4 of the Best Children’s Hospitals in the World Today

If a hospital stay can make grown adults feel dreary and uneasy, then just imagine how worse children may feel. After all, children are very sensitive to pain and discomfort. In fact, seeing a sick child lying down a hospital mattress can’t help but make you feel sorry for him or her.

Thankfully, there are hospitals all over the world that specialize in pediatric care. Aptly known as children’s hospitals, they make sure that children are given proper intervention without neglecting their specific needs. The following some of the best examples of this kind of hospital.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

It is human nature to feel compassionate towards children with cancer. However, the men and women of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia channel this compassion into effective medical practice. In fact, when it comes to research in the field of oncology, the branch of medicine that deals with cancer, this hospital is one of the world’s leader. Proof of this is the fact that it has successfully treated patients with some of the worst cases of leukemia, not to mention devised a way to eradicate certain types of neuroblastoma and lymphoma.

Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital

When it comes to sheer number of specialties, Boston Children’s Hospital is one to match. So how many specialties does it have exactly? Three, four, seven? Actually, BCH specializes in ten fields: cancer, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neonatology, nephrology, neurology, orthopedics, pulmonology, and urology, ranking #1 in seven of them.

And if you’re interested in numbers, you should know that this hospital has 395 patient beds, more than fifteen thousand hospital admissions in the past year, performed around six thousand in-patient and nineteen thousand out-patient surgeries, and received around fifty-eight thousand emergency room visits. It’s also a teaching hospital. Talk about expertise.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center

Established in 1883, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is one of the oldest and most widely recognized children’s hospitals in the United States and the rest of the world. In 2013 alone, it had more than 1.1 million patients from all the fifty states and up to 53 countries around the globe.

Aside from its 130-year old existence and its massive clientele, this children’s hospital offers a wide range of medical services that value the involvement of family in the care process, dedication in finding the best approaches, and transparency towards patients and relatives.

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Although prominent entrepreneur Johns Hopkins died way back in 1873, his legacy still lives on through a world-renowned university and one of the leading hospitals in the world today. And it is from the John Hopkins Hospital that the John Hopkins Children’s Center was born.

Specializing in pediatric pulmonology, neurology, and gastroenterology, there is little to no doubt that this offshoot is making a name for itself and not riding the coattails of its parent hospital.

A sick child is more than likely not a happy child. But with hospitals like these, even children with serious conditions can smile again another day.

The Suite Life: Sprucing Up your Hotel Room for a Romantic Night

Hotel Mattress

Valentine’s Day may be long gone, but its afterglow is still burning very bright. So what are you waiting for? While you can still feel the warmth of this red-letter day, take your lover to somewhere romantic! Say how about a suite for two where you two can lie down on a soft, fluffy hotel mattress? It’s a great idea; don’t deny it!

You don’t have check in at one of the world’s most luxurious hotels; as long as the room is clean and well-lit, it should be enough. But if you think it’s a little bit too simple, then why don’t you decorate it yourself? Here are a few suggestions on how you can create a romantic night without the help of the Valentine’s atmosphere.

A Message

We’re not talking about a simple SMS or a chat from Facebook, but a real, tangible message, handwritten on a nice piece of stationary. While you can say exactly the same thing through digital means, the effort, art, and emotion you pour into a message in ink can never be found in a typed on-screen text.

Leave your heartfelt card or letter in the middle of the bed; let it lie and wait for your lover to find it, read it, and go all ”Awww” as she reads every word. And for an added effect, make a trail of petals that lead to the heartfelt work of art for your one and only muse.

Hotel Bed


It should be common knowledge that only a few women can resist the charm of flowers. So get a beautiful bouquet, leave it on the bed next to your letter, and simply watch her contain her appreciation as she discovers your gesture.

As romantic as the gesture already is, why stop there? Grab an extra handful of roses and tear the petals off. Now you may ask, “Why do something that sounds so cruel, not to mention a total waste?” Art and creativity. Take the petals and spread it all over the bed sheets and bubble bath! It’s sweet and sexy – a combination she can’t resist.


Nothing establishes a romantic atmosphere better than candles, especially if they’re scented. Light up a few of these aroma-imbued room accessories and set the perfect mood for a chill, romantic night. Be careful though not to overdo cause you might just set the entire hotel room on fire. Now that would definitely ruin the mood, and your bank account!


Hotel pillows are supremely soft and clean. However, they can’t exactly tug on your heartstrings. So get a few small pillows with short but sweet sayings on them and place them on the bed. They’re more than just extra fluff as they can be used for the living room and bedroom long after Valentine’s Day.

Don’t let February end without pulling this sweet and sexy gimmick off. After all, even though love has no expiry date, Valentine’s Day Season only comes once a year.

7 of TV’s Most Memorable Doctors

Over the past decade, we’ve seen countless doctors save lives on television. From medical dramas to smart comedies, it seems like there’s no shortage of TV doctors to watch every week. Whether you prefer the charms of Derek Shepherd or the sarcastic genius that is Gregory house, rest assured that there’s someone out there to save the day. Here’s our list of the seven most memorable TV doctors everyone wants to see should they find themselves lying on a hospital bed.

Doogie Howser

Doogie Howser from “Doogie Howser”

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably wanted to be Doogie Howser at some part of your life. After graduating from high school at the age of nine, this child prodigy went on to become a full fledged doctor by the age of fourteen. On top of being superbly intelligent, Dr. Howser was a well-rounded teen who respected his parents and impressed seasoned colleagues.

Doug Ross

Doug Ross from “ER”

Dr. Doug Ross wasn’t just loved by the other doctors and nurses at County General in Chicago; he also developed a huge fan base outside the fictional drama. Aside from the fact that it was this role that propelled the great George Clooney to stardom, “ER” was the show that paved the way for more medical dramas to air on primetime. All thanks to the charms and good looks of this TV doctor.


JD Dorian from “Scrubs”

JD Dorian is far from your typical TV doctor. Always getting lost in his daydreams, this quirky and yet caring doctor will inspire you to look at the positive side of life. The thing that sets this character apart from the rest of the doctors on this list is that he has a knack for effortlessly connecting with all types of patients.

Sean McNamara

Sean McNamara from “Nip/Tuck”

Although very talented when it comes to holding a surgical knife, this TV doctor doesn’t do much for a person’s self esteem. A master at plastic surgery, Dr. McNamara is best known for starting all his conversations with patients with the line: “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself”.

Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd from “Grey’s Anatomy”

Ahh… McDreamy – the TV doctor with smarts, charm, and a whole lot of sexy. Derek Shepherd has won the hearts of millions of viewers from all around the world with his undeniable charm and black locks. But don’t let the good looks fool you though. As a Neurosurgeon at Seattle Grace, he is leading the controversial clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease in the hopes that a cure will be found before it starts to affect his wife, Meredith Grey.

Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery from “Private Practice”

After leaving her stint at Seattle Grace where she was considered to be one of the best OB-GYN practitioners, Addison Montgomery is still saving lives with the Oceanside Wellness Group in LA. Her levelheaded personality and caring demeanor has won her many fans over the years.

Gregory House

Gregory House from “House”

As head of Princeton Plainsboro’s diagnostics department, Dr. Gregory House has helped save many lives with his unconventional diagnostic methods. Never easily discouraged, he finds ways to push his team to look for answers, even when the case already seems at a dead end.

Know any TV doctors who you think deserves to be on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Dummies’ Guide to Recording High-Quality Audio

Audio Recording

Recording quality audio without the right set up and equipment can be quite the challenge. Whether you’re putting together a band demo or recording voice over clips, it’s absolutely crucial that you learn the basics of audio recording before you get started.

If you have money to spare, you can always hire a professional to set up your studio for you, but if you’re working with a minimum budget, then it’s time to get learning. Aside from padding your recording area with acoustic foam and gathering the necessary electrical equipment, here are a few more tips on how you can record high-quality audio easily and on the cheap!

Think Outside the Box

Always use at least two microphones to pick up sound. Don’t just rely on the built-in microphone from your camera. An external mic can give you better response and provide greater flexibility than an on board mic so you can have your pick of audio files come editing time. If you’re ever in a situation where you only have the camera mic as your only option, then you can use your high end Smartphone as your second mic. A Smartphone can work wonders since you won’t have to deal with any cords or stands to start recording.

Know your Surroundings

More often than not, your environment can make or break the quality of the audio you’re trying to capture. The traffic noise from afar, the heating and cooling noise of your computers, and cell phone interference can generate unnecessary sound in your audio file. In producing high-quality audio, you need to take time to know your surroundings well. Leave your recording tools on in your studio environment as is and study where each sound is coming from. This way, you’ll know which ones you can control and which ones you need to work around.

Get Closer to your Sound Source

A lot of novice home recording aficionados make the mistake of increasing volume pick up to get clearer sound. Sure, it picks up the sound you want to record, but it also makes your audio file more sensitive to outside noise. The only way to get around this is to get closer to your sound source. Placing a mic nearer to the sound source not only produces a more intimate feel, but it also gets rid of the environmental intrusions.

Prevent Sound from Bouncing

Bare walls tend to send sound waves bouncing, so if you want to keep the sound within the room, you need apply padding to those walls. Look for reliable acoustic foam that isn’t just durable, but can also absorb sound so that you always end up with clear and crisp recordings. Get rid of faint echoes and white noises by making sure sound stays exactly where you want it to.

The key to high-quality sound is to keep your audio production process simple. Try not to overcomplicate things, especially if you already have the basics worked out.

Have any tips you would like to share straight from your very own home studio? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Lovers’ Guide to the Most Romantic Hotels in the World

Valentine’s Day may be over, but the season of love is surely still in the air. Whether you’re planning to spend on an extravagant vacation or simply looking for splendid hotel destinations to add to your bucket list, this guide features the most romantic accommodations you need to experience with a lover at least once in this lifetime.  After all, life is too short to settle for anything less than a comfortable hotel mattress next time you’re out for a passionate rendezvous.

One and Only Palmilla

One and Only Palmilla, Los Cabos Resort – San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

This hideaway resort has attracted old Hollywood greats from Ernest Hemingway to John Wayne and remains to be one of the most popular destinations off the coast of Los Cabos. Fall in love with the swaying palms and fragrant sea breeze as you walk your way to the white sandy beach. If you’re feeling extra romantic, charter one of the yachts for a sunset sail that’s guaranteed to take your breath away.

Ventana Inn & Spa

Ventana Inn & Spa – Big Sur, California, USA

Imagine slipping into the steamy waters of a Japanese bath with the stars overhead. This iconic 70s-inspired resort boasts of 243 acres of nature in the form of forests, meadows, seas, and everything in between. Don’t let the rustic exterior fool you though for interior is decked with all the luxurious amenities your little heart could ever desire.

Belmond Hotel Splendido

Belmond Hotel Splendido – Portofino, Italy

Olive trees and canary palms adorn this Italian gem just off the indigo shores of the Mediterranean. Once a 16th century monastery, this dashing hotel has seen the greatest love stories unfold, from Bogart and Bacall to Burton and Taylor.  The dramatic gardens and the checkerboard marble floors lend an old Hollywood charm to this rustic hillside destination. Have dinner at La Terrazza to experience what true glamour is all about.

Four Seasons Hotel (Budapest)

Four Seasons Hotel, Gresham Palace – Budapest

For those looking for an artsy destination to rekindle your love, a stay in this art nouveau hotel won’t disappoint. Step out of your deco-inspired room to take full view of the Danube from your balcony. At Budapest, you’ll never feel overdressed so make sure to show up at dinner wearing your finest garb. Don’t forget to make time for relaxation at the sprawling spa after your date around the charming city.

Four Seasons Hotel (Thailand)

Four Seasons Resort – Chiang Mai, Thailand

From one Four Seasons development to another, the Four Seasons Resort at Chiang Mai is filled with all sorts of exotic luxuries that you and your lover would enjoy. The resort is reminiscent of a traditional Thai village where you can sample the best Thai dishes while watching elephants pass by.  The accommodations at this 5-star resort promises to give you the best of both old and new, so be prepared!

Have any romantic destinations here in the Philippines that you would like to share? Share the love and let us know in the comments section below!

Vacation Ventures: 5 Hotels that Offer the Most Breathtaking Views

One of the greatest perks of travel, aside from lying on a luxurious hotel mattress of course, is taking in all the beautiful scenery as you make your way to your destination. There are countless hotels and villas scattered around the world with beautiful views, so it was a real challenge to just choose five. So without further ado, here’s our pick of five hotels that offer the most breathtaking views.

Aro Ha (New Zealand)

Aro Ha (Glenorchy, New Zealand)

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, then the Aro Ha wellness center in New Zealand should be your next travel destination. This wellness and adventure hotel doesn’t just offer the best vista for all those weary urbanites out there, but it’s also the perfect place where you can get away from technology for a change. Start your day with a yoga session, explore the surrounding mountains before lunch, and get a relaxing massage just in time for dinner. Footwear is optional here since guests are encouraged to roam the main lodge barefoot.

Portrait Firenze

Portrait Firenze (Florence)

Summer is the best time to visit Florence. It can get crowded with tourists, but there’s enough beautiful views for everyone in this charming Italian tourist spot. The best way to truly experience the city, however, is to steer clear from all tourist activities and blend in with the locals. Portrait Firenze is a hotel that is discreetly located on the north bank of the Arno river. This Ferragamo-owned hotel may be known for its lust-worthy architecture, but it’s also where you can leisurely take in the city and truly feel at home. If you’re staying at another hotel, make sure to check out the lovely Caffe dell’Oro at least for a real taste of Italian spaghetti.

The Ritz-Carlton (Tokyo)

The Ritz-Carlton (Tokyo)

What else can you expect from the tallest building in Tokyo other than the most spectacular city views? A 5-star hotel of course! This Ritz isn’t just famous for its luxury feel as it also offers a great view of Tokyo living on all angles. From the shopping districts of Shibuya to the residential Setagaya, you’ll get a taste of Japanese culture by just sightseeing through your hotel window.

Uma By Como

Uma By Como (Punakha, Bhutan)

When it comes to the most magical places on earth, Bhutan is definitely near the top of the list with its gorgeous mountains, green forests, and tiny villages. The best view is at the corner where Mo Chuu (mother river)  meets Pho Chuu (father river). Visit the Punakha Dzong (palace of great happiness) monastery to get your dose of peace and serenity while you’re watching the river roll by.

The Lugger Hotel

Room 103, The Lugger Hotel (Portloe, Cornwall)

Wake up to the sound of waves softly crashing against the bay in the picturesque village of Portloe in Cornwall. While this small Cornish hotel may look and feel ordinary, the crystal clear waters and private white sandy beach below makes up for the modern amenities it lacks. Portloe is a quiet village with no street lights so you can enjoy the view of the stars all year round.

Have any travel destinations you would like to suggest? Let us know by commenting below!

The Application of Polyurethane Foam in the Automotive Industry

Car Interior

Polyurethane foam is a material so common that it’s taken for granted. However, despite its ubiquity, it’s also one of the most important materials in the modern world, thanks to its many applications in different fields and enterprises. And one of those fields is the automotive industry.

Here are some of the ways polyurethane foam is utilized in the manufacturing of vehicles.


Whether or not you believe that this accessory actually improves a vehicle’s aerodynamic properties, models with spoilers definitely looks sleeker than those without it. And without polyurethane foam, spoilers wouldn’t look as awesome as they wouldn’t have the same glossiness.

Polyurethane Car Seat


The seats are perhaps the most visible part of the car that is made of PU foam. Without polyurethane foam, car seats won’t be as soft, comfortable, and shock-absorbing as they are today. Instead, we’d probably be relying on a material that is either costlier or less ergonomic.

The liquefied polyurethane mix is injected into a mold, which is held at a preset temperature. It stays there until the liquid foams, fills the mold, and forms a soft but sturdy foam.


Quick! Imagine a car without a bumper. Looks kind of incomplete and totally uncool, huh? Thanks to PU foam, which is also an essential ingredient for bumpers, cars are a lot safer to drive since they’ll absorb most of the shock in the event of a collision.


There is no question that the engine is the hottest and noisiest part of the car. In fact, it can reach temperatures so high and make noises so unbearably harsh that we’d sometimes wonder how both driver and passengers can remain comfortable inside the vehicle. This is where PU foam does its wonders again as it is integrated with the car’s mostly metal framework, making the interior almost immune from the external factors of heat and noise.

Energy Absorbers

Ever wondered how some people miraculously survive accidents that are so severe? That’s the work of energy absorbers, buddy. These small but important compartments create crumple zones at the ends of the vehicle, decreasing the impact of collisions. So next time you think that polyurethane foam is just another material, think again, for it can save your life.


There’s more to a car than its cool and glossy exterior. However, the first thing you usually notice about cars isn’t its speed, but its aesthetics. And it’s not enough that the outside is shiny and smooth; it also has to be durable and resistant to scratches and corrosion. Either way, whether it’s how the paint job appears or how hardy it is against damage, it owes both properties to polyurethane.


What separates you from the elements (rain, wind, etc.) when you’re inside a car is the windshield. It can withstand more than just wind and water, as it can even resist small objects like rocks when they’re hurled against it. How? Through the power of polyurethane, of course.

Who’d have thought that a simple and usually ignored material would be an integral component in building something as important as vehicles? So next time you lie on your sofa or wash your dishes, you’ll probably be amazed how such a thing can also be found in your car.