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5 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks for Superior Sleep

Waking Up

Sleeping consists about a third of an average person’s day. That roughly includes you, if you refer to yourself as the “average” kind. Anything significantly more or less than that is bad for you, so I won’t suggest being any better than the average sleeper.

Putting aside the typical statistical fact, there’s always one thing that the average person chases after – better sleep. We may know how much sleep we really need each night, but what about the quality of your sleep? How can you improve it? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer surprisingly doesn’t lie in what you do while you’re asleep.

Instead, you ought to mind what you do while you’re awake in order to affect your sleep positively or negatively. So here are five simple ways to affect your lifestyle in order to significantly improve your nights and give you superior sleep.

Eat Right

They say that you are what you eat. It’s a valid principle in life. If you eat healthy, you’ll become healthy. If not, then you’ll be expecting a lot of trips to the hospital with a lot of medication. But believe it or not, eating right contributes a lot to your sleep.

Avoid taking too much caffeine before sleeping, and generally avoid your dependence of caffeinated drinks in general. Don’t take a lot of carbohydrates around 5 hours before sleeping or else, you’ll spend a lot of hours lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling without sleeping until it’s dawn.

We’ve actually created a two-part series about foods that prevent sleep, so be sure to check those out, too.


It’s not just for losing weight. That’s a common misconception. Exercise should be practiced by anyone who is physically able. It keeps your heart healthy and your muscles properly functioning. Living a sedentary is never healthy, and that’s why exercise is the key to improving in all aspects of your life – including sleep. Lack of physical exercise will contribute to lowering the quality and your own satisfaction of sleep.

Avoid Naps

Most of the 9-5 working class usually don’t have the privilege or opportunity to take naps. But for those who do, I totally understand how tempting it is to engage this rejuvenating activity. However, believe it or not, naps aren’t advisable for you once you’re older 12 years old. You might find it illogical, but napping in the afternoon will cause a conflict for your nighttime sleep. It sort of “steals” the sleep that you should be taking at night, which will result in you having a hard time getting superior sleep, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Get a Regular Sleeping Schedule

Sleeping has been made so much easier and available in this day and age. You can sleep in your car and in any part of your house, which is especially true with living rooms if you have a comfortable sofa bed. But put aside all the convenience and focus on establishing and following your own regular sleeping schedule. It’s advisable to be as consistent as possible with your sleeping pattern in order to make your body comfortable with a consistent circadian rhythm.

Sleep Early

Having a consistent and regular sleeping schedule doesn’t cover the imperative that you also have to sleep early. It’s not just about being early; it’s about getting maximum satisfaction from your sleep. Remember the 11pm-3am window in which you experience the deepest sleep that you can get. It’s pretty much this high point of sleep where you can dream, rest, and recover the most. That’s why it’s important to include this in your sleep all the time.

Yeah, I know. It takes effort to tweak your lifestyle in order to improve your sleep, but without pouring any effort into anything, you can hardly get results. After all, sleep will consist 1/3 of all your days, and therefore, 1/3 of all your life. Imagine that. That’s why it’s more than logical to invest for the best of your sleep.