“URATEX Presents!” 5 Types of Cleaning Sponges and their Best Uses

You use it to apply makeup. You use it to absorb spilled milk. You use it to clean your dishes. We are talking about sponges. This tool, which is made from various materials such as polyurethane foam or nylon, helps us in our daily lives. Here are the 5 different types of cleaning sponges along with their uses.

Window cleaningCELLULOSE

The most common type of sponge you can see in your local supermarket are cellulose sponges. Cellulose sponges are composed of wood pulp with tiny holes to increase liquid absorbency. These sponges are doused with a solution during packaging to keep them spongy and soft. This solution also prevents bacteria from growing on the sponge and inside the packaging.

Cellulose sponges are inexpensive, which is why this type of sponge can be found in most households. Because of its tiny holes, cellulose sponges can trap leftover particles inside. That’s why it isn’t recommended to use cellulose sponges to clean meat juices or broken eggs. It is very versatile, as it can be used on practically any surface and can power through tough cleaning.


For thousands of years, natural sponges have been used as cleaning tools. They are made from sea sponges found on the sea floor. Most natural sponges come from the Mediterranean sea and the Florida coast. If you are worried about the sponge since it is living, don’t worry because sponges have the ability to grow back after they have been gathered.


Natural sponges are extremely absorbent and squishy. It is more expensive than other types. It is used for various purposes such as skin exfoliation, dish washing and car cleaning. Some people prefer natural sponges as it is hypoallergenic and earth friendly.


If what you need is a sponge to clean your barbecue grill, then the abrasive sponge is for you. Its thick, extra rough surface makes it ideal for cleaning tough stains like food residue stuck on your cast iron pan or grill grease.

Abrasive sponges are more expensive than your regular cellulose sponge. It has two types. The first one is a thin layer stuck to a cellulose sponge. The second type is just the abrasive sponge only. When wet, abrasive sponges absorb a lot of fluid, but when dry, it hardens. This prevents bacteria growth and bad smells emitting from the sponge.


When you think of steel wool, you immediately think of hard to remove stains and elbow grease. Steel wool is made of thin, metallic fibers interwoven together to create a sponge. There are two types of steel wool. The first is used for hard cleaning like floor scrubbing or removing rust on metal surfaces. The second is softer and is used to clean glass surfaces like windows or cleaning the kitchen sink.

polyurethane foam steel woolThere are several grades of steel wool. The grade depends on the coarseness of the steel fibers used. If what you need is removal of paint and varnish as well as the clearing away of paint stains from resilient floor, use coarse grade steel wool number 3. If what you need is just tile cleaning, go for a medium fine grade number 0.


If what you need is a sponge that is softer than steel wool, but can still clean hard surfaces, then a nylon sponge is the best pick for you.

Nylon sponges are designed to clean surfaces of Teflon, ceramics, glass or porcelain – materials whose cannot stand steel wool but still needs a hard cleaning such as scrub like. Nylon sponges aren’t very absorbent, but they can still pick up liquid soap. The reason why this is the choice pick for cleaning scratch prone surfaces is that unlike steel wool, it does not leave any stroke marks.

You now know the different types of cleaning sponges. Next time you need a sponge to clear up a mess, make sure to pick the right type to make your cleaning job easier on you and the surface of whatever you need to clean.

Introducing URATEX’s Premium Touch Pocket Spring Collection

The general impression of spring mattresses is that they poke the back and are extremely uncomfortable. Here in Uratex, that is not the case. Our premium touch pocket spring hotel mattress collection will break that misconception.

PremiumTouchSuvrettaMemoryPremium Touch Suvretta Memory

A mattress that envelopes you -that is what Premium Touch Suvretta Memory gives. Its combination of memory foam and an advanced pocket spring system gives you a firmer but definitely comfy and cushy bed to sleep in . Underneath this steady spring mattress is a high density foam base which does not need to be regularly flipped. The whole 13 inch thick mattresss is covered with a blue and beige soft but heavy duty semi knitted fabric . It is also equipped with a vertical handle.

PremiumTouchFiveStarMattressPremium Touch Five Star Mattress

The Premium Touch Five Star Mattress can be flipped over. The high performance pocket springs move with your weight, supporting and molding to your body’s contours. The mattress is encased with high density foam for a firmer and more consistent edge for seating. For your safety and peace of mind, your whole mattress is encased with a fire resistant jacquard fabric. It is ten inches thick with a vertical handle for easy flipping when you need to do it.

PremiumTouchSuvrettaLatexPremium Touch Suvretta Latex Mattress

What do you need in a mattress? Is it comfort? Is it support? Premium Touch Suvretta Latex Mattress is the mattress for you. It has a five zone natural latex foam for people who are experiencing back pain. What the five zone natural latex foam does is relieve pressure from your back. It is made from latex, which is highly recommended by doctors, as it has terrific pressure relieving properties.

If you would like a mattress for the summer, then this should be your pick, as it tends to be cooler during those warm, summer months. And because it is latex, it has a lot of air vents that make this mattress anti- microbial. The mattress is covered in a soft, blue and beige semi –knitted fabric with heavy-duty capacity. It has a vertical handle and it is a non-flip mattress so no need to rotate your mattress.

PremiumTouchComfortSlumberPremium Touch Comfort Slumber Mattress

Do you need a durable and comfortable mattress to sleep on? Then go for our ten inch thick Premium Touch Comfort Slumber Mattress. We use high performance pocket springs, the type of spring that most customers prefer, because of its optimum support and comfort.

It has high density foam that allows you to enjoy the deepest sleep of your life. This flippable mattress with a vertical handle is covered with a soft, semi-knitted fabric that will last you for years because of its heavy duty capacity.

PremiumTouchComfortPremium Touch Comfort Mattress

Contour. This is the keyword for our Premium Touch Comfort Mattress. Its high performance pocket springs contour according to your body, bringing you a comfortable sleep. Its firm density foam gives your spine support and relief. Our pocket springs are boxed in with foam, providing you a firm seating ledge.

Its vertical handle makes it easier for you to rotate, and it is covered with a quilted jacquard fabric for additional comfort and just that slightest hint of shine. This mattress is 10 inches thick and covered in blue and beige fabric colors.

We hope our mattresses have convinced you to change your perspective about spring mattresses. We assure you that these mattresses will give you comfortable sleep, not a miserable one.

“URATEX Presents!” How our Hospital Mattress Collection will Cater to Every Patient’s Comfort

hospital mattress collection uratex
The purpose of hospitals is to give medical care to anyone who needs it. Therefore, if you run or own a hospital, you have to provide your patients the best hospital beds available in the market today. A good hospital bed needs a good mattress, and Uratex provides the best hospital mattresses that cater to your patient’s comfort. Check these out to know which one to use for your patients.

theracare brio 200Theracare Brio 200

The Theracare Brio 200 comfort mattress is designed for persons who doctors regard as high risk for pressure ulcer development, also known as bed sores. It is made from only the finest Combustion Modified High Resilient foam base and side walls, which makes transferring patients easier not only for the orderly but for the patient as well. It has a castellated tear duct cut foam insert, which gives it great weight redistribution.

The mattress is covered with a multi-stretch, vapor-permeable fabric that lessens friction. And because it is saturated with an anti fungal agent, it protects you against infection. In addition, italso has a fully high frequency welded cover that prevents the entry of fluid and helps the decontamination procedure. The mattress has a toughened PU/nonslip base which gives it a tough, protective exterior to resist hydrolysis. Its foam insert and cover are replaceable, which are exactly what every hospital needs in a mattress.

theracare brio 100Theracare Brio 100

The Theracare Brio 100 , which is alsodesigned for patients who are at risk for pressure ulcer development, reacts to your body’s heat and molding it, therefore giving you great support. The mattress is composed of a mixture of visco-elastic foam (better known as memory foam) and Combustion Modified High Resilient foam to provide the patient optimum comfort and great weight re-distribution.

Thanks to its mix of modern technology and contemporary cover, you get a mattress whose life is extended. Plus, it has fully replacable parts which ensures that this mattress is really great value for your money.

theracare bravaTheracare Brava

The Theracare Brava Comfort Hospital Mattress is your choice for profiling beds thanks to its castellated foam. This type of mattress is perfect for patients who are at low risk for developing pressure ulcers. You do not need to flip it over on a regular basis, as it is designed with just one sleeping side. This mattress is made of high resilient, polyurethane foam for maximum comfort, support and firmness. This is made with high tech contour cross cutting machine for a precise and flawlessly cut foam. These are the qualities that promise to give your patient a mattress that caters to his or her needs – comfort, protection and care – when they are in recovery.

theracare audaTheracare Auda

The Theracare AUDA Comfort Hospital Mattress is ideal for patients with spinal or back problems. Its visco elastic foam topper form around your body to encourage proper spial support, relieve back pain, prevent bedsores, and lessen your tossing and turning in your sleep. Its high-resilience, polyurethane base foam will definitely give you added firmness, comfort and support. This mattress encourages air circulation and lessens heat build up, plus it is made for sleeping on just one side, so no need for regular bed flipping. It also has a castellated foam insert to make sure that the mattress can be easily modified for numerous profiling bed frames.

Our mattresses are guaranteed help your patients have a comfortable and restful hospital stay. And before any of these mattresses are sent to you, Uratex ensures that they pass strict quality control regulations so you are assured that what you have is indeed the best hospital mattress money can buy.



5 Factors That Made Uratex the Leading Foam Manufacturer in Southeast Asia

uratex qualityFor almost 50 years, Uratex has proven itself to be the leading foam manufacturer with our high quality products and numerous innovations such as acoustic foam, viscoelastic foam and our signature Uratex permahard foam. Find out how we obtained this title with these five factors.

We Invest in Technology

The Hennecke Multiflex Foaming Machine from Germany is the latest advancement in foam technology. It is considered to be the best in foaming machinery by foamers worldwide. Uratex has two of these machines in Plaridel, Bulacan. One is the 2001 model and the 2009 model with technological advancements to serve as our 2001 model’s back up. With this machine, Uratex can produce worldclass 60 meter foam blocks

Uratex has the only certified foam testing laboratory in the country. In here, each batch of foam undergoes rigorous testing like flammability testing, compression analysis and resiliency testing. We make use of Quali 5 Cellular Technology, with which we make sure that the foams that leave the factory are world class quality.

We Prioritize Quality

The goal of our founder is to produce high quality foam at an affordable price, something that we live by everyday. What we want is for every single product that leaves the factory to be of the highest quality possible. Our products do not have a short lifetime— these are items that you can use for years and years. Of course, to produce the best products you need the best raw materials, which is why we only use raw materials from the best global suppliers like Bayer, Shell, Dow, BASF and Mitsui.

We Constantly Seek Innovation

Our research and development team always seeks ways to improve our products for you. Over the past 47 years, Uratex has provided the public with a wide range of high quality products. Everything started in 1968 when our founder, Robert Cheng, built Polyfoam Chemical Corp. He aimed to rise above the rest by producing the high quality Polyfoam. Soon it became the top pick for consumers. Over the years, Polyfoam has adapted to the times and needs of the people, creating a wider range of products for the want of its customers as the years go by.

Today, the innovation hasn’t stopped. Polyfoam has branched out to produce other products such as monoblock furniture,coil, and unit spring. We will never stop growing, and we will never stop creating new products suited for our customer’s needs today.

We Showcase a Variety of Products

Uratex doesn’t just offer foam bedding for you but also other products as well. Foam has numerous uses and we like to explore this wide variety of applications. Among this wide variety of products is the Playtime Soft Gym Playset for your tiny tots, acoustic foam for your musical needs, sports padding to protect your body and automotive products like car seats.

We Listen To Our Customers

One of Uratex’s missions is to be the customer’s choice with products and services that can be depended on. That is why we have Uratex Community Chat on our website. It is where you, the customer, can voice out any of your concerns and our Uratex agents will answer immediately. You can also send a message or post on our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What Uratex wants is to be your first pick when it comes to foam products. The only way to do that is to produce the best, high quality foam products in Southeast Asia. We do not cut corners when it comes to creating our products. After all, there are no shortcuts to perfection.

“URATEX Presents!” Understanding the Various Applications of Foam

hotel mattress polyurethane foamFoam is a very versatile product. Its best known use is for furniture such as hotel mattresses and sofas. In addition, foam is also used in medical and musical purposes such as acoustic foam and case linings for your guitars or trumpets. All of these functions depend on the type of foam. Check out these foams and discover what their different uses are.

High Resilience Foam

If what you want is a mattress for your orthopedic needs, choose one that uses high resilience foam. It is, as the name suggests, highly resilient and buoyant. It also makes use of high-quality materials, which is why it is more expensive than most foams. It is the choice pick for upscale, pricey furniture used in yachts and boats.

Reticulated Foam

Have you ever used a nebulizer for either your cough or asthma? You’ve probably noticed some sort of foam in the little circular plugin. That is a filter made of reticulated foam. Reticulated foam is a solid foam that is extremely porous and has a high density. It is also Medicine’s go-to foam due to its malleability, lengthening and waterproofing characteristics. Coated resilient foam is used to break the bubbles caused by oxygenation in your blood. Fine cell reticulated foam is also used in creating artificial legs, with the foam molded against the leg, then hollowed out to have the load bearing prosthesis inserted. The foam is then covered with a flesh colored stocking. Aside from medical purposes, it is also used in puppets like the Muppets, air conditioner filters, and makeup sponges.

High Density Foam

High density foam is a foam with a high number of open cells (or bubbles) packed together tightly. These bubbles causes the high concentration of air hat to press through the bubbles of the cells easily. This makes it easier to create comfortable cushioning for pillows, sofas, matresses and other related products. While viscoelastic foam contours around the body and high resilient foam provides support, high density foam is all about providing comfort plus support. It can be used to create pillows, cushions and upholstery foam for sofas and chairs. High density foam can also be used for acoustic foam, as it reduces outside noise efficiently and effectively.

hotel mattress viscoelastic foamViscoelastic Foam

Better known as Memory foam, viscoelastic foam was first developed for the National Aeronaurics Space Agency or NASA in 1966 to improve aircraft cushion safety. Originaly called “slow spring back foam”, viscoelastic foam is made by feeding gas into the polymer matrix. It responds to the heat and pressure produced by the body, molding it and distributing body weight evenly. Viscoelastic foam goes back to its original form after the weight is removed. Everyone knows that this is often used in mattresses, but it can also be used in office furniture and in several car seats. It is also used to protect sports equipment and power tools.

Permahard Foam

When your chiropractor or orthopedist wants you to get a mattress for your back, choose a bed made with permahard foam, as Uratex made it for your orthopedic needs. Uratex foam is made from only the best materials the company can find so you know you’re going to have a great night’s sleep.

Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foam is commonly made of very dense cross-linked foam. It cannot absorb water due to its firmness and it is very buoyant. Because of these properties, it is the choice material for creating life jackets. In addition,this type of foam is durable, impenetrable and lightweight, which is why it is used in numerous industrial and commercial operations as packaging, shock absorbency, thermal institution and kneeling pads.

Foam is such an awesome product. Without it, amputees won’t be able to have comfortable prosthetics, your bed won’t be as comfortable as it is now, and chairs would be difficult to sit on. Appreciate its purpose and think how hard life would be like without it.


“URATEX Presents!” Our 6 Hotel Mattresses and their Unique Individual Features

People stay in hotels for only one reason: they need a place to stay. And what they want is not just the feeling of home away from home, but the ambiance and comfort of being in another land. Therefore, you should offer your guests a cozy room, and you should start by providing them a good hotel mattress. So check out Uratex’s hotel mattresses, which are sure to give your guests the best night’s sleep they’ve had in a long time.


Comfort Relief Mattress delivers exactly the two things it promises. The mattress distributes weight evenly with its sanitized high-resilient foam, the highest grade of polyurethane foam. And if you want a mattress that can last youreally long , then this is your best pick, as it can last for up to ten years with regular usage. In addition,because it has quilted sanitized jacquard, this mattress is both aesthetically pleasing and ultra comfy as well.


Sleep Comfort Memory Mattress makes you want to sink into this bed. Topped with visco elastic foam, or memory foam as it is better known, it reacts to your body’s heat and molding it, giving you great support. Also, with its sanitized jacquard fabric, your mattress will not only be cozy but it will look terrific as well.


Orthocare Mattress is your best choice if you want a mattress that offers the best support for the spinal area. Its high density polyurethane hotel mattress combined with a 5-zone topper gives the back the support it needs, removing the stress from the back and neck while allowing your spine to stay in a natural position. The quilted sanitized jacquard fabric provides a classy look and extra comfort to this mattress.


Safe n Sound Mattress will give your guests the soundest sleep they’ve had in years. No need to worry about dents on the mattress, as its high density foam retains its shape after any heavy load is removed from it. Plus, it gives you great cushioning – perfect for the restless sleeper as it absorbs your toss and turns.


Quilted Classic Mattress is the perfect choice if you are expecting visitors from another country, as this mattress was designed with the foreign market in mind. Uratex made this mattress for export, that’s why it’s made of tougher and bouncier material than other foam mattresses in this line. It’s made of Uratex’s signature Uratex Foam, which many try to imitate but never succeed. And what is great about this mattress is that it uses Permahard Foam that is created for persons with neck and back problems.

comfort zone latex mattressCOMFORT ZONE LATEX PLUS MATTRESS

Comfort Zone Latex Plus Mattress is your choice if you want comfort and support. It has a blend of highly resilient foam and premium quality 5-zone latex foam. What does this mean? The built-in 5-zone latex foam gives great lower back and neck support, while the highly resilient foam offers a great cushion for an extra comfy sleep. Plus the latex material in the 5-zone latex foam has natural anti-microbial properties. Everything is covered with a quilted semi knit fabric that’s soft to the touch but tough like steel.

Take your pick from Uratex’s mattresses and we’re telling you, your guests will thank you for helping them sleep like a log throughout the night.


Five Forgotten Love Songs that you can Revive in your Music Studio

Rod Stewart

Assuming that your recording studio is already padded with acoustic foam, it’s time to channel your inner Casablanca by covering some sweet love songs!

Other than setting up the essential recording equipment, your first agenda is figuring out your playlist. And since the freshest love songs tend to be overplayed over the radio, why not take a trip down memory lane and revive the biggest hits of the past? Sure, the following five love songs are no longer as popular as the day they were released, but they can still tug the heartstrings of anyone willing to listen.

Two Princes – Spin Doctors

If you spent the nineties as a teenager, then you’ve probably heard this song a thousand times as it was used in numerous teenybopper movies that were popular during that decade. One could easily imagine this as the background song of a story that involves a girl and her two suitors: a rich, powerful man and an average happy-go-lucky guy. With its upbeat sound and cool guitar riffs, “Two Princes” is the suitable soundtrack for anyone caught in a Victorian romance story. You can’t get any more 90s that that!

Aubrey – Bread

Do you have an Aubrey in your life? Is she your lover, family member, or friend? Well, even if you don’t know anyone named Aubrey, it’s easy to love that not-so-ordinary name. In this particular song by Bread, however, Aubrey is someone a lovelorn boy is pining for. And even though she has already gone away, he still longs for her presence.

Angel of the Morning – Juice Newton

Contrary to what a lot of twenty-year-olds nowadays think, Shaggy wasn’t exactly original with his rap ballad during the early 2000s. Before Rayvon called some girl as his angel, Juice Newton was asking her man to call her the angel of the morning and touch her cheek before he leaves. So, which one do you prefer? Well, if you want to make eyes tear up in heartfelt sadness, a hip-hop track simply won’t do.

I Don’t Wanna Talk About It – Rod Stewart

If you analyze the chorus, the song contradicts itself. After all, if Rod doesn’t want to talk to the girl who broke his heart about how she broke his heart, then why did he ask for her to stay a little bit longer and listen to his heart? Well, the irony may be glaringly obvious, but it doesn’t dampen the song’s bittersweet feel. In fact, it even makes the song all the more memorable and sincere.

Don’t Give Up On Us – David Soul

Your parents were probably big fans of Starsky and Hutch, an action-comedy show starring cop buddies. David Soul, the actor who played Detective Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson, sang this rather sweet, mellow, and hopeful anti-breakup ballad. Because of this song, David decided to try his hand in the music industry, which boomed in UK but bombed in US. Nevertheless, despite him being a one-hit wonder, he was able to produce a timeless and marvelous song about not giving up on love.

Today’s youth may no longer be familiar with most of these hits, but with your golden voice and beloved recording studio, you can let them know of their melodic beauty.