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5 Probable Causes of Cardiac Arrest while Sleeping

The diagnosis of cardiac diseases has been alarmingly increasing in recent years.  We all know that some cases of cardiac arrests occur during sleep, and it’s saddening how a percentage of the people who suffer this end up in that permanent sleep.  One circumstance that can cause such a tragedy is sleep apnea, the condition wherein a person stops breathing for numerous brief periods during sleep.  Sleeping relaxes the heart, but having sleep apnea changes all that by causing oxygen levels in the body to drop and carbon dioxide levels to climb, thus straining the heart.

Cardiac Arrest during Sleep

Now let’s move and briefly discuss nocturnal panic attacks, which is something with no definitive cause. An anxiety disorder that only happens during sleep, nocturnal panic attacks can be distressing because of its unpredictability. People who suffer this serious psychological condition are facing the possibility of death if he or she has an underlying cardiac disorder. These attacks mostly occur in adults usually about 90 minutes after the onset of sleep.  Shortness of breath and alarmed pounding of the heart are just some of the symptoms which can lead to the increased heart workload that could eventually trigger the arrest.

Many are unaware that snoring is a health disorder which in time can also lead to cardiac arrest.  Snoring occurs when the passage of our airways are obstructed. The shortage of oxygen supply caused by snoring can cause certain cardiovascular disorders like stroke and hypertension and heart arrest. When there is a lack of air, the heart has to exert extra effort in order to pump in the less inadequate oxygen levels. If you are someone who frequently snores, try to find ways on how you can put a stop to it.

Any form of suffocation during sleep, whether through a pillow, quilt or other sleeping gears, can cause cardiac arrest.  Small children are the ones who are most prone to this since they usually have stuffed fluffy toys that can obstruct their breathing as they sleep.  Suffocation, or extreme pressure against the neck, will make the heart stop functioning altogether.

Lastly, food supplements like vitamins, herbal medications or even sleeping pills can unknowingly result to the dreaded arrest.  These drugs may contain dangerous substances that have not been through the necessary test and studies.  Many consumers patronize these products without taking any precautions. Be wise on how you take care of your body. Cardiac arrest isn’t the only thing that can take you to the grave.