Hotel Mattress

hotel mattress

High quality standards – thisis what completesthat genuine “hotel experience”. And for the nation’s widely recognized hotel establishments, URATEX aims to deliver exactly that. We want your hotel guests to experience premium comfort in your suites, but in order for this to become a reality, key factors must be met. After all, customary mattresses won’t do if you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

This is where URATEX comes in. Providing people with first-class relaxation has been our specialization for decades, and our innovation has led us to a line of products specifically designed to highlight that hotel experience. We’ve grasped everything there is to know about hotel mattresses, and if you’ll oblige our invitation to read further down, we’d be happy to prove it to you.


Getting the Best Deal

Running inns and hotel establishments is a lot of work. From their management to providing sufficient supplies and amenities for guests and employees, it is indeed a heavy task.

As the hotel’s financial manager, it will be tempting to buy a cheap mattress to cut down on costs, but that would mean sacrificing the quality of your services. However, finding Grade A mattresses is only half of the mission, because if you want you want to be profitable in your business and have a hotel full of satisfied guests, you’re gonna need to get the best deal possible.

So along with superior quality, you also have to consider essential factors such as price, warranty, and lifespan. Once your standards have been met and a suitable budget has been arranged, it’s time to start planning on how you should dress up the mattress of your choice.


The Whole Package

No hotel bed would be complete without a set of supernaturally soft, fluffy, heavenly pillows. However, even an infinite supply of the nicest pillows won’t do if you only have a single pillow design to showcase.

Like hotel mattresses, pillows come in different forms with specific purposes; some are created for maximum comfort while others are intended to aid those with health problems. Assure your guests that you care for their comfort by investing in such pillow types and making them available to every suite.


Bed Bug Defense

Hotel management and maintenance is not easy, and to keep your hotel suite in tip-top shape is to make sure that it is constantly free from those pesky bed bugs. The thing is, no matter how expensive your hotel mattresses are, the possibility of bed bugs will always be present.

As common as this problem is, it can be prevented altogether with proper care and spotless sanitation. Keeping a steady supply of bed bug spray is something all hotels should prioritize. Toping that off with competent housekeeping and perfect laundry and your hotel mattress should be immune from bed bugs, or any other insects for that matter.


Why URATEX is the Prime Choice

As the hotel’s manager / owner, it is a challenge to balance economic value and the R&R experience you want your customers to have. Amenities and leisurely activities can go a long way, but the main event will always be at night, when guests throw themselves on the bed and sleep their stress away.

We here at URATEX are advocates of rest and recreation, and from this comes our one-of-a-kind mattress collection designed to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of your guests.


The perfect balance between firm and soft is a magical experience only our Premium Touch Pocket Spring Mattress can give.To be more precise, the Premium Touch relieves pressure points and equalizes weight distribution in the way it naturally adjusts to one’s movements. Not only will you avoid back and neck pains, but your spine will also remain aligned all throughout your slumber. Truly an exceptional mattress for comfort and strength.


Comfort comes from all sorts of sources – spring, latex, foam, polyurethane, you name it. The point? We have sufficient, updated knowledge on the best materials for mattress-making, resulting in a variety of mattresses guaranteed to satisfy even the grumpiest of guests. Designed to balance provide unparalleled support and comfort, here are the URATEX creations to choose from:

1)    Safe n Sound Mattress

2)    Comfort Relief Mattress

3)    Orthocare Mattress

4)    Comfort Zone Latex Plus Mattress

5)    Sleep Comfort Memory Mattress

6)    Quilted Classic Mattress


A traditional spring mattress that has proven its worth through time, The Bonnel Spring is a classic spring unit that features innovative foam-encase system. After getting The URATEX Treatment, the bonnel spring has been formed to three mattresses that will make your guests feel they’re resting on clouds:

1)    Select Bonnel Cirrus Mattress

2)    Select Bonnel Nimbus Mattress

3)    Select Bonnel Altus Mattress

Surely, we here at URATEX can deliver you hotel’s needs without blowing a hole on your budget. With our wide selection of hotel mattresses, we are the only manufacturer to remember for the best that money can buy.