Plastic is Fantastic: 3 Reasons to Choose Uratex Monoblock Chairs

You really can’t and shouldn’t lie down on your polyurethane foam all the time. At one point or another, you need to have a chair that is both cheap, comfort and stylish, and can be a real space saver. And if you’re the type who usually have many guests, the sofa bed won’t suffice – you’ll need monobloc chairs.

They’re small and simple, giving you the freedom to style them to your taste. If you need more reasons below why you should have monobloc chairs in your house – and why you should choose monoblock chairs from Uratex.


If you think monoblock chairs are just one and the same, then prepare to be surprised, as there are up to five designs for you to choose from.

uratex classic-monoblock

101 Classic 

This classic chair by Uratex is considerably cheap for its great quality. Aside from the marble white color, it is also available in marble beige and marble mint green.

201 stool

201 Stool

If you want a classic stool and a strong one at that, you can check out Uratex’s 201 stools. This is perfectly suitable for Just like 101 Classic chair, the available colors are marble white, marble beige, and marble mint green.

The 1001 American and1301 Franchesca

For more information about these two stylish and comfortable designs, click here for the 1001 American and here for the 1301 Franchesca.

kiddie chair monobloc uratex

3801 Kiddie

These are monoblock chairs for kids, perfect for those who run preschools and have a lot of children at home.

Value for Price

Imagine you are hosting an event this coming weekend, and quite a large number of people have confirmed their attendance to your event. There’s only one problem: you are on a tight budget, as you have already spent on food, decoration, and treats. You went to the department store and checked the most ideal and cheapest chairs that you can buy and use. You thought of using monobloc chairs, but which brand? None other than Uratex, for they have has the cheapest monobloc chairs.

As compared to other brands, Uratex’s monoblock chairs are way cheaper. The reason for this is because Uratex wants each and every Filipino family to be able to experience and appreciate the comfort provided by our monoblock chairs.

A Total Space Saver

One of the main reasons why monoblock chairs are widely used is because it is a real space saver. Most likely, you see a lot of them in concerts, events, or social gatherings with large numbers of attendees. They can be stacked, making them easy to transport, place, and clean out once the affair has already been concluded.

Uratex only offers the best, and our monoblock chairs are one of them. Check our website for more details!

From One Industry to Another: How Uratex Helps the Local Furniture Company

uratex polyurethane foam roof furnitureUratex is known by many to produce high quality polyurethane foams that are used in various products. These products include pillows, sofa beds, and mattresses. In time, their foams were started being used in the industrial setting and are often seen in packages, cars, boats, and even in industries such as factories and movie houses. And even though Uratex has come quite far, the company still looks back to its roots: the local furniture industry.

Back in the Past

Uratex has been operating for more than 40 years, making the excellence of its products and services truly unparalleled.

It all began in 1968 when the enterprising Robert Cheng founded Polyfoam Chemical Corporation. As years passed, Polyfoam expanded as it became increasingly attentive and responsive to the growing needs of the furniture, bedding, footwear, garment, and automotive industries. These demands from different industries led Polyfoam to branch out and manufacture other products such as coil and unit spring, flat woven, and velvet fabrics for furniture and automotive upholstery, automotive radiators, leaf spring, and monoblock furnitures.

And even though it had expanded to meet the needs of a lot of industries, it has maintained its quality products and services that they have been offering from the start.

Uratex Helps Homes and Other Industries

Polyurethane foams produced by Uratex assist a lot of industries to grow, including automotive and even the entertainment and show business. There are also times when these foams are put in furniture like sofa or mattresses. But Uratex knows just how to do things because it has other specialty foams like the sensomemory foam, which is ideal for pillows and mattresses.

Uratex does not only help other industries because it can also help homes by promoting health.

Uratex Helps the Local Furniture Company

Believe it or not, there are only a few remaining furniture companies in the Philippines, and this is the reason why Uratex plays an important role in the local furniture industry. According to Dindo Medina, the Corporate Sales Director of Uratex Foam, Uratex is now among the few remaining weaving facilities that continue to supply and make the furniture industry alive.

Uratex’s Help In Promoting The Industry

One example is the Philippine International Furniture Show (PIFS) that happened las April 12, 2014. The PIFS trade show is a celebrated gathering in the furniture industry in the country, where established and internationally recognized local designers and manufacturers team up with exciting new talent coming through the ranks and to show to the world the capabilities of the Filipino design.

Because of PIFS trade show and other events where the country can exhibit its furniture products, the trade barriers will be relaxed which basically means that the influx of goods will be easier for the Philippine furniture industry.

By being one of the remaining and top businesses of the furniture industry in the Philippines, and by the rising exposure of different Philippine products to other countries, it won’t be surprising that Uratex will truly help the local furniture industry and the country’s economy.

Learning to Heal: 5 Most Well-Known Tertiary Hospitals in the World

Universities and colleges can be treated as the start of the formal training for the real world. This is no different with allied health courses. This is why it is not surprising that universities that offer medical courses have hospitals with them. These hospitals have actual facilities like hospital mattresses, oxygen tanks, and other equipment together. And most importantly, they have real patients that seek medical attention. All these things put students in an actual hospital environment, giving them the privilege of learning experiences and the responsibility of taking care of people.

While specialty hospitals focus on particular diseases, these hospitals, known as tertiary hospitals, are geared to the training of medical students. Here are some of the most famous of their kind.

Duke-Hospital-front uratex hospital mattress

Duke University Hospital 

Duke University Hospital was once a small regional hospital, but now it is a world-renowned 924-bed academic hospital. The hospital is also known for its innovative medical firsts such as the world’s first brain tumor program and the first outpatient program specific to bone marrow issues. It also operates an innovative MRI center that is dedicated for cardiac care.

vanderbilt-university-medical-center hospital mattress uratex

Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center can be considered as a leader in patient care, medical education, and research, and the only dedicated burn center in Tennessee. It is also noted for its award-winning heart transplant program. It also often hosts clinical trials involving new medical treatments and innovative drugs.

It operates more than 50 satellite clinics throughout the region and parts of Kentucky. Vanderbilt University Medical Center also has lots of laboratories that conduct ongoing researches.

baylor-university-medical-center hospital mattress

Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

Baylor University Medical Center is known for offering the latest cancer-fighting techniques. This 1,065-bed hospital has received high national ratings for urology, gynecology, orthopedics, and heart care. This center also has excellent physician and nurse training program – making a lot of students go here to work.

University of Colorado Hospital

University of Colorado Hospital

University of Colorado Hospital is considered as one of the premier academic institutions. This hospital is nationally accredited for its comprehensive care center. It also has an excellent nursing program and has been recognized to deliver quality patient care consistently.

The University of Colorado Hospital ranks first in pulmonology care, followed by rankings in cancer care and treatment and prevention of diabetes. It also has affiliated facilities that include separate inpatient and outpatient facilities, an eye institute, an addiction and rehabilitation center, and neighborhood clinics.

university of pennsylvania hospital mattress uratex

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is ranked as the best hospital in Pennsylvania by U.S. News & World Report, for it is known around the world for its medical researches and clinical excellence. Its researches include offering innovative treatments and developing effective preventive care products.

The 784-bed hospital with approximately 2,000 physicians and specialists is also known for its clinical training and comprehensive nursing program.

University hospitals are a great way to actually train medical and nursing students on what they’ll do on different hospital procedures and situations. So if you’re going to run or be admitted in one, don’t think of it as a training ground, but as a starting point for brilliant minds in healthcare.

Home Stage: 4 Popular Musicals That Have Visited the Philippines

Instead of watching concerts, why not give musicals a chance? This wonderful performing arts genre tells a wonderful story through a series of songs and dance numbers, partnered with elaborate stage sets and dazzling lights. These ever-popular shows are performed across the globe. And because of its great reliance on sound, almost all modern-day theaters in the world have acoustic foam.

In our part of the planet, many musicals have flown in. And thanks to their renown, people across the country graced them, becoming willing captive audiences. Here are some of the most well-known among them.

cinderella uratex acoustic foam

Cinderella (2008)

Rodgers and Hamerstein’s musical retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale tells the story of Cinderella. We all know the story: a teenage girl who was forced to do all household tasks by her cruel mother and stepsisters. One day, the king and queen invite every young maiden in the kingdom to a royal ball so the crown prince can find a girl suitable for marriage. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters attended the ball, and left the girl behind. While she was alone, she was visited by her fairy godmother, who has a trick or two in her sleeves to make her wishes come true.

This Broadway musical was staged by Bobby Garcia with a star-studded cast that includes Lea Salonga, Charlie Parker, Peter Saide, and Julia Cook.

phantom of the opera uratex acoustic foam

The Phantom of the Opera (2012)

“He’s here! The phantom of the opera!”

Starred by Jonathan Roxmouth as the Phantom, and Claire Lyon as Christine Daae, and was performed in the Cultural Center of the Philippines, The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of Christine Daae, a young soprano who had an unconventional relationship with the theatre ghost. Raoul, Christine’s childhood friend, comes back and wins her heart over. However, The Phantom is not one to relinquish his feelings for Christine that easily. As the tension rises, everyone’s fate rest in Christine’s hands and heart.

Wicked-Musical uratex acoustic foam

Wicked: The Untold Stories of the Witches of Oz (2014)

“I think I’ll try defying gravity, and you can’t pull me down!”

Often referred to as just “Wicked”, this Broadway musical was also performed in the Cultural Center of the Philippines just last year. This was inspired from Gregory Maguire’s 1995 novel entitled “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West”.

It tells the story of Ephaba, the misunderstood, smart, and enthusiastic girl with emerald-green skin who became the notorious Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda, the beautiful, blonde, and popular girl who lately became Glinda the Good Witch of the South. This was told of the Dorothy’s arrival in Oz from Kansas.

chicago musical uratex acoustic foam

Chicago (2015)

“Come on, babe. Why don’t we paint the town and all that jazz?”
Everyone wants to be a star, including housewife Roxie Hart. She did her best to reach her dreams of being a vaudeville star – and that includes plans of sleeping her way to the top. When she found out that Fred Casely – a man who promised her stardom – was a fraud, she killed him during an argument. She ended up being imprisoned at Cook County jail, and for some twist of fate, met the famous lawyer Billy Flynn, and got the fame she always wanted.

Musicals may be expensive, but the awesome song and dance numbers and extravagant production value makes them totally worth it. Go ahead and buy a ticket for a great experience. And oh, don’t forget to keep in mind important theater etiquette rules.

Hospital Etiquette: General Rules that Visitors should Observe

uratex hospital mattress visit
You visited a patient – a friend or a family member perhaps – and chatted and laughed with them for quite some time. After a while, a nurse knocked on the door of your room and told you to keep your voices down. Of course, silence should be observed in a hospital. And if the nurse catches you lying on the hospital bed that is meant for the patient, then get off. Those are just a few of the many general rules for hospitals.

If you are unfamiliar with the others, read on so you’d know how to act when visiting a loved one in a medical center, whatever specialty they may have.

Visiting Hours Are Usually 9 AM To 9-10 PM

This is the usual visiting hours in almost all hospitals. The average time that an average person wakes up is 6 in the morning. However, people who are recovering from either an operation or sickness sleep a bit longer, so it makes perfect sense that visitors are only allowed at 9am until 9 or 10 in the evening to see their loved ones.

Smoking Is Prohibited

Hospitals, being institutions that cater to the needs of people who are recovering, prohibit smoking, an act that is harmful to both the one smoking and those inhaling the secondhand smoke. And because hospitals are air-conditioned, the smoke emitted from cigarettes will just circulate in either the room or the hallway. This is problematic, especially towards patients who have respiratory problems like asthma. So if you want or really have to smoke, you’re going to have to go to the designated smoking areas or outside the hospital premises.

Don’t Visit if You Have a Contagious Disease

Admitted patients are a lot more vulnerable to catching communicable diseases as compared to completely healthy people. That is why visitors who have any contagious disease must not visit until they fully recover themselves. After all, it’s common courtesy to do your best not to infect anyone whenever you have a communicable disease. These include cough, fever, runny nose,hea chicken pox, and measles, just to name a few.

uratex hospital mattress visit

Preferably Two Visitors at Most

Some may find this too restricting, but having two visitors at a time can be beneficial for both the patient being visited and the other patients.

A lot of visitors may be stressful for a resting patient, not to mention that there is a strong positive correlation between the noise produced and the number of people in a room.

It is fine to talk and laugh, but remember that a hospital is not a place of entertainment where it is fine to make noises that are loud enough to disturb other people.

Regularly Wash Your Hands

Since the patients that will be visited are still recovering, it won’t be surprising that their immune systems are still weak. To prevent them from catching whatever infectious diseases you might cause them, washing your hands regularly with either soap and running water or hand sanitizers that are located outside each hospital rooms, nurse stations, or pantries.

Conversely, if the patient has a communicable disease, you should wash your hands to make sure you don’t get any causative agent the patient has. Better safe than sorry.

Now that you know the do’s and dont’s in a hospital, your visits will surely be worthwhile, safe, and healthy for both you and the patient.

No Clapping ‘Til the End: 6 Basic Theatre Etiquette Rules

theater etiquette uratex acoustic foamThere is no other place like theatre. With its massive stage, iconic red curtain, and intricate patterns to hide the acoustic foams that cover the whole theatre, you can’t help but feel awed in the establishment that remains as the temple for the performing arts in the 21st century. And in such an elegant and classy venue, it’s only right that you act properly when you’re in it.

If you don’t know how, then here are the unwritten but quite obvious theatre rules that you have to follow.

Don’t Be Late

Tardiness is never an excuse in any events, especially in theatrical performances. As much as possible, arrive thirty minutes before the performance begins. It will also be best to stay with the group at all times, and wait for the ushers to help you find your seat.

Dress for the Occasion

There is no written dress code when attending theatre performances, and wearing a dinner jacket or evening gown is unnecessary, especially if it is just a simple performance. But then again, remember to look smart and presentable. You wouldn’t want to look like someone who’s at home, right?

acoustic foam theater etiquette cellphoneTurn Your Devices Off

Just like in any other theatrical performances and movie shows, it is not advisable to turn your phones and other handheld devices on. Aside from the fact that it’s distracting other audiences, using portable gadgets can also disturb the production and actors. This is also implemented to avoid taking a video without permission. After all, plays and musicals are best enjoyed in theaters, not on Youtube.

If you really have to answer your call, it will be best to leave the auditorium and only begin speaking to your caller once you are away from the rest of the audience.

Listen to House Announcements or PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

House announcements, sometimes referred to as public service announcements, are often said before a performance starts. These include turning off your phones, not eating, and not taking photos or videos. If taking photos is blatantly permitted, refrain from using flash or video light.

theather etiquette food acoustic foam uratexEat Before or After the Show

You are not watching a movie – therefore eating candies or chips can be very

annoying to other audience. To make sure that you won’t starve during the show, it will be best to have a heavy meal before the show. Or eat during the intermission or after the show. Just make sure not to do it while watching a theatrical performance.

Do NOT Sing Along

No matter how familiar we are with the songs, whether it is On my Own from Les Miserables, Defying Gravity from Wicked, or Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera, do not treat the musical like its karaoke night. Why? Because it can disturb other audiences, especially those intent on listening to the one on stage. Remember, be considerate to those who are listening as well as to those who were actually itching to sing along but opted not to.

Going to the theatre and watching a performance or two is a great experience. In order to keep it that way for you and your fellow audiences, it is best to follow these rules!

The Right Bet: 4 Most Famous Casino Hotels Around The World

If you play in your head the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, you should never forget to include casino hotels. These famous resorts that will definitely go down in history one day, are places the upper strata of society frequent. Imagine having enough money to burn just so you can play for the whole day and sleep on a luxurious king-size hotel mattress at night, complete with the fluffiest of pillows – awesome, isn’t it?

So for you, whether you actually have the dough to splurge on or just content with pretending being a part of the illustrious elite, take a gander at these magnificent casino hotels.

palazzo hotel mattress uratexThe Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino is a lavish destination that offers a boutique-like atmosphere. It is connected to The Venetian, its sister property, via the Grand Canal Shoppes arcade. This European-inspired casino is considered a gambler’s paradise considering that it has a race and sports book, high limit poker salon with butler service, and 112,000-square-foot poker room. As for the suites that they offer, they have sunken living rooms, marble-clad bathrooms, and palatial décor. If you are going to Las Vegas, this casino hotel is a sure bet.

Marina Bay Sands hotel uratexMarina Bay Sands, Singapore

If there is one word that can describe the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, it would be “extraordinary”. The Moshe Safdie-designed casino hotel is famous for its spectacular infinity pool that soars above the city. It also has a Banyan Tree spa and a museum with a permanent exhibit devoted to the excesses of eighteenth-century France. Aside from this, Marina Bay Sands also features high-end productions ranging from The Phantom of the Opera to Barbie LIVE! and showcases an array of installation arts, making it a big art gallery. Just like any other hotels, Marina Bay Sands has fine dining restaurants – and the best restaurants at that. They have Puck’s CUT, Mario Batali’s Osterio Mozza, and a Guy Savoy outpost.

If you think that this hotel is extravagant enough already, wait till you visit its casino. It has more than 2,300 slots and almost 500 gaming tables.

venetian macao hotel mattress uratexThe Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Macau

The Venetian Macao is one of the many impressive casino hotels that make Macau a gambling mecca. This casino hotel has 3,000 suites; each has 750 square feet of space. The resort’s gaming space is the largest in the world –374,000 square feet, with approximately 500 gaming tables and 2,000 slot machines. Other than its casino, the hotel has a high-end shopping mall, health and wellness center, Chinese and international fine dining venues, and entertainment venues.

sun city resort uratex hotel mattressSun City Resort, South Africa

The Sun City resort in South Africa has two casino areas with slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, The Salon Prive (for high stakes games), and a gaming school with free lessons on technique and table etiquette. This seems to be too overwhelming, but worry not because you don’t need to place a bet just to enjoy this place. Sun City Resort also has a water park, elephant encounters, trips to cultural villages and a crocodile sanctuary, two golf courses, and luxury hotels.

Going and playing in a casino may be one of the most exciting things that you can do, but always remember: try not to burn your hard-earned money a little bit too much.

A Comforting Past: 3 Historical Hotels in the Philippines

As early as the early twentieth century, there have been hotels in the country. This means that aside from being very luxurious places full of comfortable hotel mattresses and pillows to sleep on, they are also important buildings that hold great significance for the country.

Check out – and maybe even check into – these beautiful hotels and feel the history their walls hold.

manila hotel mattress uratexThe Manila Hotel

The Manila Hotel can be considered as a symbol of the country’s illustrious past. Built in 1909 and opened in 1912, it is located in the cultural and historical district of Manila. Strategically situated in the heart of the Manila Bay area, it is a few minutes away from airports, shopping malls, and entertainment centers. Historical landmarks Rizal Park and Intramuros are also within its walking distance.

The most sought after, and perhaps the most historical, hotel room in The Manila Hotel is the Mac Arthur Suite. This was the room where General Douglas Mac Arthur stayed when he was in Manila. During the Second World War, the Manila Hotel was heavily damaged. But after that, it was restored to its former grandeur.

Other than the Mac Arthur Suite, the 570-room, five-star hotel also contains offices of some foreign news organizations like The New York Times, and has hosted to numerous iconic people over the decades. Among them are authors Ernest Hemingway and James A. Michener, U.S. President John F. Kennedy, The Beatles, actors Michael Jackson, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and John Wayne, publisher Henry Luce, entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr., Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, and many more.

hyatt hotel hotel mattressHyatt Terraces Hotel

The Hyatt Terraces Hotel, formerly known as Baguio Terraces, was a 12-storey hotel in Baguio, Philippines. It was known for sustaining the most serious damage among all buildings in Baguio after the 1990 Luzon earthquake that occurred on July 1990. The hotel’s terrace front collapsed and fell into the lobby, which killed at least 50 people. Unfortunately, this hotel was not rebuilt after it was damaged.

the peninsula manila hotel mattressThe Peninsula Manila

If you have gone to Makati, you’ll be able to see the majestic fountain and falls of the Peninsula Manila. Also called Manila Pen or Manila Peninsula, this five-star hotel asserted itself as the “Jewel in the Capital’s Crown”. It is notable when the then-detained senator Antonio Trillanes IV, General Lim, and other Magdalo officials walked out of their trial, marched through the streets of Makati, and seized the second floor of the said hotel along Ayala Avenue. This so-called siege ended when the military stormed the lobby and the second floor where Trillanes was seized.

The lobby sustained a lot of damage because from the gunfire that rattled through the walls, windows, and main glass door. On December 2007, the general manager of the hotel announced the filing of damage suit within 10 days with an estimated cost of USD 1.2 million (Php 50.766 million).

These hotels are proof that they are worth more than their market value. So the next time you check in one, you can say that the room rate is a rather small price to pay to feel a slice of history.

The Right Temperature: The Applications of Polyurethane Foam in Insulation

uratex polyurethane foam roof insulationPolyurethane foam can be found everywhere – at home, the bed you sleep in, and even to the car you drive every day. They are also used in furniture and beddings, footwear, and automotive. Aside from these, they are used as coatings and adhesives.

But other than acting as cushion, polyurethane foams can also act as an insulating device.

Insulations are often found in the following:

Cavity Walls

Instead of making the cavity between walls hollow, some homeowners put polyurethane foams instead. This insulates your house allows, the heat to remain in the house – especially useful for people living in countries with low temperature.

roof polyurethane foam uratexRoofs

Just like in cavity walls, polyurethane foams are placed in roofs to insulate the heat in the house. Not only does it insulate heat, polyurethane foams are also used to insulate noise.

Around Boilers

Boilers are, perhaps, one of the hottest parts of a vessel since it is designed to create steam by applying heat energy to water. Polyurethane foams are used in boilers so heat won’t escape from the room. Not only that, having a foam that acts as an insulator allows the conservation of heat.

Where are polyurethane foams used?

construction uratex polyurethane foamBuildings and Construction

Because of polyurethane foams’ durability, buildings last longer and require less maintenance Polyurethane foams can also be made as rigid insulation panels. These insulation panels are light but strong, moisture-resistant, and easy to install. They make ideal materials especially during rainy season.

Insulation panels made from polyurethane foams are also cost-efficient. They can retain their energy-efficient properties for as long as the building exists. And as compared to other materials used in making insulation, polyurethane foams are much more space-efficient because of its flexibility, durability, and versatility. This allows architects and designers to maximize the use of internal spaces to accommodate other necessary parts and decorations. It is already a known fact that polyurethanes are very useful in terms of energy conservation. But other than its energy conservation properties polyurethane foams have a relatively small and increasingly diminishing carbon footprint.


Rigid polyurethane foams are used in major appliances like refrigerators and freezer’s thermal insulation system.

yacht marine vessel polyurethane foam uratexMarine Vessels

It may be surprising or not, but marine vessels such as boats and submarines also use polyurethane foam for insulation. Although it is often used because it reduces durability and affects hydrodynamics in boat hulls, rigid polyurethane foams also insulate boats from noise and extreme temperatures. Not only that, it also provides abrasion and tear resistance, and increases load-bearing capacity while putting minimal weight.

Polyurethane foams play an important role – mainly in providing comfort to the homeowners who use it. But most of all, using polyurethane foams is cost-efficient as it allows a person to save as it can act as heat insulator.

If you are now interested, you may visit the Uratex website to check the different types of polyurethane foams that they offer.

Feel at Home: 6 Household Items (And Parts of the House) That Contain Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is usually found in commercial, institutional, and industrial areas like warehouses, factories, cinemas, and recording studios. But guess what? These foams, which are a product of technological advancements, can and are actually often used in homes.

If you find that hard to believe, here are household items where you can find polyurethane foams!

Welcome carpetCarpets

The utilization of polyurethane foam increases the lifespan of carpets. It also protects the carpet’s appearance since it is the one receiving the pressure from the people stepping on them. Because of the polyurethane foam’s durability and flexibility, adding it on carpets provide added comfort and support to whoever uses them.

Polyurethane foam is also known in its noise reduction properties, as it keeps sound waves from vibrating anywhere in an area. Because of this property, attaching polyurethane foam on carpets also lessens and reduces the ambient noise in your own humble abode.

roof polyurethane foam uratexRoofs

Reflective plastic covering put on polyurethane foam helps in bouncing off sunlight and heat. It also helps in maintaining the house cool while helping reduce energy consumption. Panels that use polyurethane foam also offer a wide variety of colors and profiles that can be used not only on walls but also on roofs. This only shows that polyurethane foam goes beyond function – it also helps in your house’s aesthetics.

refrigerator polyurethane foam uratexIn Appliances

Polyurethane foams play a very important role in major appliances that most households have. These include refrigerator and freezer thermal insulation system. Rigid polyurethane foams are often used for appliances because of its good thermal insulating properties – which resulted from the combination of a fine, closed-cell foam structure and cell gases that resist heat transfer.

In addition, electronic materials found in appliances also contain polyurethane foam. They serve as a protector to electronic devices by providing excellent dielectric and adhesive properties as well as exceptional solver, water, and extreme temperature resistance.

furninshings polyurethane foam uratexFamous for Furnishings

Foams are equated to softness, and that’s why we shouldn’t be surprised that they are also used in furniture and beddings. Since flexible polyurethane foam act as a cushioning material for upholstered furniture, it allows different furniture and beddings to be more durable, comfortable, and supportive.

They are also used in beddings as it receives the pressure from the people using it – just like the role of bed springs.

flooring uratex polyurethane foamFloorings

Polyurethane foams are also used in coating floors, whether it’s wood and parquet to the cement. Using this foam as a finishing, a new wood, parquet, or cement floor wears better and longer, while older floor can be refinished to look again.

Polyurethane foam does not only play an important role in the industrial setting since it is most often seen there – it also plays a great role in the domestic setting without us realizing it.