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3 Bedroom Themes to Match Your Personality

Your bedroom is a window to who you really are. It should complement not only the whole house, but also your personality. I remember when our house was newly built; I was very much involved with how my room should look like – from the color of the wallpaper down to the knobs of my cabinets and drawers. I wanted everything to be aesthetically pleasing for me. Putting a personal touch to your bedroom is not only important, but also gratifying. It makes you feel like a professional interior decorator. Moreover, because you spend most of your time sleeping and resting in your room, it is crucial to make this space your personal haven.

Bedroom themes aren’t just for kids. Who’s to say that you can’t have a nautical theme for your bedroom? Let your personality shine through your bedroom design.

The possibilities of forming a gorgeous bedroom are infinite. Books, magazines, and the Internet can give you several ideas, but it can confuse you as well. The best way to decorate your bedroom is to explore yourself. So ask yourself this, “who am I?” This very important question will help you move forward to what kind of theme your bedroom should have. And to be of better aid for you, I’ve prepared some motifs that you might want to consider for your own room. However, your own taste may not be here on my list, so don’t be shy and add some as you please.

Geeky and Radical

Superheroes, the blue people, and anything from the world of science fiction, I’m pretty sure you’ll see these things in a geek’s bedroom. Paint the walls white, and then decorate it with The Avengers and/or The Justice League posters. Smear navy blue paint to your ceiling and cover it with stars to have an intergalactic feel. Pick bed sheets that pose a comic book character or maybe something from the world of George Lucas or Gene Rodenberry. This creates a big statement, since beds are the most noticeable furniture inside a bedroom. Instead of getting normal lamps, why not install mood lights that resembles a lightsaber, green and blue would be the perfect choice for this. It wouldn’t hurt if you also put a character bean bag somewhere, probably near your flat screen so you can lounge around as you play games on your Xbox or PS3. It’s also reasonable to put up a small working table, not only for that book report due on Monday, but also for your cool gadgets.

Stylish and Vibrant

Simple and yet stylish, nowadays, these are the characteristics of a teenager’s room. A bunk bed topped with white base bed sheet with a radiant-colored blanket and pillowcase that matches the walls of your bedroom – make sure to get a comfortable mattress for this.  Place a synthetic sheep skin carpet and add a day-glow throw pillow or two, this is an alternative area where you can chill while you’re reading a book or maybe studying for an exam. Of course, a study table is still a must. I recommend a white matte-finished table paired with a standard matte brown chair. Avoid getting bulky computer chairs, so as to save your flooring from scratches and space. Make sure to ask your friendly carpenter to make shelves to be placed overhead your study table. That way, you won’t have a hard time getting books, especially when you’re working on a project for school.

Simple and Minimalist

Paint your walls gray or beige; pick shades to add accent. Yes, you read that right. Don’t be scared to pick unsual colors for your wall. Gray and beige may look dull to many, but with the right furniture and lighting, these colors will look elegant. For serious-minded people, everything should be organized. Hence, space is never an issue for them because they know how to keep their room neat. Choose a nice pull-out bed with drawers underneath for additional storage. Put your bed near the window. Instead of curtains, consider using roller blinds, so as to maximize the light coming from the sun. Have a legless table with a tiny lamp near your bed – this acts as a side table and study table. This will also allow you to maximize the pull-out of your bed. A white glossy semi-egg-like computer chair definitely harmonizes with your table. Your room may not look large, but it’ll be spacious and wide because of its simplicity.

Like what I said earlier, there are endless possibilities to embellish your own bedroom with your own style. But keep in mind that this is your personal space in your humble abode; your oasis after a day’s work. Being able to relax is more important than anything else. It’s not really a luxury to put design in your priority list, but do not forget to highlight comfort too.