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4 Sure Ways to Stay Awake when you Know you have to

Sleepy Student

Your friend invited you to another sleep-over – first time in the longest time you can recall. It’s been ages (some people consider a few months to even a year and a half as “ages”) and you really miss them too. You really want to go. It’s not written in stone, it’s not a law or anything. It’s not a republic act, but you know that it’s an unspoken, unwritten rule that none of you will actually end up getting some sleep during that “sleep-over.”

It’s ironic, but it’s common and perfectly acceptable, especially if the host doesn’t live with parents anymore. But you still end up thinking. For the past months and years, your lifestyle consisted of waking up early to get ready to accomplish tiring activities all day long. With this in mind, how are you going to properly enjoy this “sleep-over?”

A short introduction can set the scenario, but the content is what really counts in this article. Sometimes, you just have to stay awake. I mean, as much as everybody loves sleep and as much as every employee and college student simply want to marry their bed, sometimes, you just have to purposefully pull up all-nighters. Well, the scenario changes activity, but the truth doesn’t bend.

We all know that all-nighters are big leaps into having horrible sleeping habits, and these ways of staying awake will not guarantee your being healthier the next morning. These methods aren’t exactly good for you, since the goal they’re trying to accomplish – staying up all night, isn’t an unhealthy thing to being with. But sometimes, you got to do what you got to do.

  • When it’s planned…

It’s so much easier since you’re anticipating it. Just like preparing yourself for any activity that might possibly overwhelm you physically, it’s better when you’re expecting it. That way, you know how to prep yourself up in all aspects that you care to tweak. In this case, the obvious thing would be to stack on sleep.

Sleep a lot in advance! Make sure you’re well-rested before that all-nighter. If you’re going to subject your body to this unnatural process, it’s not going to help if you go there already deprived of sleep.

  • Kill grogginess

It’s not fun spending the entire night awake if you’re going to act like a zombie until morning (or even until the following day ends). You might as well be alive, alert, and enthusiastic. The best way to kill grogginess to make you awake is by doing some simple exercise. I said, “simple,” so I obviously don’t mean doing weights or 60 push-ups or aerobics.

Tiring yourself out will only make you sleep. In a nutshell, just do some walking about, some stretches, and basic “warm-ups.” If you’re going to stay awake, you might as well notify every other part of your body.

  • Keep yourself from drifting closer to sleep

In order to keep yourself from inching closer and closer to the sweet land of slumber, you should keep yourself – or simply a part of yourself from being idle. Like most unplugged laptops or smartphones today, not doing anything will cause gadgets to go idle and enter a “stand-by” mode. Give them (computers) enough time and they’ll “sleep” and even “hibernate.” The analogy perfectly applies to you too. Chew gum, eat something healthy (like healthy midnight snacks) and keep some of your muscles active by doing something like tapping your foot on the floor.

Keeping the right posture will help a lot too. Slouching doesn’t bring you closer to alertness. Do different activities every now and then to kill any possibilities of monotony-induced boredom that will only bring you closer to sleep. Use pain as a final line of “defense” against sleep. You can always literally bite your tongue or the inside of your cheek or slap yourself awake. Cold water to the face helps, too.

  • Chemical Warfare

Technically, everything we ingest is chemical – even water. Surely, you know that coffee and other forms of caffeine ought to be on this list. Consume energy drinks that are really meant to keep a person dangerously awake. Those copious amounts of caffeine and sugar are dangerous for your health, but they do the trick to keep you awake.

You know that we here at URATEX always care about your health. But equally, we want to serve your interests as well. So if your desire is to stay awake more than enjoying sleep, you can always follow these tips. Nonetheless, I always have to wish you a good night’s rest for the next time you’ll decide to have it. Sweet Dreams!