7 Hospital Secrets that Each Patient should Know about

April 10, 2014


Clean. Neat. Professional. Orderly. These are four words that best describe a hospital when you set foot in one, let alone lie down on one of the hospital beds. There’s a sense of decorum and organization in work ethic as staff attend to the every need of each patient.

Very rarely does it occur to a hospital visitor that even in such an institution like this, there are secrets that the management keep from their clients. Not different from a previous post that talks about how scary hospital stays can be, here are 7 well-kept hospital secrets you, the patient, should know about.

Your doctors don’t communicate with one another

If you’re seeing multiple specialists for a particular condition in the same hospital, chances are they won’t (and don’t) talk to one another regarding your symptoms and prescriptions. That’s because even the best doctors disagree on certain things based on their own opinion. It’s a lot better for you to keep track of what each doctor says about your condition and report them to the specialist you’re seeing.

If all else fails, look for a nurse supervisor

Should you need help finding someone in charge for a particular situation, don’t look for a nurse; ask for a nurse supervisor. He/she can immediately connect you to the person/people vital to the current need.

For the best doctor, ask the nurses

Instead of going to an online forum to check which doctor in a particular hospital is good, get the opinions of the nurses. They do work there and interact with the doctors from time to time. They can give you a lowdown of the best expert to consult with on your particular condition. At the end of the day, a friendly and learned physician beats a snobby, medical board top-notcher. Speaking of…

Not all doctors are board-certified

Your doctor may be good, but did he pass the licensing exam? That oversight means all the difference. While you’re at it with secret #3, ask nurses if this particular doctor they recommend is board-certified.

House Quote

Your bill too expensive? It can be discounted

For uninsured patients, hospitals can give you a 35% to 40% discount on your hospital bills. All you need to do is ask.

Know a bit about your symptoms…

Sure, doctors know the symptoms and causes of an illness, but they can’t read your mind. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort due to your condition, by all means tell your doctors what they need to know. Does your arm only hurt when you tilt it upwards? Is your chest in pain only when you exhale? These little tidbits help medical experts in their diagnosis.

Double-check your meds

Doctors and nurses hide botched prescriptions to patients 98% of the time. With your current meds list, always ask your doctor what it’s for and if it’s necessary. It’ll go a long way.

Know any more hospital secrets every patient should know about? Let us know in the comments section below.

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