Beating The Heat: Summer Movies to Watch in Your Home Theatre

Acoustic foams are often used in movie houses – allowing the sounds coming from the giant speakers to be contained inside the room allowing the audience to have a full blast experience. But why not use acoustic foam in your home theatre and have a cinema-like experience in your own place!

acoustic foam lilo and stitch

Lilo and Stitch (2002)

This animation film is about genetic experiment #626, who was able to escape from being jailed in a prison asteroid by stealing a red police cruiser. This experiment, created by the ruthless scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba, is a strong, intelligent, aggressive, and nearly indestructible with only one weakness – and that is its high density making it impossible for the experiment to swim in water.

When it landed on planet Earth, it was stranded on Hawaii, where it was impossible for the experiment to destroy buildings because of the fact that it is surrounded with water. Surprisingly, a Hawaiian girl named Lilo adopted this experiment, mistaking it for a dog. Lilo named him Stitch, and the two developed an emotional bond with each other.

acoustic foam parent trapThe Parent Trap (1998)

This family movie starring Lindsey Lohan, Nick Parker, and Elizabeth James tells the story of identical twins that were separated at birth and raised by one of their biological parents, who found out that they were twins for the first time at a summer camp. These two planned to bring their parents back together despite all odds.

acoustic foam i know what you did last summerI Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Summer films are not all about fun and laughter! It was proven by this mystery thriller film starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Freddie Prinze Jr.

One summer, Julie James and her group of friends went to a trip and accidentally hit a fisherman with their car. Because they thought he was already dead, they dumped him into the waters to get away with the crime. They led peaceful lives after the incident that they have already seemingly forgotten, until they received a strange letter saying “I know what you did last summer.”

acoustic foam super 8Super 8 (2011)

It was a summer of 1979 when a group of friends in a small town in Ohio witnessed a catastrophic train crash while making a movie with their super 8 camera. These group of friends suspected that this was not an accident. After the train crash, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events started to occur in their town. Because of this, the local deputy tried to uncover the truth, only to find out that the cause of these strange phenomena is something more terrifying than anyone could have ever imagined.

acoustic foam sisterhood of the traveling pantsSisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

Four best girlfriends, one pair of pants. This comedy drama film that was based from a young adult novel of the same title tells the story of these four best friends who would be experiencing their first summer apart from one another. Because of that, they made a plan and decided to share a specific magical pair of jeans. This pair of jeans perfectly fit each one of them despite their various shapes and sizes. To keep in touch with each other, they passed these pants to each other together with the adventures that they are going through while apart.

Summer is one of the best times to relax and watch films, so go ahead and buy your very own acoustic foams to enjoy these films – it is as if you are just watching a film in a cinema!

URATEX Presents: The Marine Applications of Polyurethane

polyurethane foam boat marinePolyurethane foam is usually used as a packaging material for the transport of items – especially delicate items such as fruits, electronic parts, hard disk drives, and automotive radiators. And aside from packaging purposes, polyurethane foams are used for other industrial reasons. But did you know that they can not only be used on land but also on water?

Can Be Used As Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers

Epoxy resins made from polyurethane seal boat hulls from water, weather conditions, corrosion, and other elements that negatively affect the boat’s hydrodynamics and durability. These sealants are not only applicable to be used for sloops, catamarans, and speedboats, but also on simpler boats like canoes, kayaks, skiffs, and rowboats.

Amazingly, polyurethane is not only used for boats. Other than protecting seafaring vessels, polyurethane also strengthens diving equipment used by seafloor explorers.

Provides Comfort

Flexible Polyurethane Foam, also referred to as FPF, is perhaps one of the best marine applications of polyurethane, since it allows boaters to feel at home inside their sea vessels. These comfortable foams make seat cushions, carpet pads, and bedding materials firm but soft. Also, this kind of foam can be molded to fit different spaces – making it ideal foam for boaters.

FPF can be used not only on the high seas, but also on poolside lounges – especially for water sports enthusiasts, so they can enjoy and be comfortable while they relax their weary bodies after playing a tedious water sport.

What makes FPF more remarkable is that it’s also great for customized applications. It can be customized to be viscoelastic and temperature-sensitive to continuously mold and adjust accordingly with a person’s shape – ideal to relieve stress, minimize use of pressure points, and provide great support.

polyurethane foam yacht paperLessens Noise

If Flexible Polyurethane Foam acts as the comforter for boaters in their vessels, the rigid polyurethane foam’s role is something more beneficial to the vessels. It provides boats insulation from noise and temperature extremes, abrasion and tear resistance, and load-bearing capacity with only using little weight.

Smaller boats have a common problem, and that is the noise produced by engines and other gears. By using rigid polyurethane foam, it absorbs such noise (just like acoustic foams in movie houses). The difference between the two is that acoustic foams trap sound vibrations, while rigid polyurethane foam has resins supplemented in it. These resins change the kinetic energy of sound waves into heat energy, which in turn dissipates into the foam itself.

Also, other than lessening the noise produced by the boats’ engines and resisting water absorption, this foam’s rigidity can serve as a substitute to some boat parts that were traditionally made from steel such as sleeve bearings, wear plats, sprockets, and rollers.

TPU: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Thermoplastic Polyurethane, also called TPU, is a durable substance that is suitable for wire and cable coatings, engine tubing, drive belts, hydraulic hoses and seals, and ship molding. TPU, like any other polyurethane, does not only function for boats, as it can also be molded in different forms like swim fins, goggles, and even inflatable rafts.

Without polyurethane foam, going out to sea would be a lot less enjoyable, and sailing wouldn’t be as smooth as it is now. So, interested in this industrial marvel already? If that’s a yes, then don’t forget to comment below!

Upon Admission: 6 Must-Haves for a Hospital Stay

hospital bed patient must bring itemsAt some point in your life, you will most likely be admitted in a hospital – give birth, undergo surgeries, and the like – and be assigned to your own hospital bed to recover from these tiring procedures. However, a hospital stay is more than just recuperating while lying on your hospital bed; it is literally living in a hospital for a few days. Therefore, you need to feel at ease in the hospital, and bringing important items can definitely help. So, do you know what they are? If not, read ahead!

Toiletries and Personal Items

Here are the most common examples of toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Since it’s a hospital and it promotes health, what better way of promoting health and cleanliness than personal hygiene?

You’d also not want to forget personal items like underwear and skin care products. After all, you should take care of your body even if the hospital staff is already taking care of it as well.

hospital bed extra clothesExtra Clothes

Yes, a hospital will provide you with robes, but that’s it. And besides, there is nothing more comfortable than feeling at home by wearing your own clothes.

Baby Essentials

To all women who gave birth and to their partners who are in the hospital, never forget to bring those “baby essentials”. These include diapers, newborn hats, receiving blankets, onesies, and two pairs of baby socks. You may also want to bring with you a kimono onesie as your baby’s going home outfit because newborn babies are not big fans of anything over their heads.

This is also applicable to patients who, for some reason, brought their babies with them.

hospital bed socksSocks and Slippers

Hospitals can be extremely cold, especially the floors. We all know how uncomfortable it can be to walk barefoot on ice-like surfaces, and blankets are not enough to keep our feet warm. Therefore, bringing socks and slippers is an absolute must. After all, it’s better to feel warm than feel chill – literally!


Chances are you’ll be hungry every now and then while staying in a hospital. Maybe it’s part of your recovery, or maybe purely boredom. But it won’t hurt to bring with you lots of snacks: from salty chips to even healthy fruits that you can eat. However, don’t just munch on whatever you can sink your teeth in; you also need to make sure that what you eat doesn’t go against the doctor’s orders or worsen your medical condition.

Also, don’t forget to bring with you water, or at least a water container, to avoid visiting the nearby convenience store just to buy water. Don’t worry because hospitals have their vending machines or water dispensers available for both hospital staff and the patients (and their families).

hospital blanket pillowsExtra Blanket and Pillow

This is for the patient’s guardian. With these items, guardians (parent/s, husband or wife, family members, etc.) will feel comfortable even if they sleep on a chair or a couch.

Distraction Tools

There are times when watching TV while lying down on your hospital bed can be very boring. There are also times when you can’t sleep at night, even in your own hospital room, pondering on various things. And this is when distraction tools enter the scene.

There are different kinds of distraction tools – from books, to gadgets, and even card and board games. Time fly faster without you realizing it, and various games and books can also help in sharpening different mental skills (analytical, creative, etc.). You don’t want your brain to be rusty while staying in a hospital, do you?

Who said that preparing for a hospital stay doesn’t require preparations? Just like going to a hotel or to a friend’s house for a sleepover, you need to be ready for it – including the things to bring!

Checking In To The Industry: How To Start Your Own Hotel Business

hotel mattress business ownHotel business and operation does not exclusively start and end during the summer season or the holidays. In fact, it is one of those businesses that actually operate throughout the year. Because of this, there are people who think of having their own hotel business. Unfortunately, some fail because they venture out in the field without sufficient preparations and poor services and facilities such as hotel mattresses and bathrooms. If you are one of those people, here are the guidelines in starting your own hotel business to actually avoid failing.

It Begins In The Mind

Before you start venturing out and consulting professionals regarding your business plan, you need to envision first how your hotel will turn out. Start by answering some essential questions. What type of hotel accommodation are you offering? Upscale, affordable, or budget? Will the hotel you’re planning to have provide room-only services or will it have additional amenities like a restaurant, conference hall, and recreation areas like swimming pool(s), beauty spa(s), fitness center(s), and casino(s)?

Aside from those factors to consider, initial planning also includes the location of your hotel. Your hotel must be constructed in a strategic location, somewhere near other commercial areas like malls or boutiques.

planiing hotelPlan Ahead

Just like any other business, making a business plan is also a must if you want your own hotel. Since it is known to many that there are lots of expenses in starting a hotel, it will be ideal to get help with a professional consultant when making your business plan. A business plan often includes a summary of the company’s offerings, market analysis, operating procedures outline, long term goals statements, and an appeal for financial investment. In addition, you might want to include services unique to your hotel as compared to other hotels to give your business an edge over its competitors.

Get Your Papers Signed

Your hotel can’t operate without applying for business permits, license, and tax identification number. Aside from that, the hotel has areas that require additional permits such as operating permit, and license for selling food and alcohol. Also, hotels that offer amenities such as beauty spa services or swimming pool will need additional licenses.

hotel interior oldMaking The Old New

If you have chosen an old building for your new venture, you’ll want to remodel and refurbish the building inside and out. You won’t want your hotel to be mistaken as an old diner that people in the area were used to seeing. Make sure that your electricity, plumbing, and cable functions are functional since they are essentials in a hotel operation.

Getting It Out There

People won’t automatically know about your business, thus the need for you to advertise and market your hotel. To make your hotel’s existence known, contact companies like tourism companies, advertising offices, and travel agencies. Getting in touch with them will put your hotel on a list of suggestions for their customers to stay in whenever they visit the area. Also, another good way to reach out to people is by having your own website or at the very least a social media page. After all, people look for amenities online; and when they do, they’ll find and stay in your hotel.

A hotel may be very costly and time-consuming, but it sure is one of the most rewarding businesses with its potential returns. Who knows? Maybe your future hotel will become a mainstay in the industry.

With The Kids: Making Your Hotel Stay Child-Friendly

hotel mattress child friendlySummer is the perfect time to take a vacation with the kids. It’s also the perfect time to take a vacation with the whole family, and what better place to stay when you’re not at home than a hotel suite, complete with a comfy hotel mattress. There’s one problem though: your kid is not enjoying his/her stay. What to do? Before going and checking in a hotel, read this article on how to make your hotel stay more child friendly.

Find a Family-friendly Hotel

All hotels are willing to check in anyone willing to pay, but not all of them are child friendly, which means that they do not cater to children’s needs. To know if a hotel is child friendly, you must identify whether a hotel is also family-friendly. To look for family-friendly hotels, you can check your local directory or consult the internet. This kind of hotel has facilities that cater to children’s needs such as recreation areas and a menu that includes food items appeals to them.

hotel mattress big roomA Big Room

Children are not made for small spaces since they’ll just end up running into furniture and electrical appliances and whatnot. That’s why it’s important to check in to a room big enough to contain their boundless energy. It will be beneficial since it won’t only allow your kids to run around and play tag until they get tired, it’ll also prevent the potential doubling of expenses from checking in two hotel rooms. In addition, checking in a room that is big enough for your family will also allow you to place your things properly instead of having no choice but to leave them lying on the floor.

Recreation Areas Are Children’s Best Friend

Family friendly hotels have recreation areas. They vary from one hotel to another, but they all share one thing in common: they make sure the children will enjoy their stay! These range from pools (especially rooftop pools), arcades, libraries (because there are children who actually enjoy reading as their form of playing), and outdoor activity areas like biking. Other hotels have movie houses, where parents and children are free to watch films and have a movie marathon, or art activities like painting and sketching. There are even hotels with giant aquariums inside. And if your children have become too bored of the activities in the hotel, you can always bring them to the malls near your hotel

hotel mattress kids mealKiddie Meals, Anyone?

Children are definitely picky eaters, making them hard to feed. Thankfully, child-friendly hotels are sensitive to children’s palate and therefore always consider what children love to eat. They usually offer roast or fried chicken, pasta, and different pork dishes. And as side dishes, they serve mashed potatoes or sweet corns. And surely, there are desserts – ice cream, chocolates, and pastries (cupcakes, brownies, cakes, etc.). To make the long menu short, these hotels will surely make a kid full and happy!

Here you go! Do you have any more tips or do you have any experience to share on how you can make your hotel stay more child-friendly? Go ahead and comment below!

By The Sea: Beach Hotels To Visit This Summer

uratex testimonialAn ideal summer outing includes a wonderful beach, a breathtaking view of the sea so you can fully appreciate each sunrise and sunset, lots and lots of activities to occupy you for the whole day, and great food to fill your stomach after all your activities., Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yes, but trying out a beach hotel can make it even get better. After all, its awesome architecture, great amenities, amazing staff, wonderful rooms, and comfortable hotel mattresses can lead to an entirely different beach experience.

If you want to feel that for yourself, read our list of the best beach hotels around the world to visit this summer.

hotel mattress ritz-carltonThe Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, California

Found in Dana Point, California, the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel’s location is truly breathtaking! Its four-star hotel is located at a 150-foot bluff where people can clearly see a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and of the stretch of sandy beach. Below the bluff is the beautiful Salt Creek Beach – ready for you and other vacationers to enjoy its clear and clean seawater. The hotel also has beach butlers who will assist you with setting up chairs, offer snacks and drinks, and help children enjoy their beach stay.

hotel mattress ocean houseOcean House

This majestic replica of the original hotel that first opened in 1868 is located in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. This five-star hotel, which has successfully made its way to the twenty-first century, is equipped with modern technology. However, what it truly boasts of is the great view of the blue and vast sea. Its guest rooms have light mood since its walls are painted with pastel colors.

Not only does Ocean House serve as a place for rest and vacation, it can also function as an events area, just like any other hotel. Imagine: a beach hotel party, or a hotel beach party. Either way is definitely good.

hotel mattress bora boraFour Seasons Resort Bora Bora

Not to be confused with other Four Seasons Resort, this resort is found in Motu Tehotu on the island of Bora Bora, one of the isles in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. This resort can be considered a paradise in the sea, especially since it has white-sand beaches and a crystal-clear lagoon. You should also try and enjoy the resort’s spa service, which is great in soothing those tired and weary muscles from too much working. And lastly, Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is surrounded by nature, making you feel closer to Mother Earth. Don’t forget its majestic sunset – It’s a sight that must be seen!

amankila beach resort hotel mattressAmankila Beach Resort

Amankila is another beauty worthy laying eyes on. This secluded resort found in Bali, Indonesia, has Indonesian touch, especially with Mount Agung as its backdrop. Amankila, which literally translates to “peaceful hill”, is a sanctuary that hosts various activities that are in touch with nature and with the people you are with.

They say life’s a beach, but you can’t stay at the beach all the days of your life. That’s why when you do, make the best out of it by staying in an elegant and relaxing beach hotel.

“URATEX Presents!” Businesses that Require the Application of Acoustic Foam

When you go to cinema houses, do you notice the unusually dark walls covering the place? Or have you seen music videos and films like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist where there are scenes inside recording studios? The walls are covered with a dark foamy material, which is called acoustic foam. This material is used to “absorb” sounds, and they are already used in different industries.

Here we’ll tell you the most famous businesses and industries that are required to use acoustic foams.

acoustic foam warehouseWarehouses

Warehouses are built with high ceilings, industrial rack shelving, and concrete floorings. These are reflective surfaces that cause sound to bounce back. They can also be very noisy with its many machines, hundreds of continuous sound of warehouse lifters, stock selectors, and placing of thousands upon thousands of import and/or export packages. Because of the booming noise that can come from different operations that happen inside warehouses, it’s very obvious that neighboring facilities – whether they’re buildings or houses – will be affected. Second, extreme noises can be hazardous to anyone’s health, as it can actually anxiety and stress to those constantly exposed to it. And lastly, noise disrupts communication between workers, increasing the chances of accidents. Because of these, warehouses are required to install acoustic foams.


Gymnasiums are places where different sporting events happen, like volleyball, badminton, and basketball. Because of the great intensity of these games, cheers, boos, and shouts from the crowd are inevitable. Also, just like warehouses, they are built with high ceilings, causing all sounds and noise bounce everywhere, making the extremely noisy. Thankfully, acoustic foam in gymnasiums lessens the actual noise from the ecstatic audience.

acoustic foam recording studioRecording Studios

If you’ve seen many Youtube videos, then you already know that recording studios are covered in acoustic foam. This lets singers and musicians clearly hear each tune that they produce because the sound won’t bounce around the room. They’ll be able to know whether they hit a wrong key when they are performing inside. Not only that, since acoustic foam “absorbs” sounds, people outside of recording studios won’t hear any noise.

cinema acoustic foamMovie Houses

Do you notice the patterned dark walls inside a movie house? They are actually acoustic foams. Amazingly, acoustic foams are not only there to act as soundproof materials, but also as decorations. They can also serve as an additional means of darkening the movie houses as the film already starts. Without acoustic foams, those waiting in line for the next screening will hear everything happening inside, spoiling all the anticipation and thrill building up, thus disappointing them. Also, without acoustic foam, the sound from a cinema will interfere with that of the nearby ones, dampening the experience of the viewers.

To say that acoustic foam is important in different industries is an understatement. Therefore, if your intended venture involves any of the four mentioned  establishments, it’s an absolute must that you use this amazing product.

7 Timeless Tips for Properly Packaging Your Stuff

Whether you’re sending something abroad or moving to a new home, you’ll need to learn the art of packaging things. Get your polyurethane foam, cardboard boxes, packaging tape and scissors ready, because here are our timeless tips for properly packaging your stuff.

packaging boxes polyurethane foamBox It

For items that don’t have packaging like clothes and bags, you’re going to have to use boxes so you can easily move them. Get box big enough for these articles to fit, fold them neatly to maximize the space, put them inside, and seal it with packaging tape.

You should also use boxes if you have lost the original box of the items you are packaging. When you do, get one that is closest to the size of the item you want to pack. If you can’t find a box that would be a perfect fit to the item, go for those that are a few sizes bigger. And if you are planning to pack something, use double walled boxes.

Protect With Styrofoam Plates

You are about to stuff your precious porcelain plates into an ill-fitting box. To protect these plates, why not stick a Styrofoam plate in between plates? Pack them vertically as they are less likely to break if they are packed this way. If your plates are too loose in the box, use swimming noodles or clothing to stuff the gaps.

polyurethane foam 4Cushion It Inside

When you are sending a package, you certainly want it to arrive at its destination safely. You do not want your mother’s china vase to leave your home in one piece and be in a hundred little pieces upon arrival. To avoid this, make sure that whatever you are sending is properly wrapped. If you are sending multiple items, make sure that they are wrapped individually with at least a couple of inches of cushioning surrounding it inside the box. You can wrap your item with bubble wrap then use polystyrene peanuts or polyurethane foam for cushioning.

Use Cling Wrap or Plastic For Your Liquids

You certainly don’t want your liquids to spill inside the box. It would be such a waste and it would make such a big mess. To prevent this mishap, remove the cap of the bottle then cover the opening with cling wrap. Cap it tightly and voila! No spills!

polyurethane packingSeal Everything Properly

An open package? Maybe it is because you did not seal your package properly. Use wide packaging tape, not a one inch scotch tape when sealing off your box. Use at least three strips of tape from top to bottom to make sure everything is closed.

Label Properly

You do not want your package to end up in some place it’s not intended to be. Therefore, make sure that the address on the label is clear. If the address is handwritten, do not use cursive handwriting. Not everyone can understand your handwriting. Instead, print it in block letters and ensure that the label is stuck securely on the box.

Packaging things can be quite tricky sometimes, but hopefully with these tips, it will all be a breeze to you. So what are you waiting for? Inanimate objects don’t organize themselves, so start packing!