Acoustic Foam

Acoustic sound absorption foam is well-suited to alleviate slap and flutter echo – the two most common problems in rooms not specifically designed for music recording and performance. In fact, foam can turn even the most cavernous warehouse or gymnasium into a suitable acoustic environment.

Be it at work or play, too much low and high-pitched noise is very disruptive. You’ve probably wondered how to eliminate dissonant noises in certain areas. This is where acoustic foam comes in.


What is acoustic foam?

Acoustic foam is a very light substance created from the combination of polyurethane (PU) foam and melamine foam. Its surface may be porous or shaped like wedges or pyramids. This type of foam is best suited as a sound absorber, one of PU foam’s many, many applications. Boards of acoustic foam are best placed on the ceiling, walls, and floor for optimal sound absorption.

Though used primarily used for music studios, PU foam can also be applied to offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and theaters, to name a few.



    1. Cancels mid and high-level noise, also known as ‘slap echo’.
    2. Minimizes ambient noise in a room.
    3. Guaranteed to improve the acoustic levels of any room.


Uratex’s soundproof or acoustic foam contains polyurethane technology molded specifically for the overall improvement of a room’s or structure’s acoustics. It is perfect for areas such as recording studios, cinemas, warehouses, manufacturing plants, gyms, auditoriums, generator rooms, etc.