“Debunked!” 3 Myths about Staying in Bed when you’re Ill

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No matter how well we take care of ourselves, we will always be susceptible to the evil elements of the environment. It’s a reality that no man, woman, vegetarian, or fitness instructor can escape. We’ve all been victims to the flu, draining us of so much energy that we’re left with no choice but to strap ourselves to our bed.

And although there are standard ways to deal with common illnesses, there will always be those ancient, unexplained myths that we follow by instinct. So which of these myths are actually legit, and which ones have no substance at all? Read on to find out:

MYTH # 1 – All you Need is your Bed

Especially common to those recovering from a major surgery, this myth claims that the road to recovery will be much shorter if you don’t leave your hospital bed. Unless you’re specifically instructed to remain bedridden, this practice isn’t exactly the healthiest since you’ll become prone to all kinds of rashes and bed sores.

Physical therapy is a great alternative for hospital patients, while if you’re resting from home, short walks around the neighborhood would be perfect. Prolonged stay on beds is not advisable, so any therapeutic activity will always be a better option than just lying on your back and waiting for your illness to go away.

MYTH # 2 – No such thing as “too many blankets”

Remember those childhood days when you were exiled to Blanket-ville every time you were suffering from sinat? We all know that feeling – like an overcooked burrito! While we do like to snuggle and tuck ourselves away while combating our illnesses there is something we, and our mothers and grandmothers alike, keep doing wrong.

Yes, being cozy is part of the healing process as we rest, but an overdose of blankets would drastically increase your body’s temperature, causing discomfort and a sweaty, sweaty bed. Trim down the blanket count with a minimum of one and have nice cup of hot chocolate. You’ll be back to normal before you know it!

MYTH # 3: Isolation is part of the cure

Now here’s the myth that haunts athletes. Staying indoors for two to three days without… without exercise? Say it ain’t so! But does exercise really have to be sacrificed when you’re ill? Heck no! And while it does depend if you have a sever disease, you should be allowed to do your morning jog if you (1) take your necessary medications and if (2) the illness doesn’t hamper the function of your limbs.

This posts reveals that you have more freedom than you think when you’re sick, but remember not to overdo things, for too much of a good thing can be harmful as well. Resting on your comfortable mattress will always be an essential part of the healing process, so be sure to get the right amount of rest that will lead to a fast and fruitful recovery.

The Suite Life: Finding the Right Hotel for your Relaxation Needs

Hotel Rest

Planning out-of-town trips is always exciting. From lining up tourist destinations to tasting the renowned local dishes, it’s easy to lose yourself in all the fun and adventure. But for your trip to be an unforgettable success, you’ve got to make some very important arrangements, and we’re talking about more than just booking your flight in advance.

Unless you’re staying with a friend or relative, you’re gonna need to make reservations at a hotel. However, if you’ve seen enough hotel horror movies, you’d know that it’s unwise to check in at just any random hotel. But joking aside, you don’t want your daytime adventures ruined by sucky room service or a rock-hard hotel mattress, right? Of course.

So how exactly can you tell if a particular hotel is the perfect nest for your vacation? Read on to find out:

Stay Ahead of Time

Finding the right hotel is to avoid all the bad ones first. Make reservations at least three months ahead of your vacation. This is especially true if (1) you’re visiting a popular spot or if (2) your vacation is on a major Holiday. Failure to do this is to end up in the lowest quality hotels due to no vacancies.

Convenience is Key

Arriving at your journey’s end is barely the accomplishment you’d want to feel for the whole trip – going from one tourist spot to the next is you’re biggest challenge. But if your hotel is at the center of everything, you should have a smooth, stress-free quest. You’d spend less time getting lost and have more space for fun activities.

Count your Buddies

Who’s who to bring? Who’s who to tag along?

By the time we’ve finished my rhyme, we hope you’ve already decided who you’re bringing on your trip. Is it your family? Your barkada? How about your significant other? Depending on who and how many your tag-alongs are, you’ll have to compromise your standards according to your budget and the hotel that could actually accommodate your needs.

Know your Vacation

Figuring out your trip’s purpose will further help you to filter out non-factors in choosing the perfect hotel. Are you looking for exciting memories and awesome activities? Then go for a hotel that’s known for its cool amenities. But if all you want is to find peace and relaxation, then what you need is a hotel that has a soothing ambiance and is far from the busy streets.

You’ll be surprised at the realizations you come across as you outline the entirety of your trip. The most luxurious hotels might not quench your thirst for fun while the best-reviewed place in town might be too crowded to give you the peace and quiet you been longing for. What’s most important is to keep an open mind when doing your research.

Now that we’re done here, it’s time for you to get up and start making the necessary calls. Quick! Christmas is closer than you think!

Vacation Ventures: 5 Home Items you can’t Leave Without


Your flight is tomorrow. Your clothes are a mess and your bags aren’t even halfway packed. I mean, c’mon! Are you not excited to arrive at your vacation suite and smother yourself between the sweet hotel mattress and its fragrant covers?

That’s the plan!

But unless you start packing now, you might end up accidentally abandoning some home essentials, only to realize your grave mistake once you’re already boarded on your fancy solo flight. The complementary dessert is heavenly and all, but what’s gonna happen once enter your hotel room and unpack your luggage?

Don’t fret though, because there’s still time to update your checklist. As soon as you’re done with this post, run to your bedroom and make sure that the following essentials are packed and ready to fly:


Ill Pills

Are you currently on medications personally prescribed by the family doctor? This first is pretty much obvious, but some people still manage to forget their medications at home and end up wasting time looking for a drugstore in a place their unfamiliar with.

You’re actually lucky if you only get lost on your way to the drugstore. What if you’re vacationing on area away from civilization? What then? Save yourself the unnecessary trouble by packing enough medications for your entire trip.

Flippity Flip-Flops!

No matter how awesome your shoes are, your feet are going to feel exhausted after a long journey. As you untie the laces and remove the socks, the last thing you want to realize is that you’ve left your trusty flip-flops at home. Now what’s going to keep your feet comfortable as you walk from one tourist spot to another?

I mean, you just can’t take your hotel slippers hiking or sight-seeing, right? So better make sure your favorite pair of flip-flops are packed as soon as you take our your luggage.

Personal Gear

We all know hotels do their best in accommodating us as their prestige guests. While we enjoy their room and housekeeping services, they can only do so much in providing for our needs. So do yourself a favor by securing your most personal belongings like your cellphone, charger, camera, planner, and even your laptop if you’re trip is business-related.

If you have a pillow that you can’t sleep without or a printed poster of Ryan Gosling that gives your life meaning, then by all means, take them with you on your well-deserved vacation.

Bare Necessities

As far as personal stuff goes, toiletries and the like may include your chosen shampoo brand, your trusted hypo-allergenic soap, or your childhood junk food. But what else comprehends this personal essentials context?

Well, it can further range into our other “emergency” needs. Yes, I’m talking to you, girl! Your once-a-month visitor can come, knocking downstairs, anytime and anywhere. It helps to know when your cycle starts, but it’s always better to be ready when you’re going to need a sanitary pad or tampon.

Convenient Covers

Depends on where you’re going, always bring something to warm you up. You’ll never know if it’ll be too cold at the airport, plane, or the actual place you’re going to visit. When you’re headed out in the tropics, it’s best to settle with bringing along a nice scarf that’s enough to cover you up snuggly like a blanket. A mini blanket, if you will.

Hotel Etiquette: Noisy Neighbors, Buffet Behavior, and Everything in Between

The Shining

With the long weekend holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to book a hotel that will meet your relaxation needs. But before you even start daydreaming about that comfortable hotel mattress, make sure that you know your dos and don’ts as a guest. Hotels take a lot of pride in the service they offer, so it’s your duty to be a gracious visitor of the establishment. Here’s a short guide on hotel etiquette to get you started.

Practice Honesty

Always be transparent with the number of people that will be staying in your hotel room. It’s impolite to pay for a room for two when you have all the intention to usher in a carload of children, uncles, aunts, and even pets throughout your stay. If you tell the front desk that you will only have a couple of people staying over, make sure to keep your word.

The Hangover Part 2

Keep the Noise Down

Bear in mind that the other guests on your floor can potentially hear any loud activities coming from your room. Always be respectful by keeping reasonably quiet, especially if you’re having a gathering of friends and family.  Don’t blast your deafening rock music in the middle of the night when fellow guests are already resting.

Be a Responsible Energy Consumer

Don’t leave the air conditioning on while you see the sights. We understand that some prefer to be welcomed by a freezing hotel room when they get back from a day of fun in the sun, but this practice is just plain irresponsible. So please consider the amount of energy being wasted. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that you should leave your common sense at home.

Keep an Eye on your Kids

Keep your children preoccupied with fun activities so that they don’t end up bothering other guests. Being awakened at 7 in the morning by noisy, restless children running the halls isn’t actually peace and quiet for most. To avoid this altogether, bring something that will keep your kids entertained inside the hotel room. If your kids are fond of board games, then that should do just fine.

The Hangover Wallpaper

No Hoarding at the Buffet

If you’re staying at a hotel that offers buffet breakfast, try not to act like a person who had just come off a hunger strike. No matter how much food you think the hotel has, that doesn’t give you the license to go on a hoarding spree. Only take food that you can actually finish. You’re there to relax and be pampered, not feed a whole village with buffet food that you snuck into your room.

Tidy Up

While hotels offer housekeeping service, be courteous enough to not leave your dirty socks on the floor. Clean up after yourself as you would when you’re at home. Be respectful of the furniture and fixtures and try not to leave any hard-to-get-rid-of stains in the linen.

Tipping is Always Appreciated

Show appreciation to your housekeeper by leaving a tip for them before you head out for the day. If you’re on an extended stay, do this on a daily basis as hotel staff often rotate. This way, you’ll be able to tip whoever will be cleaning for you that day.

Have any hotel etiquette pet peeves that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

5 Manly Makeover Tips to Complete your Bachelor Pad

Manly Living Room

As a single man trying to make it out there, finding a place of your own is an absolute necessity. The same way that batman needs his Batcave, a single man needs to have his own space where he can blow off steam and have a little bit of fun. Want to know how you can create your new space without going over your budget? Here are our top 5 manly makeover tips to get you started on your bachelor pad.

Work on having an Entertainment System

Aside from a comfortable bed and the basic cooking equipment, one of first things that you need to have is a decent entertainment system complete with great acoustics. If you still haven’t, invest in a Smart TV with apps that allow you to access online entertainment at a touch of a button. Don’t forget to set up acoustic foam in key areas so you can fully maximize your entertainment centre’s sound capabilities.

Bachelor's Pad

Be more Active in your Mini Activity Centre

If you have a dart board, ping pong table, or even a pool table lying around, you can create a mini activity centre in the roomiest area in the pad. Having a “man cave” isn’t just for you for it is also a sanctuary for fellow brothers to bond and be manly. If you’re more of a fan of virtual entertainment, consider setting up an epic gaming room instead.

Set up a Fitness Corner

If you’re the type of guy who spends too much time (and money) at the gym, then you might want to consider setting up your very own fitness centre in your bachelor’s pad. Instead of paying for expensive gym fees, invest in equipment that you’ll need to get a good full body workout. Get a dumbbell set, a pull up bar, some mats, and if you can afford it, maybe even a treadmill. This way, you’ll be able to get your endorphin fix first thing in the morning.

Bedroom for Men

Prioritize Comfort

Turn your bachelor’s pad into a safe space where you can relax and easily fall asleep in. No bachelor pad will ever be complete without that feeling of home and coziness, so if you’re all about getting good quality sleep, better get a bed and couch set that will give you the comfort that your body craves for. Don’t forget the pillows and blankets for extra warmth and padding.

Impress Guests with your Decorating Skills

Lastly, impress your guests by adding your own personal touch to your bachelors pad. Have any artwork that you would like to show off? Then frame it up and hang it on your wall! Whether it’s old posters, mementos, or pictures of trips abroad with family and friends, don’t be afraid to decorate your bachelor’s pad with things that matter to you.

Giving your bachelor’s pad a manly makeover may seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but it’s one of those things that the proud bachelor needs to do. You deserve a place of your own where you can just lay back, relax and have a cold beer after a long day at the office.

The Suite Life: Embrace the Hotel Experience in your own Bedroom

Awesome BedroomWhat would you give to indulge in a comfort you usually experience only when you spend nights at hotels? Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a relaxing ambience and rest at the comfort of a hotel mattress after a tiring day at work? What if I told you that you can experience the suite life at no one’s expense? A hotel’s serenity is reachable, and in the comfort of your own bedroom!

Cleanliness is next to hotel-ness!

You come home feeling bummed and just plain heavy-hearted. Why? Because of all the clutter. Usually, the problem with not feeling at home inside your own house is that your inconsistency in cleaning it. You know what they say: “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” So the first step to achieving that peaceful, relaxing hotel-at-home vibe is de-cluttering. Now get your gloves on and start cleaning!

Be a bed-burrito!

One of the finishing touches we don’t really notice but totally completes the hotel vibe are the comforters. These thick yet fluffy blankets create a sleek, homey feeling, which are exactly what every traveler seek in an excellent hotel. And if the weirdo in you starts ticking, comforters can also double as a prop where you can wrap yourself in it and pretend to be a burrito! That way, you’ll have an excuse to stay in bed all… day… long.

Let the sun shine, in style!

The beauty of waking up in a hotel room is how the sun gently wakes you up as it gently caresses your face. You can achieve the same sensation at home by stylishly spoiling your windows with drapes that would define drama yet balance out the serene vibe of your clean, hotel-at-home bedroom. These would surely filter out those harsh rays, only letting in the gentlest strokes of sunlight.


Aside from lighting, colors contribute greatly in setting a mood, but remember, you wouldn’t want too much of a festive vibe when you want to relax in your bed after work. Opt for calming colors in pastel for that gentle, classy tone. With those shades on your walls and covers, you’d be in hotel dreamland by bedtime!

Feel the fluff! Feel it!

Almost everything is done, but something isn’t quite right yet. The most important thing to consider in establishing your comfort needs is your throne. Your bed and pillows must be in top condition because how well you sleep will determine your productivity the day after!

Aside from the tip that you should change your bed sheets every week, be sure to give your bed a few fluffs every morning. Remember: Cleanliness is next to hotel-ness. Sleep like a king, wake up like a king. Your hotel-at-home bed and pillows must always be fluffed up! See, now that’s top condition!

Maintaining this lifestyle will soon give you serene and calm vibes all throughout each and every – all in the warmth of your own bedroom.