Combating Confinement Blues: 5 Ways to Prevent Hospital Boredom

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Staying healthy should be a person’s number 1 priority. Some of the most basic ways to maintain your health includes always taking your vitamins, drinking lots of water, exercising daily and getting enough sleep. But life is not fair, and the health conscious can still end up getting stuck in a hospital bed for the silliest of reasons.

If you’re one of those unlucky ones, don’t you find the hospital rather boring? Trust us, we have a solid idea on what you’re going through. So while you’re on your stationary, bedridden journey to recovery, try out these five things that should help you combat hospital boredom.

Get your Friends to Visit you

People are so easy to contact nowadays; just one text and you can have all your friends running to you. If you receive texts from your BFFs that express concern about your current predicament, you can respond by inviting them to come visit you! You’ll be able to assure them that you’re fine and, at the same time, they’ll definitely keep you entertained. If one of ‘em is awesome enough to bring playing cards, then boredom will very quickly turn into a non-factor.

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Chat up the Nurses

If the nurses can take care of your headaches or stomachaches, they can probably also help you with your boredom. If they’re not too busy, ask them to stay awhile for a chat. Get to know the person who’s taking care of you! They meet different people from early in the morning all to the way to the infamous night shift, so they surely have a handful of fascinating stories just waiting to be told. You’d be surprised to know how much fun and entertaining your nurse can be.

Play with your Tablet

This piece of innovation alone can keep you entertained for an entire day. You can play different games on it such as Plants vs. Zombies and Temple run. If you get tired of your old apps, you can simply download new ones! Not only that, you can keep yourself busy by reading books, listening to music and watching movies. If there’s free WIFI, then your entire hospital stay should be taken care of.

Watch Television

If you don’t have a tablet, the television is always an option. Most hospital rooms have a television installed. If your set is blessed with cable, you’re sure to find at least one show to keep you occupied. Stumble upon “Breaking Bad” and in all likelihood you’d be binge-watching that baby all the way to your bedroom.

Try Loom Bands

If you’re not yet into it, you’ve probably seen one or heard about it already. Loom bands are the biggest fad nowadays and it’s a great way to keep yourself occupied. Did you know that, aside from bracelets, you can also create characters such as Mickey Mouse and Little Mermaid? It might seem complicated at first, but it’s really easy and fun. Experiment on them and try to create your own designs. You can also create some to give as a thank you gift to the nurses that took care of you.

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Keeping yourself occupied might be important for you, but the most important thing about being confined to a hospital is getting better. If you can’t find anything to do, just rest. You’re sick and if you exert yourself in strenuous activities, you might end up prolonging your hospital stay. Try to get as much rest and sleep as you can get, and have as much as fun as you can when you get home.

“Rock On!” Set up a Home Recording Studio Now!


A lot of talented musicians haven’t had the chance of being in the spotlight yet. Why wait for that moment when you can create your own stage at home? Direct your future to stardom by setting up a home recording studio now! You’re just starting and all, so no need to copy those legendary studios and buy overly expensive equipment. A simple recording studio would do just fine. So what does a home studio need?

Acoustic Foams

You don’t want your neighbors calling the cops on you for being too noisy now, would you? Once you’ve found the room that’ll be transformed to your beloved studio, the first step is to install acoustic foam on the walls to control the noise level, vibration and echo from your instruments.


The microphone is the most necessary equipment for a studio since the whole point of setting up a music studio is to record audio. Therefore, make sure to invest in a quality microphone!

Headphones or Speakers

Choose one or both.  Utilize them to listen to and check your recorded music. They will provide you with clear sounds for better monitoring of the audio.

Computer and recording software

Install a recording software on your computer to better employ the necessary recording equipment that you’ve acquired. Having a software is fundamental in recording; without it you might as well not have a studio.

Audio Interface

This gadget is used to connect your equipments to your computer. Using a generic audio interface can affect the overall quality of your recorded music, so make sure to choose wisely.


If you’ve been a musician for a long time, you’d have all the instruments you’d like to use for your music. But let us acknowledge the fact that there are two types of music that you can record. The first is live music wherein you play and record the instruments as is, while the second type is the digital music, where you use a digital keyboard to play other instruments.

One independent artist who has continually produced amazing music with her own recording studio is Ingrid Michaelson, and her rendition of “Somebody that I Used to Know” will show you why and how she made it big.

So what are the perks of having a recording studio at home? Convenience. If you were suddenly inspired and want to work on your music immediately, you can do so in an instant. There’d be no need for you to go out, pack your equipment, travel with a heavy load, unpack them, and then repeat the process once you’re done.

There’s also no need to pay rent, which means you can work for hours and hours without worrying on how much your bill would be. And, of course, the best perk would be the extra cash you can get from letting other people rent your studio. The studio might seem excessive was you plan it, but always remind yourself that it’ll help you find and preserve your true potential. It may seem expensive now, but you’ll be saving a lot in the long run.

5 Reasons Why Staying at a Hotel is Fun

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Traveling the world is part of everyone’s dream. Whatever you’re age or nationality, you have that lifelong right to step out, have fun, and discover new and exciting places. Go on adventures and enjoy the cultures of different countries! And though traveling is mostly about sight-seeing, part of the fun in traveling is staying at the various hotels you end up in.

You might think home is the best place to rest, but you’d be surprised to find out what some of the most luxurious hotels has to offer. Here are 5 reasons why staying at a hotel is fun:

Cute Kids

Soft Comfy Beds

Admit it, you’d love to take home that super soft hotel mattress and jump on them with your kids or significant other. Hotels usually have large, comfortable beds to make your overnight stay all the more pleasant; once you lay down on one of them, you might end up being too relaxed to get up!

Married Couple


Soak yourself in warm water and bubbles after a fun and tiring day. Because what’s more relaxing than a bubble bath, right? Spend hours pampering your exhausted feet and body after all the walking and touring you did. Enjoy your bath as much as Jack Sparrow enjoys his rum. You can read a book or a magazine while letting those soft bubbles and warm water soothe your aching body.

Cute Couple

Room Service

Because it’s always cool and convenient to have someone at beck and call. Need a pillow? How about an extra blanket? Feeling hungry in the middle of the night? Just dial the front desk’s number and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. Be as lazy as you want and don’t fret – room service will be there to tend to your needs.

Pretty Girl

Good Food

Eat to your heart’s content, from the yummy breakfast buffet to the fancy ala carte dinner. Hotel restaurants have the top chefs in town, so no one will be surprised if you’ll keep eating until your tummy explodes from its fullness. Don’t forget to order their food specialty and taste the dish that represents the area you’re visiting!

Happy Girl

Unlimited and Fast Wi-Fi

With everyone having their own laptop, mobiles and tablets, Wi-Fi becomes an essential commodity in hotels, which usually have fast and reliable Wi-Fi 24 hours a day. You can download, stream, email and chat all you want. You can post your pictures from the trip this morning and video chat your family at home.

There are a lot of other fun things about hotels, especially if you’re with your family and friends. Talk the night away with them and share your insights on the day you just had. You can even have a small party in your room and play games. If you’re able to have as much as you can without breaking any of the rules, you should a happy hotel stay, and ready for another adventurous day.

Artistically Unorthodox Uses for Polyurethane Foam


It is found on furniture, bed accessories, and sports equipment. Heck, it is even sprayed at homes for better temperature insulation. Flexible, rigid, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, such is the versatility of polyurethane foam.

With such an adaptable product, the creative beast inside of you will definitely be unleased! Just take a look at our expert profile on Sian Zeng, and you’ll immediately see the potential of polyurethane. Here are other things you could do with your polyurethane foams at home:

DIY armor and props

If you’re into anime and computer games, why not try creating a cool costume with polyurethane foam? You can create kick-ass armors and swords from your favorite game! Just give it the right paint job and you’re ready to show off your masterpiece at the next toy con.

Polyurethane Art

Homemade decorations

Get your scissors and cutters out and start carving your stock foam into whatever décor your imagination conjures up! You can make cute little rabbits and kitties for the little ones or, if you have a wild imagination, you can create dragons and dinosaurs as you channel the child you once were.

Learning tools

We all know how expensive toys are nowadays, so if you have spare foam at home, why not try creating extra learning tools for your kids? Remember those box with different-shaped holes? You know, the ones that have corresponding blocks that will fit the holes? Well, did you know you can replicate such a tool with just polyurethane foam? Just cut out the shapes and you instantly have the hole and the block.

Another fun learning tool would be a mini-maze, which I’m all of us have tried out during our grade school days. This activity is actually still pretty fun, especially if you do it with your kids.

Perfect stuffer

Keep your bags, shoes, hats and other stuffs from getting squished in your closet by stuffing them with polyurethane foam. If you’re traveling, you can also use some foam to keep your gadgets safe in your luggage. Like if you’re bringing your laptop along, you can wrap it in foam to prevent it from getting those unwanted scratches.

Create a child friendly home

You can use this foam to cover the sharp edges of the furniture and other “suspicious” home items. This way you can keep toddlers and children away from harm’s way – just like that!

Instant yoga or exercise mat

Does your back hurt from doing crunches on the hard floor? Use some polyurethane foam from home and work those abs comfortably.

The suggestions above will prove to be useful and effective, but don’t let this list stop here! Pump your creative juices and find other practical and cool uses for polyurethane foam. Think outside the box and let your imagination run free! You might just discover the next big thing this versatile product.

“Home Sweet Home!” 5 Tips to Feel at Home in your Hotel Room

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Do you feel homesick while lying down on your hotel mattress? Do you miss the warmth of family and the softness of your bed at home? A lot of people can’t sleep properly and feel uncomfortable when they stay over at a hotel. Don’t fear that the same will happen to you though, because here are a few tips on how to make your hotel room feel like home:

Travel with your family

What’s a better way to feel at home than to travel with the people you’re staying home with? Bring your family along and enjoy the trip! With them around, you won’t feel as homesick.

Give your room a personal touch

Once you arrive at your hotel room, start unpacking your luggage. Make use of the dresser and closet. Place your clothes in the closet and your personal care products at the bathroom sink. This will give your room a more homey feeling.

If your family can’t tag along, don’t forget to pack their photos with you. Place them on your desk at the hotel. This way, you can always see their familiar faces smiling at you when you start to feel lonely. You could also call them once in a while. Hearing their voices will definitely cheer you up!

Other items you could also bring along is your pillow and blanket from home. Once you’ve inhaled the familiar laundry soap, you’ll instantly feel at home. Using a familiar pillow will help you sleep better too.

Eat familiar food

Being in a foreign land will mean the food there will be quite different from your usual diet. So if your room has a kitchen, cooking easy meals from home would help you feel more at home. If there’s no kitchen, you can opt to just buy or bring the snacks that you like.

Keep your normal routine

Just do what you do at home. Some people have a daily routine that they usually follow like jogging in the morning or eating cereals for breakfast. Another thing you need to keep from your routine is the use of your own personal care products. Instead of using the ones provided by the hotel, bring your own shampoo, soap and toothpaste. Suddenly changing your routine will make you feel like something is missing.

Make sure you are comfortable with your room

If you’re afraid of the heights, ask for a room that is located at lower floors. If you dislike being in enclosed places, make sure the room assigned to you has a window. Before settling in your room, know the location of the emergency exits in case of a fire or an earthquake. You need to feel safe in order for you to actually feel at home.

Also, if there’s something you don’t like about the arrangement of the room, feel free to move things; you are paying for your stay. If you’re not comfortable with the bed being too close to the window, then find a more suitable spot for it. If you think the lighting is better on the other side, transfer the desk there.

Staying at a hotel doesn’t need to be bad experience for you. Don’t let it become a hindrance to enjoying your trip. Just follow these tips to make your vacation fun and memorable. Also keep in mind that hotels aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so never hesitate to ask them for help or assistance if you need any.

Ralph Fiennes

The Five Types of Travelers who have Probably Stayed in your Hotel Room

The Hangover

Before you say “Ew! I don’t want to think about who else has been sleeping on this hotel mattress.”, summon your sense of wonder and take comfort in the fact that sanitation is of utmost importance in hotel and restaurant establishments.

Have you ever thought of what sort of stories the walls of your room could share if only they could speak? Perhaps the curtains would chime in to recall how guests would pull them aside to greet a brand new morning, and both the thermostat and the mattress would proudly profess how lovers would argue in the evening and still end up cuddled under the sheets on the cold nights.

The Lone Wolf

Alternatively known as The Artist, the Lone Wolf (or sometimes she) came to this city either to pursue a dream or to temporarily escape his reality back home. Or maybe he just really likes to be alone. He rarely left the room because he needs his peace and quiet to be able to write. Very Jose Rizal. He occasionally goes out to buy food or search for inspiration. He seems very mysterious, but he’s just really focused on his new book.

The Young Couple

Many couples wish to travel together, especially to faraway foreign lands, just so they could try all sorts of new things together. And to test the waters of a living-together-situation to see if they could actually, well, live with each other. At the end of the day, they talked about how much fun they had with all the new activities they’d tried, and already made plans to do it again. They talked about how nice it was to spend so much time together, and consider the possibility of a future together.

The Businessman

Not necessarily a businessman (or business woman) per se, but someone who is in town for professional purposes. This person spends most of their time in meetings, taking a tour of the city with their possible clients, and hardly had the opportunity to just lay back and relax. Which, if you think about it, isn’t necessarily a big loss considering their company probably paid for their whole trip anyway, and their hard work will pay off eventually.

The Fangirls

These girls (or sometimes boys) were friends who met over the Internet or through fellow fangirls (or fanboys). Their reason for staying in a hotel together? To spazz over their favorite celebrities, of course! Whether they’re in a foreign city to catch their favorite artist’s latest concert or checked into a hotel in their own hometown because that’s where said artists were actually checked in, one thing remains: wherever these girls are, hysterical fits of giggles are bound to pursue.

The Backpackers

An adventurer (or a whole group of them) who falls in love with every new city he’s in, The Backpacker has a thirst for all sorts of new experiences, regardless if it’s good or bad. He hardly ever spent any time in the room because he’s almost always off on an escapade.

It’s fascinating to think of how so many different people have made the very hotel room you’re in into their temporary home, as you are now. Even more fascinating still is that there are many more travelers to come, more stories to be made. Perhaps when you return, future you will recall all the crazy exploits present you have done … or will do.

“BAD KITTY!” How to Keep your Cat from Mauling your Furniture


Cats are drawn to furniture like a moth to a flame. Clawing at inanimate objects has always been a habit of theirs, and even their bigger cousins in the wild like to scratch at trees every now and then. It keeps their claws nice and sharp! While a tree is a magnificent thing that can withstand a few scratches from jungle cats, your beautiful, expensive couch made of polyurethane foam was not built to tolerate cat attacks.

These fluffy yet pesky felines do not understand punishment and will likely commit to their ‘bad’ habits because their nature doesn’t require them to categorize their actions. When you punish them, all they see is you causing them harm for no reason! Save your relationship with your cat (not to mention the relationship of your cat and your furniture) by keeping your cat from mauling your furniture. Here’s how!

Maru Funny

Spray your furniture with citrus scents

Cats dislike citrus scents, so buy an air-freshener with natural lemon or other citrus scents and regularly spray your beloved sofa that you plan to reupholster soon. Similarly, there is a product out in the market called No Scratch Spray, which has a mild herbal scent and is free of any harmful chemicals.

Maru GIF

Water Spray!

We greatly discourage punishing your cat or any other pet by yelling or smacking them, but water sprays are fair game! Whenever you catch your cat in the act, spray them with a little water and try not to laugh at their adorable, startled faces.

Keep doing this until they eventually give up and find something else to tear to shreds. Don’t let your cat catch you as the culprit; they’ll associate the spray with you instead of the scratching and just see you as someone who likes to bug them while they’re scratching away. Ergo, they’ll stop scratching when you’re around, but proceed when you are not.

Warning: This clearly wouldn’t work if your cat actually likes water.

Maru Sleeping

Double-Sided Tape

Some people prefer to use temporary double-sided tape on the sides of their furniture to discourage cats from clawing at it. We personally dislike the way it looks on furniture, but others swear by this method. See for yourself by trying a training product called “Sticky Paws” if rolling out regular tape is too much of a hassle.

Maru Fluffy

Get your cat a REAL scratching post

For the love of all that is good and true, we beg of you to provide your cat with a proper scratching post they can call their own. All attempts to train your cat to keep their paws off your furniture will be futile if you don’t. Admit it – things would be better altogether if you invested in a sturdy scratching post rather than eventually having to dispose of your couch altogether, right?

Most of these tips are also applicable if you want to stop your pet from urinating or ‘marking’ areas of your house. Sure, you love your pet, but you can always love your pet and protect your mattress, couch, and other furniture at the same time. Good luck!

5 Simple Hacks for a More Comfortable Hotel Stay

Hotel Stay

You don’t have to go too far to escape a monotonous yet nerve-wrecking day to day life. If you can’t afford to travel, booking a quality hotel for a much needed staycation would work just fine. Most hotel mattresses were chosen for their extreme comfort, and taking long naps on them would already be a great break from the same old bed you use every day.

Why not take it one step further and try these five simple hacks for an even more comfortable hotel stay!

Arrive Early

Hotels tend to overbook due to the potential risk of cancellations. It can be a huge hassle if you arrive long after everyone else has checked in and you find that you’re stuck with the worst room because it’s the only one available. Even worse, you might end up not having a room at all! Avoid this unnecessary inconvenience by arriving at the hotel early, preferably during check-out of the previous guests, so any room adjustments you want will most likely be addressed.

Be Nice

This cannot be stressed hard enough. Aside from it simply being the right thing to do, the staff can and may act as instant karma if you don’t treat people nicely, and this includes your companion. Not all rooms are the same size, and the staff knows more than anyone which ones have faulty amenities – and if you’re particularly mean, they just might assign you to those rooms.

Heck, if you’re friendly enough, the staff might let you in a few secrets that’ll allow you to maximize your stay.

Bring your Favorite Form of Entertainment

While this is your time to relax and ‘get away’ from your normal routines, you’ll most likely end up regretting not bringing at least one form of entertainment you’re used to. Some people prefer books, but others would rather have their laptops – it’s all a matter of preference.

Forget about worrying that you’ll end up wasting your time and money when you can just do the same stuff at home. After all, reading your favorite book by the poolside is not the same as reading it on your old couch. Point is, bring one activity that you know will help you relax.

Ask for Extra Pillows

Hotels keep extra pillows that are just waiting in their storage area for a purpose. Give them a chance to shine by asking the hotel staff if you can borrow an extra pillow. But, if you’re the type who’s really much more comfortable using your own pillow, then by all means, bring it.

Overall, just don’t be afraid to speak up!

Nothing is worse than paying for an expensive hotel room and ending up with the worst amenities available by chance. Some people, however, would bear with dissatisfactory conditions regardless of how disappointed they are, thinking that they wouldn’t want to be an inconvenience to the hotel.

Keep in mind though that even though you want to be nice, the goal of the hotel and its staff is still to cater to their guests requests within reason. So the next time you get a room next to a particularly noisy neighbor or environment, ask to be moved to a quieter suite.

Similarly, ask for complementary items if you really do need more of them. If any of the staff don’t seem to be too keen on doing their duty well, simply ask someone else. The hotel would really rather have you ‘inconvenience’ the staff than get a bad review and lose potential customers.

Be careful not to overdo the demands though. Remember to always keep your requests reasonable, always show your appreciation, and never threaten a staff member. Kindness will not only make their day, but affect your whole staycation as well.