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3 Fun Uses for Foam for your Child’s Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Childhood has been and always will be the most important part of any person’s lifetime. During that period, a person’s attitudes, personality, skills and interests are developed. If you look back to the time when you were a child, I’m sure you have a lot of shareable moments which you could pick to be what shaped you as a person.

The main characteristic of being a child that stands out and plays an important role even in adult life is curiosity. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s the motivation of what drives people to cross oceans, climb mountains, and explore planets out there in space. Curiosity is the fuel that made our achievements possible. It’s a hunger for knowledge – a desire to know what is there to see and feel and experience.

For a child, the reason of satisfying curiosity is to have fun as much as to get their own answers. In this article, we’ll look at ways to use foam as a way to augment your child’s bedroom to make it more fun-friendly and more open to the whims of their curiosity and imagination.

Soft Gym

In a child’s mind, a bed could be a mountain, a hollow stack of pillow, a fort or even salvation from the lava floor. Imagination added in with curiosity doubles all motivation in a child’s world. That’s why extra precaution must be put in place in order to endure the child’s safety while he or she is in the midst of exploring this imaginary world.

One sure way to ensure safety is to turn your child’s bedroom into a place where injury is almost impossible to attain. You know how children are so energetic and they like to run and jump around and whatnot. It’s almost like they’re asking to be injured. But you won’t let that happen. Turn part your child’s room into a soft gym and let them play freely and safely.

Foam Forts

Maybe at one time during your childhood, you were all up and giddy about making forts with pillows, cushions, and blankets. I know what that felt like. I had spent a great deal of my childhood in those. The usual problem with forts made of pillows and blankets is that they easily fall apart, rapidly reducing the playing time.

Well, it’s nothing to be all concerned about since pillows and blankets aren’t exactly an engineer’s choice of building material. However, you can use foam pillows which are more defined in shape and are sturdier in order to construct your child’s pillow forts. With these, you can allow your child to experience playtimes that are longer – and more fun!

Play Mats

Play mats are the most important item in a child’s playroom in order to ensure safety. Just like a soft gym, it answers to a child’s energy, tendency to be reckless, and active playfulness. In addition to that, it can simply be something more comfortable to a bare floor that your child can sit on while playing with LEGOs. It’s easy to put away and it makes cleaning up after easier. Simply fold the play mat like a taco and let all the pieces slide off into the toy container. That simple!

So there you have it – 3 simple but fun uses for foam for your child’s bedroom. Not only is foam a very comfortable type of mattress, it can have tons of uses and implications in everyday use as well. But whether or not you use foam as a mattress, take your blanket and pillow and sleep tight and soundly – you and your child.