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3 Quick Tips on How to Sleep in your Car with Comfort

Sleeping in Car

It doesn’t come that often – sleeping in your car or anyone else’s. Of course, it doesn’t take a genius or a behavioural expert to determine that people would prefer sleeping on a soothing bed mattress rather than inside any car. It’s a universal preference, but sometimes life has a way of forcing us in uncomfortable situations for our own sake.

Perhaps the reason why you have to resort to sleeping inside a car is due to a loss in an argument with someone you’re living with, or something equally heart-breaking and physically uncomfortable. Maybe it’s a road trip, or maybe your mattress got soaked in floodwater. In that case, if you got yourself a foam mattress instead of an innerspring mattress, you can be assured that it will dry faster and you can get it clean sooner, and  you’ll have to sleep on your car less while waiting. But in the amount of time that you do, what now? 3 quick tips.

  • Prepare your stay materially

Pillows and blankets. You may stay in a car overnight, and the only thing that sets it apart from sleeping from your own bed is the lack of a comfortable (foam) mattress in your car. But nothing’s stopping you from putting pillows and blankets in that car. You can even wrap yourself in a nice, warm comforter so that you can sleep comfortably. It’s not just pillows and blankets. You can also put up blinds of that car against the windows to block light, and even blindfolds. Clothing articles and jackets aren’t bad too.

  • Use what the car can offer

Although sleepiness and the drive of the desperation to extinguish the unrelenting pull of drowsiness might blur reasoning a little bit, I trust that common sense is still present. Don’t forget that you can recline the seat and give yourself an easier time. I hope you also don’t forget that cars have air-conditioning and that you can open a window or even a door. Keep yourself comfortable and alive. Get yourself some fresh air and ventilation.

  • Do what you do normally

Never forget that the hours of sleep are still yours no matter what your location is, no matter how you’re reclined, nor how you’re going to spend the night or nap overall. Imagine you’re in a real bed. Nothing’s wrong with that. Who says your imagination can’t break free from that car? Listen to music. Make yourself at home and comfortable emotionally and mentally as well as physically. Having trouble feeling sleepy? Read a book or play a game on your device. Lull yourself to sleep. You get the point. Simply do what you need to do.

No matter where you are, no matter who you are, sleep will find you. And it will… no, it won’t kill you like Liam Neeson from “Taken”. But in a way, it will “put you to sleep.” Literally. Sweet dreams, dude.