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5 Classical Songs that Help you Sleep and Boost your Brainpower

Classical Music

It has been rumored that listening to classical music, most especially Mozart, supposedly makes you more intelligent. But while there have been no tangible scientific claims to it, I will have to say that music does help certain people become more focused with their work in the way it warms up brain muscles.

That being said, for those who are fans of classical music, or want to know more about classical music, here are some songs that could help you (1) become more productive or (2) fall asleep faster and better, if you’re having a hard time sleeping. (Credits to music professor, Sir Jonathan Coo, for suggesting these songs.)

1) Goldberg Variations – Johann Sebastian Bach

The Goldberg Variations is a piece that, when played, lasts almost an hour. A lot of classical compositions last this long; thus, the famous ones that we know could only be a small part of a piece. This piece was originally written for the harpsichord, but you can find a piano and a strings version as well. It consists of an aria (a solo piece) and 30 variations. Some parts of this piece are mellow, and some are lively.

2) Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is the piece that has been used in various experiments to prove “The Mozart Effect,” a phenomenon in which, as I mentioned earlier, classical music supposedly increases intelligence and brainpower, particularly in babies. It is a little shorter than the Goldberg Variations, which lasts about 25 minutes in total.

Mozart wrote it for a performance with Josephine von Aurnhammer. The piece consists of three movements (parts), written in sonata-allegro form. “Allegro” is an Italian word that directly translates to “cheerful,” so from there, we would know that this piece is lively and it can lift your spirits. I would recommend this to play in the background while you do your work.

3)    Nocturnes – Frédéric Chopin

The Nocturnes are a collection of 21 short piano pieces, some of which can be familiar even to those who don’t listen to a lot of classical music. When played consecutively, these pieces last about an hour and a half in total. As the title implies, these pieces are a bit mellower than the Sonata for Two Pianos, and can really help you relax and unwind.

4) Intermezzo in A Major – Johannes Brahms

The Intermezzo in A Major is the second out of six pieces in Brahms’ work, “Six Pieces for Piano, Opus 118”. This piece lasts about five to six minutes. It is a lot mellower than the previous pieces I’ve mentioned, so I recommend listening to this when you are doing something that doesn’t require much thinking or an unwinding activity, like reading a leisurely book or even while you’re at the spa or nail salon.

5) Clair de Lune – Claude Debussy

I purposely put this last because it is my favorite, and it is the most relaxing among the other pieces in this article. You’ve probably seen Twilight bring this song to life. It is also featured in a lot of other movies; it’s almost overused. But it doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful. Clair de Lune, French for “moonlight,” is the third movement of Debussy’s work called “Suite bergamasque.”

So there you have it, five classical songs that should ensure a more peaceful soothing night. Be sure to listen to a couple of them later tonight as you lie comfortably down on you beloved bed mattress. I hope you enjoy these pieces, and I definitely encourage you to search for more beautiful pieces, as classical music is one rich and beautiful genre. Yes, it’s a little harder to appreciate than the more modern genres and songs, but I hope we make such legacies live on for centuries and centuries.