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5 Simple & Easy Steps to Make your Bedroom Neat and Tidy

Clean Bed

A lot of things can define comfort for an individual before, during, and after sleep. Commonly, it depends on a number of material things present (or not present) within the area of the sleeping person. That usually includes, the bedroom itself, the mattress which is used, the bedspreads used, the pillows, the blankets, the comforters, the room temperature and so much more.

Sometimes, though, comfort is not something that a material thing can grant you. It can be the warm sentiment of being with a significant other person, or the presence of a special item which evokes memories or feelings that help you to become more comfortable. However, there are times when comfort becomes a mixture of both. I’m talking about cleanliness.

Having a clean bedroom is not only comfortable physically, but also mentally. Not only are you comfortable because of the clean mattress, sheets, and so on, but also due to the fact that you are clean and hygienic. Here are 5 simple steps to make your bedroom neat and tidy. After all, isn’t it much better to keep things clean?

Clean BedroomMotivate yourself

Once upon a time, a lot of us lived in their rooms in their parents’ house. In fact, a lot of adults still live with their parents, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, one of your parents would regularly tell you to clean your room – a command to do your chores. Often times, it’s a grueling task, but you find yourself doing it because you have to. After all, your parents told you to.

However, a time will come where you won’t be told what to do anymore. You’ll be expected to perform such chores whether there are or there aren’t any command-givers. It’s all the same responsibility. The point is, you need to motivate yourself. It’s at the beginning of everything. Without motivation, you’ll end up with a lousy job.

Sort and decide what’s necessary

Sorting is easy, and you basically just have to put things where they belong. Sometimes, they belong in drawers, but it’s not uncommon to realize that a small portion of the things you find are just waiting to be thrown to the trash. Life is only hindered by holding on to things that need to be let go of. If they belong in the garbage, let them go. It’s good for you.

Declutter and keep them in storage

Putting things in storage sounds good once you think of it, but what happens when you realize that they don’t have any place to belong to? Well, that’s when you need to go and get yourself more containers. Sometimes, there aren’t enough existing drawers to stuff them all in. Get plastic containers for shoes, towels, tools, and others. There’s enough space for your stuff, if you try hard enough. If it really is impossible, then either your space or habit of living is not fit for the other – but you can do something about that.

Don’t get in the habit of hoarding

You probably have heard of hoarders through the internet or through the television. They’re people who do not throw anything away. Anything. Well, it’s an extreme condition, but in little doses, a lot of things tend to go together and form. Before you might know it, you’re already become a tiny version of a hoarder yourself. That’s why you should never get in the habit of hoarding.

Keep things neat and easy to find

Now where did I put that? It’s a pretty common saying, but it’s totally avoidable. A lot of people prefer to keep things messy the way they are so they can find their stuff easier, but if you start cleaning and tidying up your bedroom, make sure to keep things neat and easy to find. You’ll never misplace anything again. See, ladies and gentlemen? Being clean is awesome. Not only can you sleep comfortably on your mattress, you’ll be hygienic as well. Sweet Dreams!