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3 Comfortable Things I Think Of To Help Me Sleep

I’m here to share with you the thoughts that go inside my head when I have trouble falling asleep. These things are relatively advantageous to me, but it can help you too. There are plenty of things I think about when I’m idle during the daytime, not to mention the things I reflect upon when I’m about to sleep. As a child, I remember thinking of things that I should ponder or worry about.

The Desire to Sleep

I remember the stories that my parents used to tell me way back when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I used to share with them my childhood crises where I would worry about how I’ll be able to pay the electric bills when I grow up, and how I might never be able to get married. Yes, these things are true – you can ask both my parents about it. I’ve always been the one who thinks of literally ALL the possible scenarios that could happen when I’m anticipating any given situation. More often than not, that “any given situation” I’m referring to usually just involves “tomorrow”.

I believe it’s common for all people, such as myself, to reflect upon various things before sleeping. However, you need to be careful about the thoughts that you let inside your head. I’m sure that you don’t want to stress yourself out mentally or emotionally by dealing with very grave issues. For me, I try to consider comfortable things – things that will make me happy and keep me well away from stress. However, I don’t stretch things so far to the point of lying to myself, saying that all is well even though some things are not. It’s just a matter of appreciation.

I think of the people who love and care for me.

These are my family and my friends. I remember how blessed I am with them; I think of the precious times that we shared wherein we laughed, smiled, and expressed care and love for each other. Maybe you feel that you don’t have family and friends, but maybe it’s only because you feel that way and that you’re not too content with the people you have now. But you have to learn to appreciate. A big reason why you are who you are is because of them, and you need to appreciate them for that. Surely, there are those who love and care for you too!

Peaceful Sleep

I think of the blessings that I have.

I’m thankful for the bed that I’m lying down on, the roof above my head, my education, my God-given talents, that I have food to eat, etc.  It’s so easy to complain, but it’ll be much easier for you afterwards if you become thankful. I’m sure you have lots of things to be thankful for. Being alive, for example, is a blessing that you should never take for granted.

I think of the day that awaits me.

I always keep in mind that there’s always a tomorrow. There’s always room for improvement for me, and I know that if I messed up this day, tomorrow is another day to make it all better.

To sum it all up, I think of these things because they help me get to sleep, and I reckon that it’ll help you too. It’s a general truth that being comfortable is the key to having a good sleep. However, that does not only apply physically, but mentally as well. If you relax, like what I do, I’m sure you’ll have a good night’s rest!