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5 iPhone Apps that’ll Help you Get Over Insomnia

Are you having trouble hitting the sack? Well, just turning and tossing in your sheets won’t get you anywhere near that shuteye.

Sleep is essential to us developing human beings. It is when our bodies recuperate from the exhaustion of our day-to-day activities. The lack of it (or having none of it at all) can take a heavy toll on your health.

Thankfully, since it is the modern-day era when gadgets and iPhones have already pervaded our lifestyles, many iPhone applications exist to make most of our activities easier for us.

It is of fortunate news that these innovations can help dispel our insomnia for us and give us that well-deserved sleep. Below are the useful apps to send you off to dreamland.

Brainwave Turner

  • Brainwave Tuner

Contrary to common belief, the old-fashioned counting sheep technique actually contributes to sleeplessness rather than getting it. Experts say that over-thinking can only add to your active mind’s refusal to rest. With this app, the use of various wave patterns will aid your mind and body to gradually relax and eventually lull you to sleep. It generates binaural beats and tones that influence a change in your brain frequency to either help you towards a relaxed or focused state.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

  • Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Ever remember your dad or mum reading you stories to sleep when you were younger? Just the sound of their soothing voices is enough to put us to sleep, making us feel cozy and secure. With the same idea in mind, this app became the most popular of the lot.

A part of the Andrew Johnson self-help series, “Deep Sleep” with Andrew Johnson is a guided meditation app that eases your mind off stress. Slowly but surely, calming your state of mind by giving soothing instructions of relaxation techniques (e.g. slowing down your breathing). The mellow voice of the instructor provides you with comforting words that works like a charm, as if sweetly calling you out to sleep.

Insomnia Cure

  • Insomnia Cure

True to its name, this app is developed by Max Kristen, an expert clinical hypnotherapist that deals with patients suffering sleeping difficulties. It is based on Kristen’s work that enforces exceptional hypnotic relaxation methods. Complete with a full three-hour audio content, including relaxation sleep sessions and a 40-page e-book plus fact cards prepared by Max Kristen.

Pzizz Sleep

  • Pzizz Sleep

A helpful app that creates mesmerizing and unique soundtracks to please your ears and gives you a peace of mind, as you drift into sleep. This app provides a combo of soothing words, binaural beats, and calming melodies to induce sleep. You’ll be singing z’s in no time with the Pzizz Sleep.

Relaxing Ambiance

  • Relaxing Ambience

The secret to sleeping sweet and sound is surroundings. Once you’ve closed your eyes, your hearing senses are heightened, making you sensitive of the things around you. Having peace and quiet is nice, but hearing relaxing sounds like the soft hushing resonance of the seashore waves, wind chimes, and others will bring you tranquillity and easiness.

This app contains 56 sound clips to choose from to help you catch the much wanted rest. You can also customize your own playlist of sounds by adjusting the volume or putting in multiple sounds of your choice.

These five iPhone applications can make you feel fresh and fully rejuvenated when you wake up in the morning of your peaceful slumber.