Bored Sick? Here are 7 Things to Do while Stuck in the Hospital

Greg House

Lying on a soft, warm hospital mattress seems like an impromptu vacation if you’re not confined due to a serious condition, but it will get quite boring and monotonous. Luckily for you, there are a lot of creative ways to entertain yourself as you combat confinement blues. You’ve probably thought of doing some of them already! Just in case, here are seven ideas that you might have missed:

Stage an M&M’s Martial Arts Tournament

Get as many M&M’s as you can and place them all in one bowl. Next, pick two M&M’s and press them together. The one that breaks is the loser and you can eat it or throw it away. The winner gets to “fight” the next opponent. Continue to do this until only one M&M is left standing. Or until you get diabetes. The choice is yours.

Find your Own “Wilson”

In case you don’t like to be alone in your hospital room after all your guests have left for home, it’s always a good idea to have a “Wilson” around, who was Tom Hank’s only buddy in the “Castaway”. Oh, and did we mention that Wilson’s a volleyball? You don’t need to have a volleyball obviously. Something sentimental would do just fine, like a childhood toy! Sure, talking to an inanimate object can be creepy at first, but you’ll learn to love your own Wilson when you realize that he’s such an amazing listener.

Experiment with Magazines

It’s amazing what you can do with lots of spare time, a pair of scissors, some glue, and a stack of magazines with photos. For starters, try cutting out Justin Bieber’s head and gluing it to some hot girl’s body. Meanwhile, you’re sure to have some giggles exchanging the hairdos of A-list celebrities. And if you’re feeling a bit hardcore, go ahead and rip off entire pages of enlarged face shots, cut off the mouth, place your own, and simply start talking. You’re sure to make your friends and nurses laugh at the silliness of it all.

Start Blogging

Do something productive for a change. Write an article that tells of your experience in the hospital. Give fellow bedridden patients a few tips on how to enjoy their hospital stay. In case you don’t have your own blog, follow someone else’s. Maybe you can learn something cool along the way.

Invite your Friends to Visit

It’d be cool to have some people come over your hospital room every once in a while. Even introverts crave for human company from time to time. It feels comforting to have someone be there for you while you’re on the road to recovery, hearing their words of comfort as well as spending quality time with them.


Just do it. You can either choose your own words or you can research encouraging devotionals and prayers if you’re not sure how to start. Prayer can do wonders for your well-being more than you think.

Read the Bible

Look for verses on healing and other words of comfort. Believe it or not, focusing on God’s Word really helps. He may not give you the instant recovery that you’re looking for, but He’ll definitely help you endure your predicament.

“Heeeere’s Johnny!” 5 Haunted Hotels we Dare you to Visit this Halloween

The Shining Wallpaper

Ever experienced being jolted awake in the dead of night by some mysterious force as you lie on your hotel mattress? Is the stuff in your hotel room “acting weirdly” as if somebody’s playing with it? Relax (if you can) and don’t worry (as much); you’re probably staying in a haunted hotel.

A lot of inns and hotels are frequented by benign and malignant spirits as much as they’re visited by living people. And believe it or not, these invisible visitors can make your stay more worthwhile and exciting; just don’t forget to scream your lungs out when they choose to say “Hi”. Halloween is almost here and there’s no better place to spend your holiday than in a nice, cozy, haunted hotel. If you ever wondered what it’s like to actually be in one of those hotel horror films, well, we’ve listed down your best options:

The Shining

Zorgvliet Country Lodge (South Africa)

This luxurious country lodge offers a lot of treats for visitors which includes individually decorated rooms, a fine view of the wine farms and the surrounding mountains, and some mischievous spirits who love knocking on doors and playing with the light switches. As one of the Cape’s oldest vineyards, this inn is situated in the region once feared by travelers and locals due to wild animals, escaped slaves and bandits.

Akasaka Weekly Mansion (Japan)

In case you’re planning a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, stop by this hotel. Rumored to be one of Tokyo’s most haunted places, former guests would tell you various tales about apparitions appearing to them, complete with disembodied hands that touched their hair while they sleep and a sinister ghostly mist to boot. There was even one account where a lady was suddenly dragged by her hair across the hotel room by an invisible being. If you think the Japanese’s thinking about ghosts are exaggerated, think again!

Shelley Duvall

Talbot Hotel (England)

The Talbot Hotel of Oundle, Northamptonshire is frequently haunted by Mary Queen of Scots, or so the legends say. According to the tale, the old staircase in the inn was once part of the Fotheringay Castle, the place where the queen’s trial and execution took place. The staircase was salvaged as the castle fell into ruins. Some claim that Mary left a crown-shaped mark on the wood as she walked down those stairs on her death day of death. Though dead for more than four centuries, she can still be seen making the descent.

Hotel Chelsea (United States)

This bohemian structure is home to many celebrities, artists, musicians, and authors. It also witnessed a lot over the years, like the stabbing of Nancy Spungen in October 12, 1978, and Dylan Thomas’ fall into coma and subsequent death by pneumonia on November 9, 1953. Oddly enough, their ghosts are reported to be spotted roaming the hallways, along with Eugene O’Neill, Thomas Wolfe and many others.

Jack Torrance

Karosta Prison Hostel (Latvia)

While most haunted hotels deny ghostly presence in their place, the Karosta Prison Hostel embraces its identity and flaunts them. Once a military prison that has been used by Nazis, Soviets and Latverians, the hostel practically advertises its spirit residences and dares guests to stay the night. Mysterious phenomenon has indeed occurred there, including mysterious echoing footsteps, falling light bulbs that had been unscrewed, cell doors openings and closing without explanations, and apparitions of inmates that have been long gone.

The 7 Types of Hotel Staffs None of Us Want to Encounter

Hotel Front Desk

If you’ve already seen “Ocean’s Thirteen”, then you probably know who the V.U.P. is. You know, the Very Unimportant Person. He’s the unwilling victim of bad hotel service set up by Ocean’s heist team in their efforts to get back at the hotel owner. Though it did work out well for him in the end, his stay in the casino hotel left him with a face allergy and bad memories.

Now let’s talk about your own hotel experience. Have you ever felt mistreated during your stay? Is the hotel mattress teeming with bed bugs? Did the dishes left an awful taste in your mouth? If so, then you’ve become one of the countless victims of subpar service. Such a hotel is inhabited by staff you don’t ever want to come across with. We’ve listed them for you here so you’ll know what to avoid. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Who-Goes-There Guard

He’s the type of security guard who works in a hotel like it’s a bank. His favorite catchphrase includes “Sir, can you please surrender your ID at the lobby?” and “Ma’am, I need to check your bags.” Really, the hotel management would do everyone a favor if they were just reassigned to guard the back.

The Clerk Who Forgets

Ever experienced booking your reservations at a hotel only to find out in the end that the rooms have already been occupied? It sucks, doesn’t it? Your first course of action would probably to talk to The Clerk Who Forgets. Thanks to his short term memory span, virtually anything you say to him will get lost in his head after just a few sad seconds. You’d have better luck if you talked to Dory from “Finding Nemo”.

The Stiff-necked Bellboy

Have you ever met a bellboy who treats your luggage like its garbage? Or seen a valet drive and park your car like a Formula One driver? Congratulations, you’ve just encountered the Stiff-necked Bellboy! Rude and curt, these guys have some sort of disease that prevents them from having eye contact with the hotel guests; they’re always looking sideways! Don’t waste your tips on these fellows.

The Chef-Who-Looks-Like-a-Butcher

If you find out that the hotel’s head chef wears nothing but boxer shorts and apron, maintains a kitchen that looks like some medieval torture chamber, and pets a mangy canine while cooking, would you still try out his dish? Probably not! You might mistake him for the resident plumber who just got out of his shift.

The Fix-It-Not Plumber

In case you are in need of a plumber due to the bathroom’s failure to cooperate, calling this guy might not be the best idea. The way he works is enough to make you lose your lunch. Seriously, you don’t want him to get his hands on those pipes!

The Room Service Closet Models

These hotel staffs don’t just clean up your room; they also try out your clothes and jewelry! Some even have the guts to take selfies while they rummage through your room and belongings. Catching them red-handed can be very funny. Or infuriating. If you don’t want them touching your personal stuff, be present while they’re working.

The Big Boss

Rude staff members usually take after their leader. Though they rarely appear, hotel managers are generally polite and professional, greeting guests with a smile and sometimes even helping them out with the luggage. However, some of them act like they own the place, acting cold towards visitors and harsh on the rest of the employees.

Vacation Ventures: Wonderful Hotels to Stay in while you’re in Iloilo


If ever you’re planning on touring the Visayas Region, Iloilo would be a good place to start. Occupying the southeast portion of Panay Island, the province is rich in culture and history, and its capital, Iloilo City, is among the most habitable places in the country.

The city also plays host to a number of top-notch hotels and inns that would definitely make your stay there worthwhile. So in case you’re in need of a comfortable hotel mattress to lie on, here are some of the hotels you should consider:

Amigo Terrace Hotel

Known as one of Iloilo’s best hotels, Amigo Terrace Hotel has been in business since 1984 and they continue to improve to better serve their guests. You can choose from the several room options they feature, each built to meet different people’s needs.

Check out the Superior Room with its relaxing amenities and ambiance, or the Lopez Jaena Suite, which combines business and luxury. The hotel has various function rooms you can use as well, designed for formal business conferences and happy events such as weddings, birthdays, and debuts. While you’re there, be sure to visit the famous Amigo Terrace Arcade, which boasts of its first-class and premium gambling and entertainment services.

Smallville 21 Hotel

One of the newest hotels in Iloilo City, Smallville 21 features rooms complete with all the amenities you’ll ever ask for. These comforts include cozy and comfortable beds, magnificent bathrooms with vanity cabinets topped off with stable wi-fi and friendly lighting and ambiance.

The comforts of the hotel aren’t limited to its rooms; they also have fine restaurants and café, several function and family rooms, exclusive parking for guests, and free Internet in the lobby. Smallville 21 even plays host to St. George 4 Kids, an entertainment showcase created specifically for children.

Highway 21 Hotel

Smallville’s older sister, Highway 21 features a simple yet no less comfortable place. More of an inn than a hotel, it exhibits a friendly and cozy ambiance that would make you feel at home. Though smaller in scale than its sister hotels, it is nevertheless one of the best inns you can stay in while on a trip to Iloilo City. Its low room rates coupled with its high rate of visiting and returning customers can testify to that.

Iloilo Business Hotel

The Iloilo Business Hotel offers you a modern sanctuary and makes your satisfaction their top priority. It features rooms designed to provide the classy comfort you need to combine business and pleasure, making it ideal for business executives and vacationers alike. They also have function rooms and facilities that are perfect for formal business conferences, public social events, and intimate gatherings.

El Haciendero Private Hotel

Situated in Jaro, Iloilo City, this boutique hotel was once home to certain Hacienda owners and their families. With its 29 rooms, this hotel is ideal for those looking for something quiet and private to stay in. Despite its size compared with larger hotels, this inn is complete with all the amenities and facilities you need.

“Kapow!” The Boxer’s Guide in Setting Up a Badass Gym at Home

The Pacman Training

Visiting your favorite boxing gym can be a drag sometimes, huh? We know the feeling. Not only can the rates be unreasonably high, but you’ll also have to endure miles of traffic just to get there. Yes, sacrifices must be made in order to become a skillful boxer, but did you know you can save a lot of time, money, and stress by simply setting up your own training ground within your crib?

There, there. The entire process won’t be as complicated and expensive as you think. For instance, a large chunk of the equipment that you need is made out of polyurethane foam, on top of the mandatory gear you need to properly train. Think about it: if musicians can set up their own recording studio at home, aspiring boxers like yourself can surely build your own badass gym. You ready to start? Let’s do this!

Manny Pacquiao

Find the Right Spot

Consider your garage, basement, attic, and every spare room you may have. You don’t really need a huge room as long as you keep things minimal, but more space is always better. You should also make sure that its ceiling is sturdy enough; you don’t want your punching bag falling on you. And since boxing can be noisy at times, its best choose a spot in your home where nobody will be disturbed. Otherwise, try to keep the noise down during your sparring sessions.

Make it Comfortable

Add padding and mats on the room’s floor. You don’t want to practice your footwork on concrete, trust us. The best solution would be the foam jigsaw mat. It’s cheap, easy to install, and it would enhance the aesthetics of your gym.

The Pacman

Get a Punching Bag

No, don’t hang someone you don’t like and go all “Manny Pacquiao” on him. Your boxing won’t be complete without that classic bag. You can either get the freestanding one, which is easy to install but not as durable, or the ceiling or wall-mounted bags, though you have to install fixated brackets and add some chains.

More Bags, More Fun

The classic punching bag isn’t the only thing you can use while boxing. There’s the floor-to-ceiling ball, the hook and uppercut bags, and speed bags. Keep in mind though that you’re trying to save money, so get these equipment at bargain prices. And the answer’s still “no” by the way in case you’re starting to hang corrupt politicians on the ceiling.


Gears, Gears, Gears!

These include boxing gloves, hand wraps, jumping ropes, bag mitts to protect your hands while practicing your moves, and hand mitts so you can practice sparing with a partner. Add weights like barbells, dumbbells, and kettle-bells for strength training. You can also throw in other equipment like benches and squat racks, provided that there’s enough space of course. All of these come in relatively cheap prices so you won’t have a problem getting the best for your home gym.

Want a Spotless Home? Here are 4 Essential Sponges for Everyday Cleaning

Spongebob Wallpaper

Believe it or not, sponges play significant role in the cleanliness of our homes. We use them to do the dishes. We need them when scrubbing our bathroom spotless. Heck, one of the most popular cartoon characters is a Sponge! Because is there anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard of Spongebob Squarepants? But that’s beside the point.

Whether it’s made from polyurethane foam or harvested from the ocean, you’ll always be glad to have a sponge with you during messy situations. Now there are different types of sponges available, each used for a specific task. Let’s take a look at the four we need most.

Krusty Krab

Dish Washing Sponge

The kitchen sponge can come in many shapes, sizes and color. Yours probably is small, rectangular and yellow, with a green scouring pad for hard-to-remove stains. Like most synthetic sponges, it’s made from high-quality polyurethane foam, making it extremely durable yet lightweight. This type of sponge can be used to firmly wipe plates and utensils clean without scratching it. It can also effectively absorb water and dishwashing liquid, spreading it evenly in its surface while it does its job.

Spongebob and Squidward

Car Sponge

Of course when it comes to washing your ride, you can’t use rags or any other cleaning aid. The best car sponge should be firm enough to remove any dirt or grime clinging to your vehicle’s body. However, it should also be soft and gentle so as to not scratch its surface. Car sponges usually come in large sizes to be able to absorb just the right amount of water. There are many car sponges made from polyurethane foam out in the market, although natural sponges are out for grabs as well.

Spongebob GIF

Scouring Sponge

There are two types of sponges used for scouring. The first is made for the task of cleaning pans and other large cooking utensils that might have ruined your average kitchen sponge. That green pad attached to the rectangular yellow sponge is an example. Like its cousins, scouring kitchen sponges can either be organic or synthetic (while some are even metallic). The second type of scouring sponge is generally used to scrub the kitchen tiles and surfaces as well as the stove and other parts of the cooking area. It’s also ideal for cleaning your bathroom.

Spongebob and Patrick

Glass Sponge

Scrubbing the windows of your house and car may be fun, but you must also be careful. As much as possible, use soft and lightweight sponges that can hold large amounts of liquids and can gently wipe your windows clean without scratching it. Don’t worry though for you won’t have a problem getting your hands on these cleaning aid, organic and man-made alike.

These are the everyday sponges you should have in your home. Without it, you’d have resorted to rags and brushes. Those have its uses, admittedly, but when it comes to cleaning, they’re just can’t compare with the immortal sponge.

Vacation Ventures: 5 Reasons Why you should Get Out of your Hotel Room

Walter Mitty Movie

What’s the point of spending a lot of money to visit an exotic spot if you’re not gonna go exploring? To lie down on your comfortable hotel bed, take shameless selfies, watch TV, and bore yourself silly? Some vacation! Don’t get me wrong though. There are times when you need to rejuvenate yourself, and your hotel room gives you just that. However, to overstay indoors during the holidays is to miss out on a lot of fun. Let us give you a few reasons why you should go out and about.

To Enjoy your Money’s Worth

As mentioned above, what’s the point of spending a lot just to stay in bed? If that’s you agenda in the first place, why not just stay at home? Make every cent you’ve spent count. Your room isn’t the only part of the hotel, you know. Try out one of the swimming pools or go relax in their Jacuzzi with a glass of your favorite cocktail at hand. If you’re staying at one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, try out the features and amenities that made them so renowned.

To Maximize the Potential for Fun

While the guys from “The Hangover” will agree that staying at a hotel can be lots of fun, the truth is that the real excitement is reserved for outdoor activities. It would be an injustice to yourself to stay indoors in the middle of a vacation, especially if you’re in a foreign land. Try something new for Pete’s sake! Taste the local food! Visit the parks! Discover the night life! Just don’t lie down on your bed until something interesting happens.

To Create Priceless Moments

Having pictures of you surfing or standing at a mountain’s peak is definitely better compared to you standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom and doing some weird pose. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun if you’re with your friends or family either. Don’t you want to see your daughter play with the tiger? Or be there when your son learning how to swim? Or help bury your best pal get buried head first in the sand (Just kidding!)?

To Discover the Foreign Culture

Do you want to witness and enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony? Or learn how to greet people the Italian way? Have you ever stood in awe at the center of the Angkor Wat temple or heard some of the sagas that tell of the Norsemen’s exploits and adventures? Outside your hotel room is a world rich in culture. You’ll never enjoy any of it if you lock yourself inside for the entirety of your holidays.

To Meet New People

By staying indoors during your trip, you’ll completely miss out not only the adventure but also the delightful people you might encounter along the way. Such people could that be of gentle man living in a mountain in Batangas who’s more than willing to offer you a place to rest and even refreshments midway on your hike. Imagine the experience of interacting with the locals of a sleepy town in Palawan and learn their way of life. The possibilities are endless, really.

If all things falls into place, you might even meet the love of your life during your vacation. You’ll never know until you take that first step. When are you gonna take yours?

The Dummies’ Guide to Reducing Noise in the Meeting Room


Nothing can disrupt the flow of an engaging meeting better than unwelcome ruckus. Basically, there are two types of noise regarding rooms: external and internal. In any case, it’s best that you minimize unwanted sound for clear and comprehensive discussions.

Applying this guide is a win-win for everybody as meetings can be conducted smoothly and without interruption while activity outside can go on without worry. However, you can’t just buy acoustic foam and plaster it on the walls and ceilings; unnecessary damage might occur. And besides, you’re not out to set up a recording studio, so no need to overdo things.

So! You ready to kill the noise in your meeting room? Great! Now let’s get to it!


The Door

Even when meeting in a room with closed doors, noise can seep in through the cracks. Luckily, there are a lot of soundproof door bottoms available these days. These are specifically designed to close the gap between the door and the floor, keeping out unwelcome sound in the process. Another way to soundproof the door is to add a layer of plywood on it. Doesn’t seem much? Trust us, it’ll do the trick!


The Windows

The next thing to take note of are the windows. Good news is you don’t have to replace it with specialized soundproof windows; that would be too expensive! Using acoustical caulk on the windows’ edges is more practical and cost friendly. Acoustical caulk is normally applied on those elusive nooks and crannies. Its texture remains soft despite exposure, reducing cracks that would let unwanted sound in.


The Wall

Let’s turn to the room’s walls. While acoustic foams are very effective in soundproofing a room, their wedge shapes protruding on the walls might make the room more imposing than it should be. To effectively soundproof the walls without sacrificing the room’s aesthetic quality, invest in a good amount of drywalls, a cost-efficient solution and it yields a result that’s nearly as good as using foams or mass loaded vinyl. Additionally, utilizing drywall will allow you to better set the room’s palette and theme.


The Floor

Sound travels through the floor, from the subtlety of your footsteps to the vibration of kitchen appliances. The simple solution? Carpets! To everyone’s advantage, carpets that are specifically designed to aid in soundproofing have been introduced to the market! You shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the right design for your meeting room. However, it is imperative that you make all the necessary measurements before going shopping.

So there you have it! Soundproofing a room shouldn’t be too tedious and costly. By following these proven tips, you can ensure that your meeting goes on without any hitch and you can enjoy a quiet meeting room at the fraction of the cost.

Road to Recovery: Getting Enough Sleep in the Hospital

House Wallpaper

Sleep deprivation is a huge concern for many hospitals. With the hustle and bustle happening 24/7, it’s common for patients to experience difficulty catching a good amount of sleep, which can have a serious impact on their recovery and mental well being. If you want to know how to alleviate this problem, here are just a few doable tips that can help put you, or a loved one, back on the road to recovery.

Create a Sleep Worthy Environment

As long as you’re provided with a quality hospital bed, you can create a sleep worthy environment even in a busy hospital. The first thing that you need to do is minimize all distraction that could affect a patient’s sleep. Little things like turning off the television at night, or keeping the lights low can help make a dreary hospital room more conducive for sleeping. Keeping the room’s door closed, as long as you have permission from the nurse, can also help keep the outside distraction to a minimum.

Get Comfortable

Staying at a hospital is probably one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting rest. One way that you can get more comfortable in your hospital room is by bringing in things from home. Ask the nurses if you can wear your pajamas instead of their hospital gown. Or if you have a favourite pillow blanket, use those instead. You’ll be amazed at how a little touch of home can make hospital stays more bearable.

Set a Time for Sleep

Your hospital room can get really busy with doctors, nurses and even family and friends constantly making their rounds. If this is getting in the way of your recovery, then it might be time to set a specific time for sleep. Check your sched to see what time your doctors and nurses make their rounds. From there, you can block off hours where you can limit visits from family and friends and set that as your official time for sleep.

Control Pain

Pain can make sleep almost impossible so if you’re constantly hurting, have a talk with your doctor to discuss pain management. Your doctor may be able to prescribe medication that can help you manage pain to get better sleep. Remember, there’s no point keeping pain to yourself. Make sure to alert doctors and nurses immediately when you feel pain in any part of your body.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

You may not be aware of it, but certain foods may be preventing you from getting quality snooze time. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, then you might want to start avoiding food and drinks that are loaded with caffeine and sugar. A cup of tea, for example, may seem harmless, but if you go for green tea instead of chamomile, it might just keep you up all night. Be open to making necessary dietary changes that will help improve your sleep and recovery time.

Have any tips on how to make hospital stays more comfortable? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!