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5 Quick Solutions for a Messy Living Room

Messy Living Room

A person’s home is one of the most important and integral parts of his or her identity. Truth is that the basic foundation of which a house is structured tells what kind of person the owner is. A clear example of this notion is a person perceived as organized, depending on how the different items around his or her own house is presented and maintained.

Based on this fact, the organization of a home is usually challenged by the place that is most prone to being a mess: the living room. Being the most accessible place in a home to guests, it is often left the most disorganized locations in a household. This a common source of stress to the homemaker. Will we ever reach a point in time where living rooms cleaned themselves?

To avoid the stress of a messy living room, here are a few tips to address this:

Have a photo of the ideal setup of your living room

Due to the turmoil that a person has to go through in fixing and organizing the different parts of their living room, more often than not, the items become disorganized and are left in a different position from where it was previously. How often do you see magazines loitering on the sofa bed while throw pillows are scattered all over the carpet that you should’ve cleaned?

To avoid this, uniformity has to be implemented. By having a photo of how you would want your living room to look like, one can treat it as reference to make sure that all items are in their proper position.

Work together with different members of your home

As the cliché goes, no man is an island. By having a good and open conversation with members of your household, it creates a unified premise on addressing the mess around the house. A joint effort in addressing the mess that happens will not only alleviate the problem, but also improve the aesthetic value of the living room.

Remove unnecessary items that are not needed

Having fewer items in the room not only speeds up the reorganization, but also creates more space for comfort and activities. Reassess the different components of the living room. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this? Can this be disposed of or put in a different part of the house?” By doing this, one will save precious time and, at the same time, lessen the potential for clutter.

Setting specific locations per category within your living room

Grouping different items within the room maximizes the productivity and comfort for every member of the household, depending on what activity they’re busy with. For example, by having a specific location for all the books, it makes it easier to locate and put away reading materials that other people may also be interested in.

Vacuum your living room everyday

In maintaining the cleanliness of a living room, it is essential to address long-term issues such as dust and cobwebs, on top of the daily clutter that is generated from day to day activities. Scheduling the general cleaning of your living room maintains the overall hygiene of the room, thus setting the tone of what guests will perceive the owner to be, knowing that the living room is the forefront of one’s home.


Mrs. Doubtfire reminding us that stress won’t be a problem if we find ways to enjoy what we do.