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4 Underrated Bedrooms from Film & TV

Andy's Bedroom

There are probably moments when you felt jealous with someone whose bedroom seems way cooler than yours. Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this. Every person, both kids and grown-ups, wants to own an awesome bedroom, complete with entertainment showcases, references to pop culture, and a mattress big enough that can accommodate each member of The Avengers.

Every male teen wants his own Batcave while young women wish for that dreamy bedroom made for princesses, but what about those less popular gems that are equally cool? Don’t know what we’re talking about? That’s all right. Allow us to refresh your memories as we take a look at some of the nicest fictional bedrooms that most of us have forgotten about:

Hey Arnold

Arnold’s Room (Hey Arnold!)

Who wouldn’t want a bedroom with roof access, a remote control system that lets you adjust lighting and a sofa that you could summon from the wall? Aside from these, Arnold’s room is loaded with books, two television sets, a desk and computer showcase, a personalized alarm clock, and dozens of other amenities. This room is so cool that one of Arnold’s classmates Sid pretended that it was his to show off to his buddy.

The Princess Diaries 2

Mia’s Suite (The Princess Diaries 2)

If you think Princess Mia’s “tower room” and her firehouse-turned-residential home (as seen in Part 1) is totally awesome, then wait until you see her new bed chambers at the royal palace! This bedroom is so exquisitely decorated and furnished that it represents royalty itself. There’s a spacious walk-in closet with remote control cabinets that contain stylish clothes, matching shoes, and even an assortment of jewelries that include tiaras and crowns. There’s even a miniature castle for her cat, Fat Louie, where he could have some privacy of his own.

Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter’s Room (Dexter’s Laboratory)

A science laboratory complete with an AI assistant and a superhero pet monkey is surely amongst the coolest things you can add to your bedroom, and Dexter did just that. There are only three catches. First, Dexter must constantly make sure that his parents don’t find out about the lab’s existence. Secondly, he must is to protect it from Mandark and other enemies. And lastly, he must keep Deedee out at all costs. This is the least feasible fictional room among the bunch, due to the vast size of the laboratory itself. To this day, nobody knows where all that space came from!


Arthur’s Bedroom (Arthur)

Arthur Bach is the sole heir to a large family fortune worth 950 million USD. He also happens to be a childish and spoiled adult who loves to spend hours drinking bottles of Maker’s Mark whisky, partying with European royalty and driving around in an old-school Batmobile alongside his chauffeur, Bitterman. He owns a private and luxurious penthouse and a spacious bedroom with a magnetic bed and a set of night lights designed to look like the solar system.

So that’s our list of underrated bedrooms of the silver screen. Which one’s your favorite? Did you think we missed a couple more films that should’ve been included here? Let us know in the comment section below!