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5 Ways to Make your Bedroom Ready for “Cuddle Weather”


There are special moments reserved for special moments, and there are special moments reserved for special people. At least once in the life of almost everyone, there comes a time when you have found that special someone – a significant other you have decided and committed to spend the rest of your life with.

With that someone by your side, the time comes every now and then to spend quality time with each other – sometimes in the form of cuddling. But how can you improve your bedroom to make it ready for such sweet occasions?

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Throw Pillows

First impressions are equally as important as the actual content that it promises to bring. If your bed mattress gives out the feeling of comfort, style, and “cuddliness” by merely just the look of it, then imagine how much more it can satisfy when you actually experience it?

Something as simple as decorative throw pillows on top of your tidied-up bed can lighten up the mood and make it more inviting during the cuddle weather.

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Inviting Curtains

Based on the principle of the previous point, adding curtains can also set the mood for cuddling. As soon as your significant other enters the room, those curtains will certainly stand out. Just remember to pick the right color for it to set the desired mood and give out a distinctive inviting aura.

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Special Mattress Covers

Transitioning to seeing as a first impression, we move on to the second impression – the beginning of the actual promised content. Once the bed mattress is lain on by you and your cuddle-buddy, improving its feel is the next priority. Change your mattress covers that’s appealing to both the eyes and touch. Put on smoother bed sheets that conserve heat and, of course, feel nice and comfortable.

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Let’s move on from sight and touch and discuss how you can improve your bedroom’s scent for sweeter cuddling. Scented candles are always a good starter, for it improves both the smell and aesthetics of any bedroom. The light orange color it gives off makes you feel warm in an instant. It also gives a sense of sereneness, solemnness – as demonstrated in old churches, which implies that the time and place you are both in is reserved for something special.

Cuddling Cats


Lastly, we appeal to the sense of hearing. Add music to complete the mood of your bedroom to prepare it for cuddle-weather. Pick something as simple as the sound of nature – waterfalls, the forest, the seaside to something really tasteful like bossa nova or rhythm and blues. This will surely level up the mood.

There’s a time for everything. Simply remember that special moments are meant to be spent with special people that you hold close to your heart. Never take any moment or anyone for granted and enjoy the night.