the brilliance of the State Theater in Michigan, which has hosted numerous events such as the Oscars. Dissecting the structure of the location, one would have to pinpoint the comfortable feel of the carpeted area alongside the walls covered with acoustic foam to reduce echoing while maintaining clarity during events. This has become a trademark that has made places like this a huge tourist attraction for people who want to experience this feel.

Cine 32 (France)

France, being one of the most expensive countries in the world, is known for its attention to detail. That is why Cine 32 remains one of the best places to absorb the beauty of cinema. With the wooden structure and the feel of the 1920’s, people who come to this theater are treated to a touch of history.

The Broadway Theater (New York)

Broadway has become one of the most popular cultural distinctions of New York City. Ranging from musicals such as Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables, this theater has proven through the years that it is indeed a must-visit for lovers of art. Being utilized not only for cinema but also mainly for acting gigs, it remains at the top of the heap in quality and style that tourists continue to flock.

Busan Cinema Theater (South Korea)

The Korean Archipelago has long been known in the performing and cinematic arts given the different movie organizations that have come about in the last decade. Included in the effects was the construction of the majestic Busan Cinema Theater. Covered by one of the biggest roofs in the world, it remains a must visit for tourists who come to Korea. With its external infrastructure, it more than matches the internal glamour that leaves visitors breathless.

Cine Thisio (Greece)

For visitors who want a different theatrical experience, one particular location comes into mind: Cine Thisio. Reminding us of those drive-thru movie theaters where the audience can sit on the grass, Cine Thisio is the unorthodox entry on the list.  This is a must-visit for locals and tourists who are looking to watch a movie while enjoying the fresh air of nature.

Raj Mandir Theater (India)

Bollywood’s emergence gave birth to numerous theaters around the Indian Archipelago, and the most popular of them all is the Raj Mandir Theater. Known to be the place where Indian locals flock to watch the bright lights of Bollywood, it continues to be a place of cinema and movies.

Archipelago Cinema (Thailand)

When you think cinema, one would never think of water. The Archipelago Cinema in Thailand though completely sidestepped that notion by providing people with the privilege to soak in the art of cinema on top of the waters of the Thai country. This brilliant design that the Thai architects were able to create proves the longevity of the infrastructure that helps people enjoy movies and performances for their viewing pleasure.

The common nature of a great movie theater, as mentioned earlier, puts a lot of emphasis on the value that the place has in its community and the overall structural composition of the location. By looking at the worth that the theater brings to a society, it not only increases its attractiveness to tourists, but also helps shape the entire perception of the city itself.

Tips in Setting Up a Home Studio

Home Studio

Music in our society nowadays has grown leaps and bounds through the times. From the evolution of the cassette recorder, all the way to the iPods of the 21’st century, people have taken the art of music to a whole new level by utilizing it parallel to the evolution of technology.

If you were to look back, people did not have the capacity to edit music the way people nowadays do using applications such as Audacity and Garageband. Songwriters who were interested in producing their music did not have the means to be able to produce high quality products that can fully be appreciated by the market. Most importantly, people have spent thousands of dollars investing in commercial studios, some of which have reached legendary status in the world of music.

Fortunately, this generation has had the liberty in being able to take the musical experience within the comfort of their home. Nowadays, musical personalities such as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have had the opportunity to produce their music from their homes that led to their discovery by the major music companies.

The question that people would need to consider: What exactly do people have to do in order to produce high quality music within the four walls of their home? The important aspects that people would need to consider can be separated into two major categories: equipment and software.


First and foremost is being able to invest in the necessary equipment. The most important equipment needed is the noise cancelling gear that will (1) reduce external noise from around the venue and (2) decrease echo that is generated from the music.

Acoustic foam is one of the most common forms of material that musicians need in order to help increase the clarity of music that is produced from the recordings. Next, microphones with pop filters and high quality musical instruments are also important to maintain the fluidity of recording in the clarity of the voice and the rhythm of the music.


Secondly, choosing the right software is needed to be able to have a good sense of control over the recording that will be done. It is important to choose the correct program that will cater to your needs while maintaining flexibility and simplicity in the production stage of your music.

Being able to change tempo, rhythm and pitch are some of the basic examples that a producer can look into to see if a program would fit into the overall need of the recording. Nowadays, a lot of popular programs such as Audacity, Garageband and the like have come out to be viable options in the consideration of the software to be used.

Overall, creating a music studio for your home should be carefully planned in order to fully realize the potential quality of music that can stem from it. By considering the points that were mentioned, one can develop and create a good musical studio for all of the musician’s needs.

3 Benefits of Automatic Hospital Beds

Automatic Hospital Bed

The idea of lying on a hospital bed all day seems nice upon initial thought, but patients often end up bored and uncomfortable after only a couple of days. It’s particularly difficult for patients with reduced mobility, unable to change their position or sometimes even perform basic movements.

While hospitals are by no means required to provide luxury hotel accommodations, the patient’s comfort should still be of utmost importance. Hospitals that take every precaution to keep their patients as comfortable as possible should consider the benefits of automatic hospital beds if they don’t already have it in their facilities.

Prevents Bed Sores

Bed sores, also called pressure sores or pressure ulcers, are localized injuries to the skin and/or underlying tissue due to pressure in the area for extended periods of time. They usually occur in the bony areas, such as the heels, hips, sacrum, coccyx, or even the back of the head. Bed sores normally develop in people whose movements are limited or those who are confined in beds or wheelchairs.

Patients who are bed-ridden have enough of a hard time as it is without having to be stuck in one position every day. They certainly don’t need bed sores to add to their discomfort.  Automatic hospital beds make it easier for patients to adjust themselves from time to time so that their weight is distributed to different areas of the body.

Improves Sleep and Speeds Recovery

Don’t you just feel awful in the morning when you have to toss and turn all night because of the inability to sleep comfortably? Imagine having to go through that while you’re supposed to be recovering from a sickness. Some hospital beds can be rigid and awkward, which can greatly affect the quality of sleep. Sleep plays an important role in supporting the immune system and therefore can greatly affect how well the patient’s body responds to treatment.

Additionally, some patients are required to keep their head or upper body elevated. Instead of using up a lot of pillows on the patient’s back to achieve this, an automatic hospital bed can be more easily adjusted according to the patient’s needs.

Saves Time and Energy

When patients find difficulty in moving by themselves, it’s the nurse’s job to assist them. This isn’t always an easy task for both the patient and the medical staff, and both could actually be put at risk for further injuries. An automatic hospital bed would make moving more convenient for everyone; patients won’t always have to call the nurse for assistance because they’ll be able to position themselves better without additional support, and the nurse is free to proceed to other, more pressing matters.

In addition to the automatic hospital bed, hospitals should also furnish their institution with only high-quality mattresses.  Without additional frustrations in the patients’ limited mobility and uncomfortable beds, the focus can be rightfully put back to the patients’ recovery.