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5 Ways To Start Your Day Right

Another day has begun. You lie on your comfortable mattress. The sun is up and your alarm clock constantly nags you. You rub your eyes and roll on your bed, but you remember the tasks that lie before you. You remember your boss, that professor, those deadlines. But at the same time, you remember the brighter things in life. You hear your pet greet you with its beastly good morning. You check your cell phone and read a sweet good morning text message. You look out the window and see the clouds part like a curtain with the sun holding out its rays to a waking horizon. The whole world sings to the tune of good morning, why not arise and sway with it? So you get up and stretch, turn off your alarm clock, make your bed and begin your day. You have now started. But what are the best ways to start your day?

Greet the morning with a smile and start the day right with these few simple steps.

1. Make sure you had a good night’s sleep. It’s only logical that you wouldn’t get off of the “wrong side of the bed” in the morning if you got on it properly. Between what happens on the point of ending the day to starting the next one, there is a line that you need to stay on. That’s what I call the line of comfort. You can abide on that line of comfort by making sure you have everything you can possibly have to improve your sleep, such as the proper mattress and the right set of pillows.

2. Do some stretching and exercise. This increases blood flow and helps you be alert. Remember that you don’t need to go around jogging 10 miles for that. You can jog in place for five minutes or it could just be as simple reaching for your toes while you’re lying on your bed, reaching from side to side, and inhaling and exhaling deeply for a few times. This stretches your lung capacity, and supplies your brain with oxygen so that you can function with it better during the day.

3. Have a short time of quietness. Pray. I’m not here to talk to you about being religious. I’m here to tell you of every human being’s need to be connected with his Maker. No matter how out-of-touch it seems you are from God, I tell you that giving thanks to the One who has given you this day is will never be in vain. If you are sound with your Creator, you are sound with your fellow creatures and with the other things He created.

4. Make sure you have a good breakfast. What you eat is what you are, as the saying goes. If you have a good breakfast that gives a smile on your face, it won’t be far from your smiling all the way up to your next activity. Make sure it’s nutritious and not just instant stomach-fillers that only temporarily appease your appetite. With that, you’re one big step closer to starting your day right.

5. Lastly, and most importantly, think positive! Believe the best in everything. Everything starts with the mind. With the mind begins the way you feel towards something. Then, your emotions affect your attitude. And finally your attitude will manifest itself into what you do or say. It’s more of like a chain reaction. If you think good thoughts, it’s very sure that you won’t say or do anything wrong. Now isn’t that something we all want?

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect day — some days are really good, while others could certainly be better. But knowing this should only serve to make you more committed to making the most out of each day. And if today doesn’t turn out so great, just climb into bed and have a good night’s rest, because nobody knows what blessings may be in store for us tomorrow. 🙂