Theracare Auda


Uratex AUDA Comfort Hospital Bed brings you an amazing combination of comfort, softness, relief and support in a premium-quality specialty mattress that is reassuring and remarkably soothing. This specially constructed mattress with a two-inch memory foam topper encourages proper spinal alignment, helps relieve pressure and back pains, and helps prevent bedsores or pressure ulcers. It also helps to promote air circulation and minimize heat build-up.

Feature and Benefits

  1. Uses memory foam users that can give gently “cradled” so they sleep in soothing comfort with less tossing and turning.
  2. High-resilience, polyurethane base foam promises additional comfort, firmness and support.
  3. Castellated foam insert that is expertly designed to ensure the mattress adjusts properly to a wide range of profiling bed frames
  4. Designed with one sleeping side so it doesn’t have to be turned over or flipped on a regular basis.
  5. Made using a technologically advanced contour cross-cutting machine, resulting in a precisely and perfectly cut foam product.


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