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5 Android Apps to Help You Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? It’s a normal thing especially for people who are exposed to a busy, working environment, but this shouldn’t be the case when you’re at home and ready to rest.

It may be true that people lose much sleep because of the stress and activity brought about by television, computers, and other gadgets, but did you know that technology can also help us sleep? In fact, the solution to your sleep troubles may fit in the palm of your hand. There are numerous (and free) applications that you can download on your smart phone, all with the objective of helping you sleep better.

Here are some popular Android apps to help you sleep:


Music can help excite, and yes, even relax. Music therapy for sound sleep is an application that sets your mind to feel calm because of its amazing low speed alpha waves. It even has music mixes from sounds of nature such as rain and ocean. Moreover, it has 12 ambient sounds if you download the full version. With this, you can choose to let the application mix the music for you or you can choose to mix it yourself depending on your mood.


Who wouldn’t feel the urge to sleep when it’s raining? It’s great to snuggle under the covers listening to the soft pitter patter of the rain. But if nature wouldn’t indulge you, you can at least simulate the sound of rain using this application. This app emits a soothing rain sound that helps you feel relaxed and sleepy.


As the rain affects our mood to feel sleepy, so does the other sounds of nature. Work and school environments can be very stressful, but that stress can be lessened if you download this app in your device. Close your eyes and just take in the sounds of paradise – and for a few minutes, at least, you would forget that you’re in a concrete jungle.

This app includes sounds from water streams, soft tweets from forest birds and other soothing sounds that you can find in nature.


Do you still remember those quaint boxes that release a relaxing chime when opened? Those are music boxes that our parents used to help us doze off. Their calm “ting-ting” sounds help calm our muscles and ease away our tension.

This app can even be used for babies as it provides a selection of lullabies and wallpapers that could help set your mind for a good night’s sleep.


White noise is a thin sound carried by light. This is the sound we hear when it’s too peaceful around you. In fact, white noise could trigger your mind to feel sleepy.

Aside from white noise, this app also offers 40 ambient sounds such as waves, birds chirping, rain and other soothing sounds.

 These are some of the apps that you could download on your Android device to help you drift into slumber. But remember, technology can only do so much. The best way for you to have a good night sleep is to have a comfortable sleeping environment, de-stress before getting into bed and have a strict discipline when it comes to managing your time.