Theracare Brio 100

Uratex BRIO COMFORT MATTRESS (Series 100) is again designed foe users considered to be that of “High/Very High Risk” of pressure ulcer development and for patients requiring complete comfort, whilst maintaining the highest pressure care support from a static mattress. By using a blend of temperature sensitive, visco-elastic foam at patient interface with the finest quality CMHR foam, Brio Comfort Hospital Mattress provides excellent pressure re-distribution properties, but with patient comfort foremost considered within its design. Longevity is enhanced by using a mixture of modern foam technology and a contemporary cover. Saturn’s durable, multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover also possesses a toughened polyurethane base for use on all bed frame designs.

 Feature and Benefits

  1. Temperature sensitive visco elastic foam surface (castellated cut) – Provides patient comfort by conforming to the body contour.
  2. Finest quality CMHR foam base – Prevents patient bottoming out  & enhances longevity
  3. Multi-stretch, vapour permeable fabric (impregnated with an anti fungal agent) – Reduces shear & friction forces, whilst assisting infection control policies.
  4. Fully high frequency welded cover – Prevents fluid ingress & aids decontamination processes (can be laundered up to 80˚ C)
  5. Toughened PU/non-slip base – Provides a robust protective surface against hydrolysis/strikethrough
  6. Fully replaceable parts – Ensures great value for money


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