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4 Simple Stretching Techniques to Help You Sleep

Have you ever tried un-stressing yourself, adjusting your sleep cycle, avoided eating some foods and STILL ended up with trouble sleeping? Well here are some more concrete ways to help you sleep. No, it doesn’t involve your cooperation throughout the daytime, but it DOES involve the last few minutes of your waking moments right before you sleep. I’m talking about stretching techniques. Now, plenty has been written about such kinds of techniques, and there are definitely more than just 4. But I’ll introduce to you the 4 simplest ones that anyone – including you, can do while on the bed itself without requiring too much flexibility.

Legs on the WallLegs on the Wall

While lying down on your bed facing up, move to the closest wall you can put your legs on. This is pretty easy since all, if not most, beds are found right next to a wall. So raise your legs, parallel to each other, and rest them on the wall. Then move closer to the wall so that you are perpendicular to your legs, forming a right 90-degree angle between your torso and your legs. Hold this position for a couple of minutes and move on to another position.

Holding the Feet

Now, as you are lying down, bring your feet down, bending your knees closer to you. Raise your hands and grab your feet, making your thighs perpendicular to your shins. Make sure that your knees are towards your chest, not the sides. Your knees should be close to each other, not less than a hand’s span between. If you feel a slight pressure on your abdomen, you’re doing it right. And if you see that your arms are parallel to your shins, you’ve got it! Now maintain this for about a minute or so, inhaling and exhaling deeply all throughout.

Seated Twists

Now that you’re done with the stretches that involve lying down, sit up on your bed with crisscrossed legs. Your back should be straight, or else you’ll end up with a bad back which will defeat the purpose of inducing sleep. So place your left hand on your right knee and put your right hand behind your back on the bed with your fingers pointing behind you. Exhale from this position and twist your body to your right. Once you’re facing the right, inhale. With your hand switching positions, do the same stretch on the opposite side. Switch from one side to another for a couple of times.

Swaying BendsSwayin Bends

Continue with the sitting position even after you’re done with the latest stretch. Raise your arms up in the air over your head, forming like a giant letter “Y” but with both of your elbows slightly bent. The space between your hands must be wide. After you’ve assumed the correct position, bend over to your sides with your abdomen, still keeping the “Y” gesture until your hand has touched the bed. Be sure that your legs and thighs are still both on the bed as you do so. Do the same with the opposite side and repeat for about 2 minutes.

Those are 4 simple stretching techniques designed to induce sleep. Strenuous exercise before sleeping will give you a hard time sleeping, but gentle stretches like these will condition your body to sleep by freeing the circulation. Of course, this might not work like absolute magic. You still need to take care of yourself to help you sleep by following tips on them. But if you’ve followed them, and once you’ve followed these stretches, expect a good night’s rest.