The Patient’s Guide to Feeling at Ease in the Hospital

Doctor and Patient

It’s never easy to feel at ease when you’re down with a disease, even if you’re rested on a comfortable hospital bed. Many hospital patients tend to feel anxious with how long his or her illness will last, how severe it is, and how drastic the medical interventions will be.

However, just because you’re ill doesn’t mean you should dwell in endless worries. In fact, such a predicament should push you to be more optimistic than ever. After all, peace of mind is an important part of the recovery process.

Check out these few ways on how you can calm your heart, body, and nerves when you become a patient.

Consult about your Condition

Instead of wondering all day about the state of your body and the treatment you’ll be receiving, why not simply ask the people who have been entrusted with your care? Doctors and nurses have the responsibility to inform their patients about their condition, so they’ll be honest about whatever inquiry you may have. However, some information come on a need-to-know basis, so you’re going to have to ask to find out.

Hospital Nurse

Befriend the Staff

The human connection in the field of healthcare is a lot more important than you might think. Staff and patients, and every other person for that matter, are connected by the ability to love, hope, and dream. Where else are we going to find comfort than in each other? So if you think your doctor or nurse is receptive enough, why not ask a few questions about their own life? They’re appreciate your empathy and you’ll realize that the hospital isn’t a scary place after all.

Distract Yourself

It’s easy to focus on whatever ails you if you’re not doing anything else. In your quest to combat confinement blues, you could choose to play a few games on your smartphone or tablet, watch TV, talk to your family, read a book, write a journal, and so on. Seriously, there are a lot of fun and fruitful activities you can try even if you’re confined to a hospital bed.  After all, when the things you like occupying your mind, you can easily forget about the negative thoughts that do you no good.

Eat Comfort Foods

Notice how some people eat a lot more whenever they’re stressed, worried, or feeling sick? Well, binge eating doesn’t really promote a healthy lifestyle, so better keep this to a minimum. And when you do choose to indulge, make sure that your fetish food isn’t in conflict with your current special hospital diet; your holistic health comes first before your taste buds.

Look Forward – Plan Ahead

Your hospital stay is designed to treat whatever is making you sick, so you’re going to get well soon enough. So once the doctor breaks the good news that you’re healthy enough to return home, what’s going to be the next thing for you? Surely, you’ve thought about it, right? If not, then it would be wise and somewhat relaxing to think about how you’ll return to your usual, healthy routine.

Nobody likes being in a hospital. Unfortunately, your condition demands you to stay, so keep your chin up and make the best out of your predicament.

15 Hotel Secrets that the Staff Won’t Ever Tell You

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Hotel establishments usually exhibit an aura of grandeur and splendor, with its staff maintaining a respectable and smiling face in front of their guests. Behind the scenes though, the story is quite different! Underneath that luxurious exterior, hotels operate much like factories: cooks preparing dishes, receptionists answering inquiries, custodians prepping up hotel mattresses, and so on. Below are 15 hotel secrets every traveler should know about:

1) Hotel rates can be negotiated if you call the establishment directly. Those hotel reservation offices and their hotlines and online sites can’t give you any more than the advertised prices.

2) Independently owned establishments are more likely to offer you discounts than the more popular chains.

3) Some hotel concierges recommend expensive tourist traps because they get kickbacks, so try not to be ensnared.

4) Hotel staffs aren’t always being truthful when they tell guests that the broken elevator will be fixed by the end of the day. More often than not, the repairman would come days after you’ve checked out.

5) The establishments love it when you “steal” their soaps, shampoos, and lotions, which is why they stamp their logo on each. They’ll charge you if you take home their towels and bed sheets, though, so don’t.

6) No hotel is 100% soundproof, although they can achieve an effect that’s close enough. Still, try to keep the noise down as you enjoy your stay. Otherwise, security would come knocking at your door at the behest of complaining guests.

7) Hotel staffs won’t be able to hear your requests if you call them between 9 am and 1 pm. That’s because it’s the establishment’s busiest hours, and you’ll have to fall in line before the management can see to you and your needs.

8) The beds and the other stuff in your hotel room aren’t as clean as they look. Housekeeping attendants are in charge of cleaning at least 20 rooms daily. Depending on how busy the place is, they would sometimes rush their clean-up. To make sure that your hotel room is free of those pesky bed bugs, check out our guideline by clicking here.

9) Your freshly made dish isn’t as fresh as it seems either! Many of the food served at hotels are made weeks in advance. These are kept and frozen until they are eventually ordered from the menu.

10) And speaking of the menu, don’t ask for the waiter’s recommendation. Most of the time, they’ll just suggest one of the most expensive items available.

11) Hotel staffs are always happy to help you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t talk about you as soon as you turn your back on them!

12) In this day and age, everything can be negotiated. So if the management offers free breakfast buffet, ask if you can have it sent to your room. They’ve never mastered the art of saying “no” properly.

13) Whenever you check into hotels, always request to have the towels, linens and bed sheets replaced. As mentioned earlier, their housekeeping staff is too busy cleaning each room thoroughly, and sometimes they forget to replace or restock these things.

14) Tip the hotel staff as much as you can. After all, they’re paid minimum wages to keep you comfortable. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

15) If you’re a frequent traveler, stay in the same hotels every time so you and the staff can get to know each other. Besides, regulars are always the first to get updates on discounts, goodies and freebies.

Everybody keeps secrets, and that includes hotel managements. Better for you to know what’s going on underneath those spotless and shiny surface so you can maximize your enjoyment there.

4 Amazingly Unique Hotels that Seem too Good to be True

When someone mentions the word “hotel”, people usually think of an elegantly designed building full of extravagant rooms priced at unbelievably high. However, these places are more just than luxurious buildings stacked with trolleys and hotel mattresses. For the traveler looking for awesome vacation destinations, the hotel can be the absolute highlight, especially if they’re staying in any of the four wonders listed below:

Manta Resort

Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Zanzibar)

If you wish to experience being in the middle of the ocean minus the discomforts of being stranded, then the Underwater Room of the Manta Resort is what you’re looking for. This artificial, private floating island has a top deck, perfect for both sunbathing and stargazing. And if you’re fond of marine life, then you’ll definitely find the bedroom, which is four meters below the surface, to your utmost liking.

Rayavadee Hotel

Rayavadee Hotel (Krabi, Thailand)

Miles away from the noisy, dirty, and dense city of Bangkok is this slice of lush green paradise. In fact, you’ll feel so close to nature that you’ll probably forget that it’s a hotel! In line with the tropical forest theme, the look of the guest rooms is just like that of a rural house. And the restaurants? A choice between a dinner by the sea or in a limestone cave.

Since it’s basically a hidden cove, the hotel is just a short walk from the beach. So if all you want to experience from Thailand is its white sands and crystal seas, you’ll hardly be leaving the hotel premises. But if you want to go beyond the shore and the surface, then it’s good to know that the hotel offers kayaking and snorkeling as well. Need we say more?


Icehotel (Jukkasjarvi, Sweden)

Let’s leave the tropics for somewhere colder by thirty to forty degrees Celsius. In Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, a hotel is built on a yearly basis as it literally melts away. How is that even possible? Ice! The hotel is almost entirely made of ice! And how is that even possible? By a massive supply of snow and ice blocks from the Torne River, of course!

This marvel of both fine arts and architecture came about after French artist Jannot Derid held an ice sculpture exhibit inside an igloo in 1990. One night, there weren’t enough rooms for the visitor in town, so instead they just let the night pass inside the igloo, technically making them the first guests of an ice hotel. Now thanks to the one-of-a-kind experience it offers, Icehotel has become a very popular yearly destination, and has even been featured in Discovery Channel and National Geographic documentaries.

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor (Kenya)

Hotels could boast of different things – luxurious amenities, unique architecture, advantageous locations, or polite staff. This hotel in Kenya, however, doesn’t consider its beautiful and classy interiors as its selling point. Instead, it’s the “regulars” that reel in the crowd. As the hotel’s name has already suggested, Giraffe Minor is frequently visited by, you’ve guessed it, giraffes. These friendly, magnificent creatures often poke their heads inside windows hoping to a treat. Now that’s something you won’t experience at any other hotel!

These unique hotel are definitely worth the stay, won’t you agree? Heck, they’re so amazing that you might never want to leave. So what are you waiting for? Get booked and get hooked.

The Suite Life: 4 Popular Hotel-Themed Television Shows

Except for this listed in our previous post, hotels provide unparalleled comfort, undisturbed peace, and unmatched relaxation the moment you lay down on their soft and cozy mattresses. In the fictional world, hotels are utilized as the framework for comedy, drama, horror, you name it!

We’ve already explored the presence of hotels in film through our post entitled “5 Terrifying Hotel Horror Movies”. Now it’s time to dive in the medium of television! Check out the following hotel-themed TV shows and try to determine which one you’ll enjoy the most:

Arthur Hailey's Hotel


This classic show features the St. Gregory Hotel, owned by the rich aristocrat Victoria Cabot and managed by Peter McDermott and his staff. Each of these characters were portrayed by stalwart actors and actresses, including Anne Baxter, James Brolin, Connie Sellecca, Shari Belafonte, Nathan Cook and real life spouses Michael Spound and Heidi Bohay. Hotel is noted for broaching a lot of heavy and serious subject matter as it explores the lives of guests and hotel staff alike. It aired from September 21, 1983 to May 5, 1988, with five seasons totaling 114 episodes.

Hotel Babylon

Hotel Babylon

Based on Imogen Edward-Jones’ book of the same name, the television series features a glamorous 5 Star hotel in London and follows the personal lives of its employees. Watch Tony Casemore, the hotel’s head concierge, as he tries to satisfy the guests’ needs using his outstanding knowledge of London while dealing the friction at home with his wife and kids. Another slice of the story involves the conflict between Sam Franklin, the hotel owner, and Juliet Miller, a bailiff turned general manager who happens to be Franklin’s ex-wife. Hotel Babylon aired 32 episodes in a span of four seasons.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Have you ever dreamed of living in a luxurious hotel when you were a kid? Well, Zack and Cody Martin (played by identical twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse) can show you just how fun it could be! Aside from this wacky duo, you’ll also meet a lot of crazy yet lovable characters in the fictional Tipton Hotel (a parody of the Hilton Hotel).

The most memorable of all the supporting characters is Mr. Moseby, the hotel’s serious, strict, and dutiful manager who often foils Zack and Cody’s antics. Completing the cast are Maddie Fitzpatrick and London Tipton, who are respectively the hotel’s down-to-earth candy-counter girl and the owner’s ditzy daughter. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody became one of Disney’s most successful hits, featuring three seasons and 87 episodes.

Bates Motel

Bates Motel

Created by Kerry Ehrin, Anthony Cipriano, and Carlton Cuse, Bates Motel serves as the contemporary prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho, exploring the lives of Norman Bates and his mother before the events of the movie. As the series progresses, the terrifying world that Hitchcock etched in our minds expands as we’re introduced to new characters that include Norman’s half-brother, best friend, the town sheriff, and many more. Bates Motel has premiered two seasons so far and was renewed for a third run on April 7, 2014.

Have you seen any of these shows? Which one would you like to binge-watch the most? Do you know of any other hotel-themed television shows that deserve a spot on this list? Please do let us know in the comment section below!

5 Exquisite Celebrity Home Theaters you can only Dream of Having

Michael Jackson

They say there’s no place like home. On the other hand, there’s no better place to watch a movie than, of course, the cinema. But going to the movie house would mean leaving the coziest spot on Earth, right? Well, you can shoot two birds with one stone with a home theater! All you need is either a gargantuan LED TV or a screen with an HD projector, an awesome sound system, and acoustic foam for the walls. And don’t forget those awesome, adjustable lazy chairs.

If you need inspiration on how to make yours, check out these sweet home theaters from Hollywood celebrities. Since these A-Listers know how to perform in from of the camera, it’s reasonable to assume that they also know how to watch in style. You ready? Let’s begin!

Dwayne Johnson Home Theater

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

With a lobby, bar, marque entrance, black leather stadium seating, and red wall panels, who’d have thought that a guy who plays a big, bad bruiser in most of his flicks has the tastes of a refined gentleman? The Rock’s home theater is pure class, no doubt about that. If you were in his shoes, would you re-watch your greatest WWE moments in this fine room?

Ryan Seacrest Home Theater

Ryan Seacrest

The host of the long-running singer search American Idol is a cool guy with stylish sensibilities, and it definitely reflects in the design of his screening room. It looks like a warm and cozy log cabin, and the yellow lighting and the fireplace help establish that effect. The elegant yet simple brown furniture create an earthly look and feel that will instantly relax you even before you take a seat.

Judd Apatow Home Theater

Judd Apatow

“The 40-Year Old Virgin”, “Knocked Up”, “This is 40” – the movies Mr. Apatow has produced have kept your jaws hanging because of their unbelievable hilarity. Now let his elegant home theater do the same thing, except out of awe this time. Inside of his Pacific Palisades home is this state-of-the-art personal mini-movie house that features raised seating, decorative Greek columns, and golden-leaf treated ceiling.

Kanye West Home Theater

Kanye West

Whether you love or hate Kanye’s antics and music, you’re sure to envy his lavish home theater. The long gray couch and the felt carpet give off a calming effect, so once you set foot in this room, you’d never want to leave it. The classy coffee table is the centerpiece along with the monster widescreen TV while all his viewing materials are on the side, leaving nothing that will distract the viewer. What more can a movie lover want?

Michael Jackson Home Theater

Michael Jackson

Of course, who can forget the late, great King of Pop? His extravagant Neverland ranch houses a stylish and spacious home theater that has a control console, a glorious stage, and seats that resembles those of cinema’s glory days. With a setup like this, there is little doubt that Michael Jackson was a man of great taste.

Now that you know where and how the residents of Tinseltown watch the silver screen, why not make your own? Who knows? Maybe it would turn out to be just as good as those of the stars you watch – or maybe even better.

5 Space-Saving Solutions for Small Living Rooms

Small Living Room

For homeowners with small living rooms, making the most of the space they have is a must. Sometimes it even means letting go of their comfy yet cumbersome sofa in favor of a smaller one, no matter how much they love that large chunk of polyurethane foam! No need to worry though; you can still enjoy your home even with limited rooms and furnishings. All you need to do is follow a few of these home hacks:

Small Living Room Design

Replace Large Furniture and Appliances

You need to let go of some of your more hulking stuff from your living room since it can eat a lot of space and limit your movements. Better opt for smaller and compact furnishings; these might not seem much but they’re just as cozy (if not more). As for home appliances and electronic devices, there are many out there that come in more portable and space-friendly packages; you might own some of it already for all we know!

Install Multipurpose Sofas

Like we mentioned earlier, there might be a time where you’ll need to replace your sofa with a smaller one to maximize living room space. However, if none of the sofas at the store suits your taste, you can just have someone make one with a multipurpose design. Such a design could include an extra shelf or mini-cabinet where you can keep the magazines and whatnot.

Small Living Room Idea

Mount a Few other Shelves

This way you’ll have place to put some of your appliances, books, ornaments and other stuff. Adding shelves on your blank walls will make them less boring and more eye-catching. Aside from the walls, you can either install shelves under your stairs or use them as a divider between your living room and your dining room. Just make sure they doesn’t get in the way or else you’ll end up cluttering your living room.

Look Up to your Ceilings

Is your living room more spacious vertically than horizontally? If so, then don’t let all that space go to waste! Now if you don’t want to add another shelf, then you might want to try building a loft. It’s an open-spaced attic which you can install directly beneath the ceiling. What’s great about this idea is that you can use it as an extra area within your living room.

Small Living Room Decor

Keep It Simple

Our final tip is the easiest of them all as we humbly encourage you to decorate your living room as simple as you can. Keep in mind the limited space you have as more ornaments and effects means more clutter, which would limit space and movement. Remember that you can use uniquely designed carpets to make your living room look livelier, just make sure that it’s kept clean and looking good as new. Besides, it’s never been about how many decorations you have, but about how you use them.

So do you have a living room that seems too small for you? No worries! You can still maximize your living room space by following a few of these tips! These bits of advice will help you make the most of the room you have. Take note that most of these tips are also applicable for your kitchen, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Have fun refurnishing and redecorating your home!

5 Stunningly Bad Hotels that are Miraculously Still in Operation

Hotel Hell

So what the first thing you should do once you arrive at your vacation’s destination? Get a hotel suite and rest up before seeing the sights. After a long and tiring trip, you’d want nothing more than to drop your bags, take a hot bath, and recharge on the hotel mattress. Unfortunately, there’s not enough closet space, water is ice cold, and the bed is creaky.

You are infuriated and perplexed with how a disservice is even possible. If that’s the case, try to recheck the name of your hotel; maybe it’s included in this list of the world’s worst hotels. Read on so you’ll know which ones to steer clear from next time.

Simba GIF

Plaza Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, USA

Sin City – the place to be if you want to spend countless cash on card tables and slot machines. Once you have burned up all your money on losing, get a room at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. It’s affordable, but that’s where the good part ends. The walls are so thin that someone snoring on the other suite will stop you from catching those precious Zzz’s. The rooms have an awful stench. And lastly, the parking lot is filthy and is situated near a bus terminal, making it look like one of those crime scenes from “C.S.I.”

Liz Lemon

Goldkist Beach Resort – Singapore

Singapore is a fine city filled with a lot of fine establishments. This resort, however, is not among them. Unless you wish to have a view of homeless people on the beach, a horrible-smelling room, and a trash bin full of maggots, don’t check in here. And if you’re the type that skips the most important meal of the day, you probably won’t mind that they don’t serve free breakfast.

Emma Stone

Whiteleaf Hotel – London, England

Planning to visit the home of The Queen? Your trip should be awesome as long as stay far away from Whiteleaf Hotel. A lot of previous transients have complained of itching and other skin-related problems because of their filthy bed sheets. The continental breakfast isn’t what is promised: a choice between two cereals, grocery store cheese and toast, lukewarm coffee, and old croissants. Don’t expect the royal treatment either – most of the staff members are unhelpful and obnoxious.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Club Aqua – Gumbet, Turkey

This hotel in the gateway of Asia and Europe is a place you shouldn’t even pass by. Club Aqua, as its name suggests, boasts of its pool. Unfortunately, its pride and joy is its own shame and the clients’ sorrow, as the pool gets filled with sewage every time it rains. In fact, a lot of its guests have already complained of getting sick after a dip. There are other places you can stay in Turkey; don’t take a plunge on this one.

Jennifer Lawrence

Apartamentos Catalonia Gardens – Salou, Spain

There’s never a dull moment in Spain, but you could use relaxing ones at the end of the day. However, there’s no rest for either the good or the wicked in Apartamentos Catalonia Gardens. It’s no club, but it’s got a lot of drunken guests. There’s no earthquake, but the balconies are unstable. And the staff is on duty, but the service is nonexistent. If you check in here, you’ll be spelling Spain with a lower case “s” and capital “PAIN”.

Don’t let staying in a bad hotel like these dampen the enjoyment of being a traveler. Invest in a great hotel and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!

The Dummies’ Guide to Setting Up a Room for the Bedridden at Home

Hospital Bed at Home

There are circumstances where the home provides the best environment for one to regain their health and strength after a prolonged illness. Sure, having medical professionals in close proximity makes patients feel extra safe, but the privacy of one’s own home allows patients to enjoy a lot of stuff that they might otherwise miss if they’re confined to a hospital room.

Boredom is a common side effect for being bedridden, and our post about “Combatting Confinement Blues” will certainly help alleviate that. However, nothing will change the fact that lying on a hospital bed for consecutive weeks will result to homesickness sooner or later. If you have a homesick, bedridden relative who’s stable but is still in recovery, consider taking the hospital to their home by following this guideline:

Prep Up the Room First

Patients need to stay in a room that’s 100% clean for faster recovery. So if you’re going to try to pull this off, then the first step is to make sure that their bedroom is completely free from any dirt and pest. A total clean-up is in order, and sometimes you need to make a few renovations for extra comfort by adding a few installments for equipments and storage.

Get Everything they Need

Once the patient’s room is as spotless as it can be, it’s time to get the other amenities they’ll need on their journey to regain their good health. These include a brand new mattress, pillows, blankets, and the essential medical equipment that can keep tabs on your relative’s vital internal info. (Better get professional help when acquiring these stuff.) It’s wise to include intercom, too, so your patient can easily call for attention whenever necessary.

Hire Doctors and Nurses

Doctors still know best when it comes to diagnosing and treating various medical conditions, so you should have them visit your home to check on your recuperating patient at regular intervals. Don’t worry; there are plenty of doctors out there who’ll be more than willing to work a few extra hours just to make sure that your loved one has a speedy recovery. And if you have a busy schedule, you might as well hire nurses, too; that way, someone can keep tabs on the patient’s progress.

Prepare an “Escape Plan”

Your makeshift recovery room can only do so much for there will still be times when you need to take your patient to the hospital for better medical tests and treatment. It’s best if you have a way of getting your ward there as quickly and as comfortable as possible. In come the wheelchair, your vehicle, and any other mobile equipment that might come in handy.

As you’ll soon notice, the output looks somewhat like a cross between a hotel room and a hospital room. That might actually be what you should be aiming for since your housemate needs all the help available in order to be up and running in no time.