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5 Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do on your Bed

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas Season is almost here! We are nearing the holiday where reunions, parties and all sorts of gatherings are the main agenda of all families.  With these happenings comes a wide variety of food and drinks which are, most of the time, full of fats and calories. Even those who are on a diet can’t deny that it’s hard to resist these delicious temptations when everybody else is indulging themselves. Well, worry no more for you can burn those unwanted fats and lose weight right on your bed! Sounds preposterous? Well, allow me to elaborate.

Excercises in Bed

Let us explore 5 simple exercises that can burn and tone your muscles – from head to toe.

1) People definitely want their face to be perfect to look at, which is exactly why most of us don’t want chubby cheeks. Well guess what, you can include eliminate puffy, bread-like cheeks while sitting or lying down. Suck in your cheeks for 10 seconds. (Just imagine that there’s a vacuum inside your mouth.) Allow air to flow on your left cheek for another 10 seconds. Now transfer the air to your other cheek for the same amount of time. Repeat the steps for 5 cycles.

2) What’s the use of having a slim face if we have a chunky neck to distract people with? To help us not to incur those humpy neck fats, what we need to do is to lie down at the edge of our bed with our head slightly hanging from the edge. Start pulling your head towards your chest until it comes into contact with your chin. An awkward experience, but a slimming one, too. Do 8 counts of this.

Exercising in Bed

3) Those who want to their bulging and wavy arm fats gone should consider keeping a few plastic bottles the next time they purchase water and soft drinks. Use those plastic bottles as dumbbells by filling them with water. Lie down on your bed, level your elbows with your shoulders and raise your arms in the air. With your dumbbells at hand, lift the rest of your arm, pull back, then repeat. Do 2 repetitions with 16 counts each.

4) Moving on to the abdomen. Now here’s a body part that causes a lot of anxiousness or insecurity amongst a lot of people. Before you can start your exercise on your abdomen, stack two pillows as a support for your feet. With your feet next to each together, lie on your back then put your arms on your chest. Take a deep breath. As you breathe out, pull your body towards your feet. Do 5 to 10 counts each day.

5) Now about those thick thighs. To burn thigh fat, what we need to do is flip our thighs like that of the butterfly’s wings. (Did I just plant a disturbing image in your head?) Again, lie flat on your bed with your knees bent, feet flat. Push your knees on the side and flap your thighs back and forth. Do 100 flaps each day or night.