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5 Delectable Breakfast-in-Bed Dishes that Guarantee a Wonderful Morning

Breakfast in Bed

A pleasant Holiday Season almost always equals an exhausted Homemaker. All those scrumptious Noche Buena and Media Noche dishes didn’t just come out nowhere, you know! The festivities may be over, but your significant other is probably still in recovery mode. Even Wonder Woman needs to rest, too.

Show her how much you appreciate her hard work with a romantic gesture in the form of breakfast-in-bed! Come tomorrow morning, you better get of your senso memory mattress extra early so you can surprise your wife with the stress-free breakfast she deserves! Here are five recipes that should be a piece of cake!

Chocolate Pancake

Ultimate Chocolate Pancake

Put on a twist on the classic pancake breakfast by using chocolate batter and then topping the finished product with your favorite fruit! What’s great about this is that chocolate pancake mixes are already available, so you won’t have to worry about making the batter from scratch. Once your stacks of chocolate goodness is complete, add the right amount of frosting and chocolate syrup. Yummy!

French Toast & Fruit Skewer

French Toast & Fruit Skewer

Here’s another classic breakfast meal you can tweak to your liking. First step is to cut the toast and fruits into cubes. Now douse your French toast with a combination of sugar and cinnamon or syrup before skewering it with the fruits. And voilà! You just made the beauty that is the breakfast kebab! Too simple to be true? Believe it!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Surprise your loved one with the irresistible Eggs Benedict. Now there are two key things you need to remember when you make such a dish. The first is that the eggs should be perfectly poached so that when your loved one opens it up, the yolk will flow out immaculately. Secondly, the Hollandaise sauce should be rich both in taste and texture for the taste should perfectly complement the bacon, muffin, and the oh so marvelous egg.

Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

What better way to show your appreciation to your Wonder Woman than by serving her the breakfast of champions! In the United Kingdome and Ireland where the dish originates, there are a lot of variations when it comes to concocting this massively complete breakfast. Fruits and cereals aren’t always included in this dish, but eggs and bacon must always be included in the plate. Grilled tomatoes, sausages, and toast and jam are also regulars in this classic meal.

Fruit Crepe

Fruits in a Blanket

Along with the Breakfast Kebab, this is a dish that is also very easy to prepare; all you need are the fruits of your choice and a few rolls of crepe! You don’t even need a crepe pan since you can always buy the finished product at the store. Cut your choice of fruits into cubes, wrap them in the crepe rolls, and simply top it with a hypnotic layer of whipped cream. Trust us, even if your significant other is on a diet, she won’t be able to resist this dish.

Found the dish that your wife will love the most? Good! Now rush to the supermarket and start working on it! The perfect breakfast-in-bed isn’t just gonna prepare itself, you know!