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11 Cool Living Room Accessories for a More Stylish Home

Living Room

The living room is aptly named because this is the part of the home where we do a lot of ‘living’ a.k.a. miscellaneous activities. You can put literally almost anything in this room, from a sofa bed to a trampoline, because this area is usually utilized for general activities such as reading, watching television, lounging, playing, gaming, and so on.

Since the living room is where both residents and visitors spend majority of their time in house, it only makes sense to make it as cozy and aesthetically pleasing as possible, right? If you agree, we suggest the following 11 cool home accessories to make your living room more lively and livable.

Window Covering

Window coverings are effective for keeping the sunlight out without making it too dark, and they also have a way of sprucing up a room. As an added bonus, they also save your furniture from the elements outside (a.k.a. wind, dirt, and rain).

Side Tables

Side tables are a wonderful addition to the traditional coffee table because they’re much easier to transfer from one side of the room to the other. And it’s not just a tiny table either! Find ones that can double as magazine or book holders, or have compartments for remote controls. Never lose the remote on your couch ever again.

Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are the perfect space-savers because they transform from a cozy, humble sofa to one of the most comfortable portable beds in the world. Instead of fighting over space on the sofa on movie nights with the family or friends, these sofa beds can immediately give everyone their own spot to sit or lie on.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

Accent your living room with the decorative throw pillows of your choice! Play it down a bit by mixing pillows with prints with solid colors from the same palette.

Living Stones

Don’t call the ambulance, because the kids aren’t stuck under large, heavy rocks. They’re actually in deep slumber from the extreme comfort of these rock-shaped floor cushions!


Rugs aren’t just to make a room aesthetically pleasing, although they are most commonly used for tying up existing colors in the room. They are also used to define a space, and prevent furniture and people from sliding around.

Candle Holders

Let’s face it, blackouts will occur in our neighborhoods from time to time. Instead of dreading the next six hours that we have to spend without internet or electricity, it’ll be chance to make use of these cool candleholders!


Mirrors are no longer just for checking one’s reflection; they have become an elegant way to decorate a room. Larger mirrors are a great way to make the room appear larger, and can brighten up the room by reflecting light.

Family Clock

Family Clock

Choosing a quirky clock can encourage you to constantly check the time. Consider this DIY project where you make a large wall clock and use photos of your family members in place of numbers. You’ll never be late or neglect anyone again!

Storage Boxes

The living room is an active place where people spend time daily, so it’s normal for stuff to accumulate in this area. This is why a lot of homes, especially ones with children, could do with a few of these storage boxes. They promote a clutter-free environment and can sit unnoticed in a corner, pretending to simply be decorations, masking the fact that within them lies clutter.


Different lamps have different functions, usually depending on the height or placement of the lamp and the amount of light they provide. If you’re only going to use it for décor, consider getting a lamp that only emits soft light to give the room a peaceful ambience.

Decorating your home, even just one area of it, can be one of the best things you do! Your bedroom doesn’t have to be the only place where you can unwind anymore. You can create a space where you can be productive but can also relax at the same time right in your own living room.