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5 Celebrities who Died of Sleeping Pill Overdose

Many times before, we here at URATEX have discussed why we advocate and encourage you to have a comfy foam instead of taking sleeping pills. We’ve talked about the potential side effects of sleeping pills, but overall, the flow of the tide of ideas doesn’t change. We don’t encourage sleeping pills.

Well aside from just 4 simple reasons why you shouldn’t take sleeping pills, I’d like to further convince you by talking about the same topic in light of fatal overdoses caused by the controversial product.

Five well-known people met such a tragic death in the darkness of the night – they’re grim reminders and unfortunate but beneficial warnings. Death doesn’t always come swiftly and unseen like the strike of a bullet – but it can choose to make its advent in the form a seemingly “gentle” and “quiet” intangible disguise known as an “overdose.”

Heath Ledger

  • Heath Ledger

It came unexpectedly. Why would a talented actor – who is unanimously voted as the best on-screen portrayal of The Joker – die because of something as seemingly humble as sleeping pills? Well, the real mental reason (not the just one hypothesized) behind the intentions may be hidden, but this brings up to remembrance what an overdose of prescription pills can do.

Marilyn Monroe

  • Marilyn Monroe

She was an icon and a famous actress of her time. Until now, her face is still widely recognized, and she’s one of the many trendsetters of the application of “class” and “glamour” to fashion and behaviour. No matter how pretty the face is, the insides work the same. The side-effects of sleeping pills should never be taken lightly.

Jimi Hendrix

  • Jimi Hendrix

Among the flurry of things this musician ingested, the sleeping pills he took still stand out. He took 18 times the recommended dosage of the aforementioned than that was recommended – all at once. As to why is very easy to hypothesize – those pills are indeed addictive.

Tommy Dorsey

  • Tommy Dorsey

The name might not ring a bell as much since pop culture highlights only some of the talents scooped up from the sea of ability-laden people, but Tommy Dorsey is still talented nonetheless. For those who listen to Jazz, the name will ring a bell. But from whatever era of time a person is from, he or she should acknowledge the fact that sleeping pills are not to be reckoned with.

Elvis Presley

  • Elvis Presley

This goes back to wider familiarity. Overdose chooses no one as long as the act of taking an overdose is chosen by that person. Forever will he be remembered as long as his music plays and his name is memorized, but imagine how much longer he would be remembered sans the abrupt end of his life. The music, the songs, the sentiments – all of them, lost due to a simple overdose.

Plenty of things happen overnight after each evening around the world. This may seem like such a greyer or more sorrowful article than what I usually write, but that’s the thing. Who likes sorrow rather than sleep? Sleeping pills may be a quick fix, but it’s not worth it.

Ladies and gentlemen, sleep should be taken with care, and enjoyed thoroughly. Nothing will compare with natural sleep. No artificially-induced sleep can even come close. I admit, not even an amazing mattress can be a cure-all for all sleeping disorders, but be sure that there are other, safer means. Sweet dreams everyone, and stay safe. God bless.