Hospital Mattress

hospital matress

Hospitals share the common goal of healing, nursing, and rehabilitating each and every one of their patients. Countless people are confined to hospitals for different reasons, but whatever the process of restoration may be, he or she will surely spend a lot of time lying on a hospital mattress.”

We here at URATEX believe that the more comfortable a patient is, the faster he or she will be able to fully recover. Our experts have gone all the way, because not only have we developed superior mattresses that specifically cater to hospital patients, but we’ve also figured out the best ways hospitals can make sure that such mattresses stay in optimal shape.

Here’s all you need to know about hospital mattresses:


Spotless Sterilization

Given that you’re responsible for the health of numerous patients, it’s only standard procedure that the environment, facilities, and equipment are sterile and free from filth and all forms of bacteria. And while every hospital does have a strict program for cleanliness, some areas are not given as much attention as needed.

This is simply unacceptable, especially if mattresses are at the bottom of the priority list. Remember that it is the mattress that patients come into contact the most, so you must make it a point that they are always cleaned and replaced when necessary. In sterilizing your hospital mattresses, simply follow this step-by-step procedure.


Keeping it Fresh

Depending on the climate and weather, you’ll have to fluff your patients’ mattress up! This is because changes in temperature contribute a large factor in your mattresses’ wear and tear.

You’ve got nothing to worry about though, because we’ve already constructed a comprehensive guideline in giving your mattresses the care and maintenance it deserves . Incorporate this in your Standard Operating Procedure and you’ll sure to have consistently clean, sterile, and fluffed up comfort for your patients.


Why URATEX is the Best Choice

The road to finding the mattress that will best cater your patients is never a short one. You’ll have to consider numbers especially if you’re looking for a wholesale purchase for the hospital or clinic you manage. And as one of the hospital’s executives, you’ll have to consider economic value without sacrificing the experience of relaxing relief.

Your hospitals’ skillful doctors can only do so much as to try to cure and remedy every medical concern that comes their way. And once the lab tests, surgical procedures, and therapies are over with, the patient will need a specialized mattress that will ensure a recovery free of discomfort, rashes, and bed sores.

We at URATEX want nothing more than to contribute to the betterment of your patient’s post-surgery recuperation. This is where our Theracare Comfort Mattress Collection comes in, which promises unmatched relief, maximum support, and product longevity.

Our Theracare Comfort Mattress collection has complex designs that will accommodates a patients’ specific recuperation needs. With a superior design made with different flexible materials and temperature adapting features, these mattresses are precisely what your hospitals and patients need.

As the leading institutional manufacturing brand, our top notch foam materials and designs assure you that our products will deliver exactly what it promises. With URATEX on your side, your patients are sure to be in safe hands.