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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier Sleep

Breakfast at Tiffany's

When a person reaches a certain age, bedtime usually becomes really late. And true enough, we’re all used to sleeping late and waking up early because of school or work. Nonetheless, it’s important to realize that adapting healthy sleeping habits helps the body restores your body’s energy that your body needs to be able to function properly in the morning.

If you want to accomplish all your goals for 2015, you’re gonna need the right combination of actionable inspiration, persistent dedication, and healthy, uninterrupted sleep on your beloved mattress. Here are five resolutions that will help you achieve the latter.

Create a Regular Sleep Schedule and Stick with It

Circadian rhythm is what you call your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle for 24 hours. Basically, your sleep time should be in synch with your body’s sleep-wake cycle to help your body feel refreshed and energized for the coming day.

Establish a fixed bedtime and wake-up time that you can commit to follow; this includes weekends and holidays, mind you. Pulling this off will help improve various cognitive abilities like memorization. While naps are okay, you may have to avoid them especially if you are a constant victim of insomnia.

Manage your Sleep-Wake Cycle

The story doesn’t end when you’ve set your sleeping schedule for it can be disrupted by environmental factors called Zeitgeber (“Time Giver”), the most common of which is light. Melatonin, the hormone controlled by light exposure, helps to make you sleepy. Now, if you are exposed to high amounts of light before you’re about to go to sleep, your body suppresses the production of Melatonin.

So what’s the solution? Know what your Zeitgeber is! Other than light, there are various things that can disrupt our sleep, like noise and certain types of food. Help your body boost melatonin production by making sure the room is dim when you sleep, which may mean putting all your gadgets away. It’s just a matter of discipline!

Have a Bedtime Ritual

Doesn’t matter if your routine is stretching, drinking a glass of wine, or reading a bedtime story to your child as long as it signals your body that it’s time for slumber. If we may suggest, try out soothing activities such as listening to classical music, dipping into a warm bath, or delving into your favorite novel. Avoid the use of electronic devices when reading for the light from the screen disrupts your sleep pattern.

Prioritize Exercise and Eating Habits

If you prefer exercising at night after work or school, it is best to keep in mind that exercise should be done at least hours before your bedtime. Half an hour of cardio or aerobics elevates body temperature and inhibits sleep. Once your body has cooled down, the brain starts releasing melatonin and make you feel sleepy.

Additionally, you ought to avoid overeating and skipping meals at night because your discomfort may keep you from sleeping. Furthermore, do your best to stay away from nicotine and caffeine because these are stimulants that disrupt sleep.

Get Comfortable

All the tips mentioned above boils down to you being comfortable in the most important corner of your home. The perfect pillow, the practical sleeping position, and the right mattress will make for peaceful slumbers every night throughout the year. Sweet dreams everyone and have a blessed 2015!