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5 Unconventional Bedroom Makeover Inspirations

Bedroom DecorationChange comes to all eventually. No matter who you are or where you’re from, change will find its predetermined path and bring you into it and apply itself to you. It’s a completely natural thing and it goes hand in hand with how time rolls gently like the waves of an endless sea that we call eternity. There’s a time for everything.

All things are given their fair chance to be in the picture of the present, but eventually they have to give way to what’s to come. It’s exactly just like what we call a “makeover.” It’s a remodeling, a renovation, a transformation. Just as nature and life have to submit and succumb to such rules, whether they are written or not or just simply accepted without any further need for explanation, everything else needs makeovers – even your bedroom.

Usually, makeovers can be something as simple as tidying up to something as big as a complete redesign or alteration. However, it can be a tweak in something as subtle as colors to its theme. Here are 5 eccentric and unusual inspirations for your bedroom makeover.

Bedroom with Batman Theme


It’s a good way to start, because everyone has their own favorite movie. There are thousands of them out there, and hundreds come out every year. If there is a classic series that’s close to your heart, like Batman or Star Wars, you can use that as the base theme for how you will plan and carry out your bedroom makeover. Build your theme around that starting with the cover of your mattress, your wallpaper, the color of your curtains, and even your pillows. Imagine the possibilities!

Bedroom with Harry Potter Theme


Throughout the course of history, books have proven itself to be an essential part of human life – in history, politics, storytelling, and so much more. Its influence is so prevalent that it’s most prominent examples have inspired the aesthetics of the bedroom of people who thrive within the universe of their boundless imagination. You’d be surprised how Harry Potter can make your special room more magical.

Bedroom with Sports Theme


Some people like books, and some of them like watching movies. Some like both, but there are always those others who would consider sports more than anything else. Believe it or not, you can give your bedroom a makeover with a theme based on a certain sport. Whether it’s basketball or football, or baseball, or even chess, you can change the design of the room for it to suit the occupant. Just take a look at the image above as an example and apply it to your beloved sport.

Bedroom with Toy Story Theme


Most applicable (but not limited to) children, toys offer hours upon hours of entertainment as much as movies, books, or sports. In addition to this, toys can also be an inspiration for a bedroom makeover. Imagine a LEGO-themed bedroom! Or something dedicated to classic characters like the gang from “Toy Story”! If you’re doing this for your child’s bedroom, you’ll be greeted with hugs of appreciation once your little one sees the work you’ve done. If you’re doing it for yourself or someone else who’s a grown-up, well, prepare for a whole lot of nostalgia.

Bedroom with Mario Theme

Video Games

It’s like the new toys from the late 20th century up to the present and all the way up into the future. Video games have become a much larger world considerably comparable to toys and sports and books and movies. That’s why it’s a completely valid candidate to be a theme for a bedroom. There are hundreds of games out there from varying genres, so take your pick!