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45 GIFTS TO SHARE (week 5)

Discover the technology behind Uratex Foam for a chance to win one of 45 Uratex Items.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Like Uratex’s Facebook page (2 raffle entries)
  2. Follow Uratex’s Twitter Page (2 raffle entries)
  3. Watch Uratex New TVC and answer the question:
    What’s the technology behind Uratex foam? (10 raffle entries) Watch it here.
    Answers must be tweeted with hash #UratexFoam.
    (i.e. “Answer” #UratexFoam)
  4. Like Roberts AIMPC Facebook page (2 raffle entries)
  5. Like Ready-Wrap Facebook page (2 raffle entries)
  6. Like RONAC Art Center Facebook page (2 raffle entries)
  7. Tweet our Kayod TVC (2 raffle entries)
  8. Tweet our Monoblocks TVC (2 raffle entries)
  9. Tweet our Cream Window TVC (2 raffle entries)

Users may start submitting their entries from June 9, 2013 until July 23, 2013.

Users may join only once during the promo. Spam entries will be deleted and are automatically disqualified from winning.

45 Winners will be picked and will win Uratex special items based on the schedule of raffle draws below.

The winners will be determined via raffle  and will be announced on scheduled announcement date in our Facebook page.