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5 Ridiculous Sofa Myths We All Believed as Children

Cute Kids

Kids love their sofa beds. Not only are thy comfortable for sitting or lying, but they can also turn into formidable fortresses than can fend off bad dreams! Add a few extra pillows, blankets, and your personal cache of toys and you’re set for a day full of fun! Truly, our childhood was the best time of our lives, huh?

As a kid, you’ve probably let your imagination run wild and create your own universe within the four walls of your home. Our bed mattress could double as a magic carpet while the family sofa bed became our stronghold when the lava spread from the kitchen to the living room. However, if that’s all you remember from your early years, then allow us to refresh your memory!

Sofas Get Hungry and Thirsty

Have you ever been scolded by your parents for spilling food and drinks all over their precious couch? You’ve probably defended your actions, saying that you were just feeding it. That’s a nice excuse; too bad it won’t let you off the hook! “Feeding” your sofa won’t make it any healthier; in fact food and water can “make it sick.” You’d be surprised at how many couches have been ruined due to children stuffing morsels of food in it. This is one of the childhood myths you’d best undo if you want a comfortable living room.

Everything you Lose Ends Up there Somehow

Lots of your things get lost, found and lost again from time to time; remote control, keys, coins, wallets, baseballs, you name it! And while many kids still blame their dogs for not having their homework, others are content to point at their couches for “stealing” their toys. Some kids even have a conspiracy theory that there are secret pipes in the sofas that leads to a large room where someone collects all the lost stuff. If that was true, then why can’t you see the pipes?

It can Transform into a Robot

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned transforming robot complete with weapons? Many kids believe (and hope) that the couch in the living room can somehow turn into one, complete with an opening for you to go into and control the machine as you please. And what better reason to play robot than to save the world from a dreaded monster? No need to cry if it can’t turn into a robot; it can still transform into a fighter plane or battle ship if you like.

There’s a Monster Underneath

Many kids have been curious about what might be lurking underneath the sofa. Since it’s usually dark in there and they still haven’t learned the wonders of a flashlight, it somehow got into their heads that something creepy would suddenly grab their feet and pull them into the blackness within. That’s probably why many kids always kept their feet on the couch surface.

The Sofa Itself is the Monster

While some kids aren’t afraid of what’s under the couch, others are scared of the sofa itself. This is true especially if the furniture is falling into disrepair. That gaping hole and its unkempt look makes it really scary-looking. Many kids got scared senseless due to watching their parents “get eaten by a monster.” In truth, they just sat on the sofa hole and are unable to get up.