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20 Insane yet Cool Facts about Sleeping and Whatnot

Ever wondered what goes on in that body of yours while it’s out cold on your warm bed mattress? Ever been curious about those sensations you might have felt while you’re asleep such as those monsters that chase you in nightmares and that falling feeling you experience from time to time? Well then, here are a few facts about sleeping that might interest you as well as answer some of your questions.

bed mattress 3Sleeping and Celebrities

Some of our favorite celebrities have unique and, in some cases, weird sleeping habits. But just because these artists have done it doesn’t mean you should follow their example. After all, that’s their body and yours might not be able to do the same no matter how much you want it to.

  1. Michael Jackson is said to have stayed up for 60 consecutive nights.
  2. Mariah Carey needs at least 15 hours of snooze time before performing.
  3. Randy Garner set the record in 1965 for the longest time without sleep, 11 days.
  4. John Lennon and Yoko Ono spent seven days in a hotel bed in Montreal as part of their anti-Vietnam War protest.

bed mattressSleeping and Dreams

There’s hardly a person in the world who doesn’t dream while asleep. It’s simply because brain activity is at an all time high during the REM stage of sleeping.

  1. It’s estimated that 15% of all people worldwide are sleepwalkers.
  2. Bad dreams can increase in frequency the more often you stay up late.
  3. Most of the dreams we experienced are soundless.
  4. Gamers are more likely to be able to control their dreams.

bed mattress 2Sleeping and Time

Getting enough sleep matters. Staying too long (or too short) lying on your bed with your eyes shut could lead to health complications.

  1. New parents lose approximately 1055.6 hours worth of sleep during their baby’s first year.
  2. An average soldier can go without sleep for up to 36 hours by using a special set of sunglasses that simulate sunlight.
  3. Studies show that women need at least 1 more hour of sleep than men do.
  4. Taking a 6-minute nap can help improve your memory.

healthy-sleep-tipsSleeping and Health

As mentioned above, not getting proper sleep could lead to health problems that could have negative, if not devastating, consequences to your well-being.

  1. It’s indicated that 4.7% of all Americans have unintentionally dozed off while driving.
  2. Sleep deprivation could lessen your pain tolerance.
  3. “Non-24” is a sleeping problem experienced by someone whose body clock is not aligned with a 24-hour day.
  4. Blindness can affect someone’s sleeping pattern due to the lack of ability to differentiate daytime and nighttime.

bed mattress 5Sleeping and Others

  1. The best room temperature for you to have quality sleep is around 60 to 67 °F.
  2. 50% of a dolphin’s brain is continuously awake.
  3. Sleep deprivation caused some of the most catastrophic events in human history, including the Chernobyl disaster and the Three Mile Island.
  4. Staying up all night reduces your ability to study by 40%.

Getting proper sleep is very important for you. So the next time you decide to pull out an all-nighter or overstay in your bed, it’s best if you keep your facts straight!