“SOFA-bulous!” 3 Simple Tricks in Making your Old Sofa Look New Again

July 25, 2014


Don’t just be content with your sofa. Make it SOFA-bulous!

Your living room sofa is everyone’s favorite furniture – next to the bed of course. Sure, you’ve spent countless hours with this lovely polyurethane foam fellow in your television-binging, movie-watching, book-reading, marathon-napping and probably even your over-eating.

Heck, you may have even shared intimate things together like daydreaming about Adam Levine’s marriage proposal to you, or a walk in the long beach with Ryan Gosling. Even a simple giggling because of your sweetheart’s text message to you can be witnessed by this good ‘ol friend.

So why give up on it after a long time? It may look boring and old, but you can do simple tricks to make it look new again.

Dec the Sofa

An old sofa is not a problem if you know how to strategically place accents on it. Do some shopping for throw pillows and blankets to make your sofa lively once more. Choose pillows with interchangeable covers and have fun experimenting with prints, shapes and colors! If it’s summer, why not dress the pillows in bright colors and beach-feels? If you want good vibes to cover you, change pillow covers into a blue bright sky and flowers. In love? Oh, pillow covers adorned with hearts will definitely fill the room with romance.

Picking a right throw blanket can also do the magic. Match it with the design and colors of your rugs and curtains. Perfect decorations for your sofa will impress everyone coming to your house, so I encourage you to experiment with designs. Some patterns you tend to avoid before may give the unexpected burst of life to your old furniture!

 Judge a Sofa by its Cover

Measurements are usually consistent for the typical sofa despite the changes in foam and fabric. So what’s keeping you from shopping for sofa covers? And no, I’m not talking about those crisp, noisy plastic cover that our grandmothers are so fond of. I’m pertaining to bold, vibrant sofa covers. Slip them on your sofa to make it SOFA-bulous. ‘Cause why not?

For fun, try to compliment or contrast it with your pillows. You can also swap sofa covers depending on the season or weather. Love the cloudy day? Dress your sofa in a cover designed with green grass and comfortable breeze. Surely, you’ll have no trouble imagining yourself lying down outside on a green hill of grass. Remember, the first thing your visitors will notice in your house is your sofa, so help them have a good judgment.

I Like To Move It, Move It

How long it has been leaning against that blank wall?  Move it now near the window so you can enjoy both the breeze and sunshine from outside. Or how about painting that blank wall with a variety of colors? Sofa experts like Amanda Brown say that shades of turquoise, jade green and yellow-green give your living room elegance. Traditional neutrals clam you while relaxing on the sofa. The classic color palette of pink and green, particularly shades of lime and fuchsia, can uplift your spirit.

While you really won’t do anything to your sofa, giving the room a new feel will likewise do the job. But, if you want to maximize the effect, consider reupholstering your sofa first before applying the above tips. Repaint the walls, reposition some furniture, put some new decorations and change the curtains – all these can give you another kind of atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? Go and bring back your sofa to life. It is incredibly fun and inexpensive than buying a new one. All you need to do is unleash that creativity in you. Have a happy day with your sofa!