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5 Surprising Facts that will Change the Way you look at Sleep

Whether preoccupied with deadlines or simply “busy” killing time on Facebook, it is so easy for us to give up some hours of night’s sleep. This is due to the fact that we are able to consistently convince ourselves that we can make up for our sleep debt on a different night. And so we keep on extending our hours of consciousness thinking that an hour or two less of our regular sleeping time would be just fine. We repeat this routine until it becomes a habit. We instinctively think to ourselves: “So what? It’s just sleep.”

People who believe in such a thought miss the fact that sleep deprivation is a serious thing. Many studies have already proved that lack of sleep can actually lead to rather serious health problems.

The following are five surprising facts that will change the way you look at sleep. And who knows, these might just encourage you to devote more time to your daily rest.

Importance of Sleep

1) Lack of sleep can lower your tolerance for alcohol.

If you have not gotten enough sleep for five consecutive days, you are likely to develop a lower tolerance for alcohol. In truth, after consuming your third drink, you may already feel as though you have already had six. This is because we tend to be more susceptible to inebriation when we are deprived in terms of sleep.

2) Sleep deprivation is more risky for women.

While it is generally believed that lack of sleep is equally bad for everyone, there are some studies which claim that sleep deprivation can actually be more hazardous to females.  Such studies theorize that women who do not have sufficient sleep are more prone to depression, anger, and psychological distress. Hormones are said to play significant roles in this phenomenon.

3) Lack of sleep can slow down the effect of vaccine on you.

Although it does not seem obvious, sleep actually has something to do with vaccines. Researches reveal that lack of sleep can delay the effect of flu vaccines. Meaning to say, it is important to have enough sleep the night before you get a shot. This way, you can make sure that the vaccine would take effect immediately.

4) Working at night can be a cause of cancer.

Women who work during graveyard shifts are more prone to breast cancer, studies show. This is attributed to suppressed levels of melatonin, which serves as a guard against some cancers. In fact, disruption of our body’s circadian rhythm, which arises from continuous lack of sleep, is often cited as one of the things that lead to cancer.

5) The internet is one of the most common reasons why people do not get sufficient amount of sleep.

Yes, you got that right. The internet has been listed as one of the most tempting things that keep people from getting enough sleep. And now, having known how serious sleep deprivation can be, you can already get a hint of where a simple addiction can take you if ever it is taken to the extremes.

Indeed, sleep is not just a mere process where we lie on the bed and shut our eyes. It is a time for us to have some rest and let our body perform its immune functions and other necessary cycles. Consistently not having enough of it can lead to complicated health problems. Meaning to say, it is essential for us to really take it seriously instead of just setting it aside for other things.