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4 Crazy Things that Sleepwalkers can Actually Do


Sleeping brings out the best and worst in people. You don’t have to look far from dreams if you want to understand what I’m trying to communicate. Remember some of the weirdest dreams you ever had? Well, that’s just a small percentage of how bizarre your brain can get when the rest of the body that it’s in is idle and resting.

But dreams have a world of their own. They happen for a time, and by the time you regain consciousness on your mattress, you barely remember any of them even though an average person has seven different dreams per night. A startling statistic, but such a phenomenon is different for sleepwalkers.

Recently, we’ve talked about the differences between sleepwalking and sleep talking. We’ve even had a discussion before on why we sleepwalk, so I’m pretty sure you already have a firm grasp on the nature of sleepwalkers. With this fact, let’s move on to lighter things and discover what sleepwalkers are capable of other than, you know, walking.

Cooking in Sleep

  • Cook a meal

You might think that sleepwalkers act like zombies the whole time, that they have no coherent perception of their surroundings. It’s normal to assume that they also stagger around like drunkards with no sense of purpose until they go back to bed to resume their sleep.

However, it’s pretty common for some sleepwalkers to go to their kitchen, get something out of their refrigerator, and prepare a meal – all while asleep. It seems crazy, but it totally happens. Although the meals won’t exactly pass for a gourmet, it’s still a lot more than what other people can accomplish in their slumber.


What’s the use of cooking while asleep if the person won’t eat it? That’s why sleepwalkers are also known to eat while sleepwalking. It’s actually a medically-diagnosed condition called “Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder.” They “pig out” and just go back to bed as if nothing peculiar happened. People with this condition will find it puzzling how they gain weight since they won’t remember their spontaneous, unconscious midnight snacks.

  • Jump out of a window

Back in 2007, a sleepwalker from Germany jumped out of the window of his apartment 10 meters onto the ground. Of course, falling four floors down doesn’t leave anyone without a scratch. The guy broke an arm and a leg. Ouch. But it’s definitely cool to note that he was sleeping the whole time even when he broke his arm and leg. The police found him there, and he was able to recover.

Freddy Krueger

  • Commit Murder

If the previous story didn’t catch your attention, this one definitely should. In 1987, a guy named Ken Parks rose from his bed, got in his car, drove over 14 miles all the way to his in-laws’ house, and murdered his mother-in-law. All of this were done while he was sleepwalking – allegedly.

It doesn’t sound very believable, but the jury found him “not guilty.” However, some murderers use their own versions of “I was just sleepwalking” excuse even though they aren’t really sleepwalkers. Fact or Fiction, it’s still pretty creepy to think about.

Some of you might think that sleepwalkers do their thing with their eyes closed. Of course not. Sleepwalkers act like people who are awake, but their brains are still technically “asleep.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather binge-eat and be obese than commit murder in my sleep. How about you? Are you a sleepwalker? Perhaps you know someone who is. If you have any sleepwalk stories to tell us, let’s chat at the comment section below.