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Fictional & Mythological Characters All Insomniacs Wish were Real


People who suffer from insomnia would try anything to get some precious shut-eye. They’d consume sleep-inducing foods, reset their sleeping cycle, and even invest on the best Senso Memory Mattress they can find. Some practices have proven to be effective, but many insomniacs have yet to find a fast route to Slumber Land.

Sleep deprivation has become such a problem for many that celebrities have died by overdosing on sleeping pills. Will the world ever come up with a definite, permanent cure for insomnia? Only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s meet four characters that, if they actually exist, could make sleepless nights a thing of the past.

Sandy (Rise of the Guardians)


He’s the guy who loves sprinkling sands on children’s eyes just to get them started on their night’s rest. He was first introduced in Hans Christian Andersen’s 1841 folk tale Ole Lukøje, where he is the titular character (“Ole” is a Danish name and “Lukøje” means “close eye”). Since then, he has been referenced in many popular works, equally depicted as either the protagonist or antagonist). Had The Sandman been real, insomnia would have been a mythical sleeping disorder!

Adarna Bird


Immortalized in Philippine literature, this bird has the ability to sing a series of seven melodies, each so sweet that it can make you sleep where you stand. Just try not to sleep directly below the bird as it tends to “relieve” itself afterwards. Just a smear of the bird’s droppings is enough to turn anybody into stone; Don Juan had to literally cut himself just to stay awake while on the quest to capture the magnificent creature!



In Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven universe, dragons are large, powerful and intelligent winged reptiles, considered being the world’s ultimate predator. Their mere presence is enough to freeze you physically and mentally in terror, and as the series progresses the protagonists encounter several of them. One of them is Glommus who attempted to destroy them using his sleep-inducing breath. He would have rid us of insomnia, if he weren’t such a prick. One of the book’s characters, Vanessa, managed to kill him while possessing the body of Tanugatoa Dufu.



Known by the ancient Romans as Somnus, Hypnos is the personification of sleep. He was best known for putting Zeus (at Hera’s behest) into a deep slumber on at least two occasions. The first was during the time of Heracles’ adventure when Hypnos eventually got caught but remained unpunished.

The second was during one of the battles of the Trojan War, and the thunder-god fell into such a deep snooze that it enabled the Greeks (who was favored by Hera) to almost overcome their enemies. This time, Hypnos completely got away with what he did. Unfortunately, this guy only heeds orders from higher gods, and these immortals never cared for the well-being of their creations in the first place.

Jigglypuff Wallpaper


Last on our list is the cutest of them all! Pink, soft, wide-eyed, and armed with a microphone that doubles as a marker, this bouncy Pokémon can literally sing her way out of any predicament! Surely, insomniacs would love to have Jigglypuff as their pet as they’re pretty much guaranteed a sweet sleep every single night. The only downside? They just have to wake up a little bit earlier to wash off the smudge they’d get for falling asleep in the middle of Jigglypuff’s performance.

As awesome as these characters sound, you shouldn’t put too much hope them unless you invent a machine that bridges our world with them. For now, warm yourself a glass of milk and hope for the best.