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5 Reasons Why You Need to Sleep Before 2 AM

Sleeping RightIt’s easy to notice how much life has changed in time. Some years back, people would be asleep by 9 PM. Then again, there was not much technology back then. In this technologically-savvy era, life is, in a word, faster. People are more attached to their gadgets; they party more and have made it a habit to check their Facebook notifications every minute or so. What has become of the good ‘ol days, when sleeping before 2 AM was not a trend? This generation must be informed that nodding off early at night is not without advantages, and if we sum them all up, you may just want to think twice on making a lifestyle change. After all, it is for your benefit.

  • It is good for our metabolism – Studies show that most of our detoxification happens before 1 AM. Sleeping early will not mess up the rhythm that our bodies are used to, and it will enable our metabolism to be in stride, emitting all the bad stuff that we do not need in our bodies.
  • It is good for our liver – In the same light as the former point, the detoxification helps our liver expel unwanted substances in our bodies. If we doze before 2 AM, our body will have a deeper sleep, which will result in a healthier and more productive liver.
  • It gives us a better night’s sleep – According to experts that has done extensive research on the topic, sleeping by 9 pm to 6 am actually lets our bodies rest more as opposed to sleeping earlier or later than that. If we sleep after 2 AM, our body will not be able to perform all its necessary duties even if you wake up late in the afternoon.
  • It helps us perform bettersufficient amount of sleep means that we are refreshed and ready to go in the morning. Being able to sleep well will enable us to have enough energy to carry out good work during the day. With every cell in your body rejuvenated, you will be able to stay sharp and alert for the rest of your working hours.
  • It is less stressful –Because you stuck to the schedule of your body clock, you will not have to go through those horrible headaches in the morning that usually results from a lack of sleep. Doing so will make you feel better all throughout.

So sleeping before 2 AM actually does a lot of wonders for us. It’s never unwise to heed and think about your health and well being. Plus, personally, it is much better to be productive in the daytime rather than in the afternoon. Start your day right by sleeping well.