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13 Bedtime Holiday Tips to Counter Weight Gain and Poor Sleep

The Christmas season is a time when people like to eat and be merry. With all the delectable food and late-night celebrations, the holiday munching usually extends up to bedtime. But if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with an unwanted weight gain from a sleep-deprived body.

help avoid weight gain

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There’s nothing merry about the dangerous combination of poor sleep and overeating. Here are 13 bedtime hacks to help you avoid overeating during the holidays.

1. Exercise caution on simple carbs

caution on simple carbs

Avoid simple carbs such as white bread and refined sugars that abound in sodas and candies. When eaten at night, unhealthy simple carbs can cause sleep deprivation and weight gain. They provide you with quick energy and can leave you feeling hungrier. They also lack the nutrients found in complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, legumes, potatoes and corn. But remember that not all simple carbs are bad. Fruits and low fat dairy products are good examples.

2. Go easy on the booze

Go easy on the booze

One of the best sleep hacks in December is to watch your alcohol intake at night. Champagne, wine, beer and cocktail mixes are hard to pass up, but drinking too much of these can make you eat food irresponsibly. Drinking too much before bedtime can also disrupt your sleep. You can wake up feeling thirsty or sick in the stomach. Go easy with the bubbly to take care of your sleep and weight.

3. Prepare meals as it’s done in restaurants

done in restaurant

Change the usual presentation of your dinner by mimicking how they do it in posh restaurants.

Instead of serving everything in one go, do it in batches. This will give a sense of control. Never display all the once a basket full of hot rolls, the entire chicken, pig roast, and multiple casseroles. Introducing food gradually is one of the most effective holiday sleep tips, as it gives you a much-needed breather instead of tempting you to overeat.

4. Fill up before attending a big dinner party

big dinner party

Never go to a dinner party with an empty stomach. A lot of people often skip breakfast or lunch in order to save their appetite for the big celebration in the evening. But this isn’t a good weight-maintenance and sleep tactic. During bedtime, you’ll likely have a hard time sleeping because of a bummed stomach. Have something light to eat before partaking in a dinner party.

5. Choose a good sleep care buddy

Some people disregard the importance of the good combination of healthy eating habits and having a innovative local bed foam provider. While the two may sound unrelated at first, they actually have something solid in common: both can help you lose weight with good sleep.

sleep care buddy

Uratex Philippines has been innovating to give better sleep to its patrons. Being the Sleep Specialist, it knows of the consequences sleep-deprivation have on the body like its effects on the appetite.

6. Freeze your leftovers

freeze your leftovers

Tips to help you sleep include freezing your leftovers. It’s not only a good way to preserve food but it can also prevent you from reaching for a second helping before bedtime. Your kitchen might have loads of leftovers after a big dinner party. Pack them immediately and store them in the freezer for a later date, instead of making it easy for yourself to eat them for midnight snack.

7. Learn to politely say no

politely say no

Lots of eating are expected during the holidays. But one of the most helpful bedtime routines is smartly and politely decline an offer for you to eat more. It’s OK to say no to relatives and friends who encourage you to overeat since it’s the holidays. A curt yet gently delivered “I’m really just so full” or “Let me digest the delicious meal for a while” should be enough for your loved ones to back off.

8. Make veggies appetizing

Make veggies appetizing

Veggies can look festive during the holidays. Serving and eating vegetables is one of the best sleep tips to help avoid weight gain in Christmas. It can protect you from unwanted weight gain and uncomfortable sleep. Mix differently colored veggies to make an appetizing salad that’s visually appealing. You can also sneak puréed veggies into baked goods such as bread and pasta dishes. Adding veggies to your food increases its fiber content and can help you with proper digestion.

9. Skip watching TV while eating

skip watching TV while eating

Photo courtesy of Kate Ausburn via Flickr, Creative Commons

It’s tempting to watch your favorite holiday-themed movie while having dinner, but this can lead to poor food choices and overeating. Getting sucked into watching Love, Actually or It’s a Wonderful Life can sway you to mindless eating. It’s easy to lose track of just how much you’re eating while watching a good movie or television show during dinner. Turn off the TV first so you can properly enjoy your meal.

10. Acknowledge your cravings

acknowledge your cravings

It’s good to cave in to your cravings, but do it in moderation. Who can say no to a chocolate-filled Santa? Acknowledging your cravings can curb your desire to overeat. Forbidding specific foods during the holidays can only intensify your appetite to have more of them. Having a bite or two of your favorite holiday dessert should be enough to satisfy you. Remember not to overdo it. Overeating sweets puts you at risk of weight gain from lack of sleep and serious health problems symptoms such as depression, diabetes, heart ailments, and mental disorders.

11. Choose the right glass: tall and slender

tall and slender

It’s easy to over drink during the holidays. While it’s hard to say no to some seasonal eggnog or craft beer, a good trick is to choose tall and thin drinking glasses over short and stout ones. The vertical shape gives a visual illusion that can help you sip your drink instead of gulping everything in one sitting.

12. Ready your give-away containers

ready your give-away jars

The effects of lack of sleep to appetite include added cravings and unmanaged eating. Days of preparing for a holiday party can leave you sleep-deprived and hungry. Before you munch your leftover food, make sure you ready containers to give the extra food to your guests. This is a great way to free yourself and your fridge of extra food. To make it more fun, you can also pick containers that are holiday-themed or add a festive bow to your food giveaway.

13. Always make sure to properly hydrate

make sure to properly hydrate

All the booze and eating can leave you dehydrated. Replenish your body with a lemon-infused water. Instead of guzzling calorie and sugar-filled drinks, treat yourself to a glass of cold, healthy lemon drink that can help detoxify your body. Making sure that you body is well hydrated can help manage your weight and sleep.

Follow these tips to avoid bad sleep and overeating during the holiday season. You can also better sustain your health and merriment with an innovative bed for sale in the Philippines that’s designed to recharge your body and sustain a relaxing sleep. A merrier holiday season is possible when you taking care of your well-being and with a Uratex foam that’s perfect for your sleeping needs.