Oh Nurse! 5 Greatest Nurses on The Television Screen

You might think that being a nurse simply requires a degree but it is more than that. Academically speaking, some of these characters even have a Masters degree in Nursing. It is a profession which requires passion, patience and empathy. These are the people who help you onto your hospital bed and checks your vital signs. They are the people who hold your hand when the going gets tough.


Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) Doctor Who

Rory Williams

He may be known by the majority of Whovians as The Last Centurion but what many tend to forget is before he joined The Eleventh Doctor and Amy in the TARDIS, he was a nurse. Despite a change of profession from Nurse to Companion, he is still the professional as he still carries around some of his medical supplies in his pockets just in case someone gets hurt during one of their adventures. Along with his wife Amy Pond, he was sent back in time to the year 1946 by a Weeping Angel where we bet he is still using his nursing skills to the best extent.  

Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes) Scrubs

Carla Espinosa

A tough nurse with a soft side. These are the words that perfectly describe Scrubs’ Carla Espinosa.  According to Judy Reyes, who portrays the character, she took inspiration from her sister who is a real life nurse. During the series, she develops a relationship with Christopher Turk and marries him in the show’s third season. She is known to have a strong mind and will. Proof of this is her being one of the very few people who dares stand up against the intimidating Doctor Cox. By doing so, she has earned his strong respect. She is the only person in the whole hospital whose opinion he actually considers. Carla Espinosa puts family first before her nursing duties which is evident by her absence in the show’s ninth and final season, where she has quit nursing and is now a full time mother to her and Turk’s two daughters.

Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco) Nurse Jackie

edie falco

Nurses often say that Jackie Peyton is the closest you will get to the real thing in the real world– without the vicodin, of course. One may even go as so far as to call her the nurse version of House, the lead character from House M.D. As a trauma nurse in All Saints’ Hospital, NYC, she seeks for new ways to be able to help out her patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. She seeks balance between her personal and professional life and the only way she thinks she can achieve this is by popping a few pills.

Carol Hathaway- (Julianna Marguiles) ER

Carol Hathaway

In order to excel even further in her career as a nurse, Carol Hathaway studied hard and gained her Master’s degree. She originally intended to go back to school to become a doctor but decided to go for the Master’s degree as she saw her profession’s worth. She is the nurse manager of Chicago’s County Hospital. It was her character that gave the audience a peak on the reality of a nursing career as she faced different, actual issues such as insurance policies. In the first season, Carol was supposed to be killed off but due to the audience’s response, was kept until Season 8.

Major Margaret J “Hot Lips” Houlihan (Loretta Swift) M*A*S*H

Major Margaret

She may be blonde but she sure ain’t dumb. Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan is one tough chick as she deals and treats the men she is stationed with during the Korean War. Initially a stickler for the rules, she learns to ignore some of said rules and may have even bent a few herself. She is an experience surgical nurse and these skills were very much in need in the midst of an ongoing war. Despite her toughness, she really cares for the people around her and is not afraid to speak her mind wherever she is.


The next time you open your computer, why not watch an episode or two of these show? We bet you will agree with us for including these five in our list.

5 Stunning Movie Theatres around the World

One of the reasons why people are willing to pay to watch a film in a cinema is because of two things: big screen and great audio, thanks to the acoustic foam inside the theater. What if there’s a little something about that establishment that makes it extra special? It might be something about the seats or just the ambience but these five cinemas are definitely worth a visit.


Beanieplex, Malaysia

Beanieplex, Malaysia

Tanjung Golden Village is one of the most popular cinemas in Malaysia. Their cinemas are classified by classes such as Luxe and Standard with the exception of one: Beanie Hall. In this cinema, also appropriately called Beanieplex, you will not be seeing ushers wearing beanies on their heads but bean bag chairs in place of an upholstered recliner or folding chair with a cup holder. Claiming to be the world’s comfiest cinema, these seats may look like one giant seat but are actually meant for two people, perfect for date night.

Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur, India

Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur, India

India is known to be the world’s biggest producer of films, churning out more than 800 films a year. It also has the earliest film industry in the world which is why it should be no surprise that one of the best cinemas today is a cinema nearly four decades old and still as beautiful as the day it opened. The Raj Mandir Cinema is located in Jaipur, India and can easily be recognized by its extraordinary pink exterior. Once you enter, you will no longer wonder why this complex is nicknamed the “Pride of Asia” as you check out the retro interior highlighted by swirls and scallop-like ceiling décor. All of these perfectly compliment the colorful, musical Bollywood films the Raj Mandir shows. And hey, where else can you see a cinema where you can smell the aroma of flowers from the fragrance piped in from the air ducts?

Electric Cinema, London, United Kingdom

Electric Cinema, London, United Kingdom

By the name alone you know you movie viewing in this cinema will be anything but normal. If you think the Raj Madir cinema was old at 39 then consider this: The Electric Cinema was opened on February 24, 1910. Do a little math and you will be able to determine that this cinema is an extraordinary 105 years old! This treasure of Notting Hill, London has survived a bombing, two World Wars and a fire which closed it down for six months. In 1993, it closed due to lack of income but in 2001, reopened again to its former glory with its unique art deco interior. Today it houses a bar (in the auditorium!), a wide screen framed by a classical, proscenium arch and leather chairs, each with its own footstool and lamp. Here’s a reason to get a front row “seat”: instead of leather seats, you have six, plush double beds. You can even request for a cashmere blanket. Now that’s class.

Buda Bed Cinema, Budapest, Hungary

Buda Bed Cinema, Budapest, Hungary

Imagine— a cinema where instead of chairs you have beds. Nope, not just one row but the whole cinema is filled with beds. This is what you will be able to enjoy at the Buda Bed Cinema in Budapest, Hungary. Curl up in one of the 35 double beds as you watch one of the classic films they show. This place not only has a cinema but an enormous Skybar, an exclusive VIP club and an awesome cocktail bar.

Sci-fi Dine-In Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida, USA

Sci-fi Dine-In Theater, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Florida, USA

You’ve seen beds, you’ve had beanie bags as seats but what about cars? Yes, we’re talking about a drive in theater but get this: with the next cinema in our list, you don’t have to bring your own car. The Sci-fi Dine-In Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios was patterned after a 1950s drive in theater, the dining convertibles, can seat up to four people. As for the films, do not expect modern movies but flicks from the 50s-60s ranging from sci-fi to cartoons all while enjoying the delicious Americana cuisine brought to you by servers on roller skates. Here is a tip: it is highly recommended to book in advance to get a great table.  


Next time you go globe-trotting, make sure to pay a visit to these 5 cinemas for a movie experience to remember. Bring a friend or make a new one to make it even more memorable. Enjoy!

Why Spray Polyurethane Foam is the Architect’s Best Friend

architect and foam

In the past, one thinks of polyurethane only as the material used to stuff your mattresses and sofas to make them quite comfortable for you and your family. These days, polyurethane foam is not limited to that sole purpose. It has evolved to become one of the most versatile materials on the planet. There are numerous uses and densities for polyurethane for it, with low density flexible foam is, for example, being used for your beddings and seating while a light covering of polyurethane finish over a polyester weave creates a water and windproof polyurethane laminate which is used in outerwear and shower curtains.

Did you know that polyurethane is also a recommended material for architects? It also comes in a form called spray polyurethane foam and it is absolutely one of the materials an architect cannot do without.

There are two types of spray polyurethane insulation. The architect needs to pick the correct one in order to deliver the best possible service for the client.


Open Cell Polyurethane Foam Spray

This type of foam spray uses fewer chemicals as compared closed cell spray polyurethane foam which results to it being less expensive than the other type. It is best for indoor use and has a spongy texture to it.

Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam Spray

Considered to be the denser of the two types, closed cell is the one more commonly seen in homes. It is more resistant to water and also has better insulation. Closed cell spray polyurethane foam can be used not only indoors but outdoors as well.


spray polyurethane foam uratex


What’s so special about Polyurethane Foam?

Cost Efficient

One of the chief problems an architect’s client will encounter is costs. After having their dream home built, they will want to tighten the built a bit as having a home constructed is not something to be considered cheap or if it were to be termed nicely, inexpensive. By having spray polyurethane foam for insulation, you will not be only saving your clients money with construction material but in the long term as well. They will be able to save big time when it comes to energy costs and utility bills. Now isn’t that nice?

Health Is Wealth

Is the client health conscious? Then spray polyurethane foam is the way to go. Did you know that it is actually anti mold and anti-mildew? It prevents the formation of moisture, which is what causes the mold to grow. Said mold can lead to severe health problems which may land the client in the hospital. If you choose spray polyurethane foam, you can be sure harmful mold will not grow in the places you’ve used them on.


Yup, it is waterproof which makes it great material to be used for your roof. If the top layer has been damaged by different factors, you can be assured that no water will leak through as the underlying layer will protect the roof from dripping.

Adds Structural Integrity

This foam isn’t just for insulation but for structural integrity as well. If we are to become specific, it is closed cell spray polyurethane foam that provides structural integrity. The outer wall is reinforced and made more rigid by the foam. Walls with spray polyurethane are proven to be 300% stronger than those without.


Of course, the primary reason why you should choose spray polyurethane foam is for its insulation properties. It is more efficient than your fiberglass or cellulose insulation. In addition to this, it really sticks to the wood substrate and sheathing, ensuring that every single crack and crevice is covered. If you are to refer to its R-value or the thermal resistance against heat, it has the highest R-vale rating compared to fiberglass and cellulose at R-5 to R-6.


Well architects, what are you waiting for? Recommend spray polyurethane foam to your clients the next time you see them and for sure they will thank you for this wonderful suggestion.