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5 Tips to Consider When Buying a Pillow

Deciding on what pillow to buy matters as it will be the one aiding your sleep for the next 8 hours of your day. It’s important to note that your body has a personal preference on what pillow is best for your sleeping position. Some people are better off with strong and firm pillows while others are better off with the fluffy pillows. Here are five notes to consider when deciding on what pillow to buy:

Pillows aren’t just there to make your bed look pretty, they help in giving you a relaxing sleep – so take note of these tips when buying a pillow.

  • Consider your sleeping position – if you’re the one who prefers to sleep on a sideway position, you should consider a sturdy pillow that supports the neck well. If you generally sleep on your back, then a flat pillow will do.
  • Size matters – generally speaking, your pillow should match your bed size. If you have a single bed, buy a single pillow. If you have a king size bed, buy a king size pillow. But then, you can choose to have a king size pillow for a single bed. One important factor to note is that a big pillow for a small bed would mean a significant portion of your bed will be occupied by your pillow.
  • Consider the budget as well – just because the pillow is more expensive than the others, it doesn’t always mean that it is better than the cheaper ones. Go for the more reliable and trusted brands such as Uratex pillows.
  • The filling of the pillow counts – there are feather fillings, foam fillings, polyester fillings, etc. There are many choices and how to determine which is best for you depend on your sleeping position and the purpose of that pillow. One factor that people may miss out is that for those people allergic to feathers should stay off with feather-filled pillows – seriously.
  • Don’t forget the covering of the pillow – although not as important for your sleeping position per se, it becomes a factor in maintaining the cleanliness of your pillow as you should expect dust to accumulate on your pillow eventually.